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All data sources are available at the end of the page. Employment levels in the Agriculture industry have declined over the trend between and , from a peak of , in to a low of approximately , inIn , the employment level was , Employment levels in Agriculture and Fishing Support Services have fluctuated between and , declined to a low of 15, in before reaching a peak of 28, inIn , the employment level was 19, Projections to indicate employment levels will grow in the Agriculture industry to , and decline for Agriculture and Fishing Support Services to 14,

  • Hort Innovation chief executive resigns
  • Horticulture Innovation Fund
  • Researching the benefits of demonstration green roofs across Australia
  • COVID-19 Resources
  • Importance of Horticulture and Perception as a Career
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  • Better plant quarantine enabled by Galaxy Australia’s two millionth job
  • Smart farming weeds out growing pains
  • Harvest trail employment service expanded to meet labour shortfall
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Hort Innovation chief executive resigns

Sponsored Post. If you are a startup innovating in the horticulture space, there is a new guy on the block named Phil that you really ought to meet. Founded in , the Dutch building controls company is one of the biggest and longest-standing players in the horticulture industry.

Phil has many objectives, but the core idea starts with an industry-leading corporate aiming to harness its youthful sense of exploration. We are being more vocal about the innovation that we do. Interested startups would be well-served to review the contest criteria carefully. We want to discuss what it does right now. The greenhouse industry is facing a number of serious challenges, Monk says, making the need for collaboration and creative thinking all the more important.

Many greenhouse operators are finding that the next generation is less interested in taking over the business, for example. Sadly, this means that much of the expertise and knowledge around greenhouse operation is fading into history. Priva has been hard at work using digital tools to address the dwindling labor pool and waning knowledgebase through Plantonomy, which already allows greenhouse growers to more than double the greenhouse area a single grower is normally able to look after.

The grower intelligence dashboard is currently being tested with beta clients. You can read about one of the first growers to use Plantonomy, Mike Flux, here. We are going to be welcoming agtech companies to a sandbox environment this year where we will open the door to a new network with a self-service style environment where you can build products and integrate and where we can see which ones work best with the least friction.

Find out more here. AgFunder Network Partners. Are you a greenhouse tech startup? Priva is offering investment and mentorship. Apply now! March 3,Join the Newsletter. What would you like to receive from us? Share on email. Share on twitter. Share on facebook. Share on linkedin. Share on reddit. Share on whatsapp. Share on skype. Prev Previous Why we invested in MycoWorks. Related Stories. Get the latest news in your inbox. Follow us:. Rss Facebook-f Twitter Linkedin-in.

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Horticulture Innovation Fund

Regional Development Victoria is responsible for the oversight of several multi-million dollar economic development funds, each with various objectives and criterion for the projects receiving grants and investments. The majority of projects are part-funded, meaning that RDV is able to leverage private sector or other government funding. You can search the projects which are funded by RDV, by project, fund or region, below. Funded Projects. Wine by Sam Pty Ltd: Winery redevelopment and relocation. Winemakers of Rutherglen Integrated Marketing Strategy

Burlington Berries is covered by the Horticultural Award and provides competitive rates of pay and aims to offer plentiful work. Many jobs, including picking.

Researching the benefits of demonstration green roofs across Australia

Changes in weather patterns, and movements towards more sustainable practices are shaping the Australian agricultural and related industries. Broadacre farming includes the farming of grains such as barley and maize, pulses such as mung and soy beans, sugar cane, rice, cotton, seeds and animal fodder. Livestock farming includes but not limited to beef, dairy, sheep, poultry, goat, deer, pig and bees. Conservation and Land Management includes landcare, botanic gardens, native flora and fauna, national parks and environment management. Horticulture, landscaping, arboriculture, turf and sports turf management, nursery, floriculture and production horticulture such as grape growing, fruit growing and nuts are also included in this industry. Working in this industry will mean that you will need skills to deal with climate change, biosecurity, and chemical application. This industry will require more demanding job roles and consequently, high level skills will be required in understanding supply chains, relationship management and digital platforms. Employers in this industry are looking for workers who are physically fit, hardworking, reliable and flexible. Due to an aging workforce, there are current and ongoing shortages of workers.

COVID-19 Resources

Also see employment page on the CGA website. There are many great resources being provided by various organisations inside and outside horticulture with recommendations on how to deal with COVID Key points are:. While it sounds simple that travel for work is allowed, what happens if that travel involves moving from one state to another?

Hort Innovation has contracted the Almond Board of Australia to investigate the impediments to update of driverless technology in the Australian almond industry, review the technology options available and to demonstrate the technology at the Almond demo farm in Loxton SA. Hort Innovation is the grower-owned, not-for-profit research and development corporation for Australia's horticulture industry.

Importance of Horticulture and Perception as a Career

To be eligible to apply for this position you must be employed by Western Sydney University on an ongoing, fixed term or casual basis at the time of this advertisement. The School of Science and Health SSH is educating tomorrow's graduates in an environment that is contemporary, challenging, and adaptive to a rapidly evolving world. Our teaching programs are intrinsically interdisciplinary, and cover a broad range of professional and other disciplines in the health science, biomedical science, and other science areas. These areas are underpinned by a strong focus on research and research led teaching, which often involves partnerships with a range of external organisations. Our programs include undergraduate degrees, honours degrees, coursework Masters programs, and higher degree research programs Masters and PhD. The Institute conducts fundamental and applied research in a range of areas that include ecology, physiology, genetics, and climate change biology.

Welcome to HIA

A new program will look to help growers produce more fruit and nuts per hectare. The program will develop systems to increase the intensity of orchards while improving production, quality and profitability outcomes for growers. The five initial tree crops identified are regarded by Hort Innovation as important to Australian horticulture and have strong potential for improved productivity through crop intensification. Hort Innovation research and development manager Dr Adrian Hunt said the program will investigate scion rootstock combinations, orchard design, vigour and canopy management strategies for optimal light interception. The program involves an international collaboration of leading research providers from Australia, New Zealand, USA and Spain - creating a transformational international research program. These improved and intensive cropping systems will contribute to the strategic priorities of industries included in the program. The projects include on-farm demonstrations that will provide critical insight in the adoption and extension of intensive cropping. Each of the five crops also have crop advisory groups to provide ongoing insight and feedback from growers and researchers.

Research Institute, Food Innovation Australia Ltd, CSIRO, the. Royal Agricultural and Horticulture Society of SA Inc., Primary.

Better plant quarantine enabled by Galaxy Australia’s two millionth job

Everything we do is to support our members. We can help to explain changes in regulations and legal requirements. We advocate for you to the government on issues that are important to you. Motivated, bright and hardworking, former HIA SA Apprentice of the Year Ashley Badcock, now booming business owner, is proof that diversity and opportunity lead to a bright future.

Smart farming weeds out growing pains

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To celebrate the broad uptake and diversity of their users, Galaxy Australia took the opportunity to spotlight the researcher who submitted the two millionth job to the service. However Ruvini is based at the other end of the country at the Post Entry Quarantine PEQ Facility in Mickleham, Victoria, which importantly places her where high-risk plant material undergoes quarantine after importation into Australia. High Throughput Sequencing HTS enables the rapid detection of viruses and viroids in imported plant material in a single test and can accelerate the release of plant genetic stocks held at PEQ facilities. The team also partners with Galaxy Australia to provide a bioinformatics training interface for staff at PEQ.

Rich in diversity, with a wide range of roles, the South Australian public sector attracts some of the best and the brightest employees.

Harvest trail employment service expanded to meet labour shortfall

Skip to main content. The University of New England UNE , Armidale is a regionally based, globally networked university that is renowned for the quality of its student experience and the excellence of its research specialisations. UNE pioneered teaching to external students making it the most experienced provider of distance and innovative online education. The UNE decadal strategic plan, Future Fit , has been developed to guide the University to deliver on its enduring vision to support the aspirations of individuals in communities, and communities within regions, in a digital age. The Faculty of Science, Agriculture, Business and Law SABL is an innovative collaboration of scientists, researchers, and academics designed to deliver outstanding education and practical learning. The Faculty consists of over staff and postgraduate students with international reach and active industry collaborations with partners across Asia, the Indo-Pacific and Africa.

AgXtra runs a program designed to provide tertiary students studying Agricultural Science with exposure to the industry and an opportunity to undertake applied work in-the-field. Conducted in a team environment and under the supervision of experienced staff, our participants have enjoyed the opportuntiy to learn aspects of applied field research and agronomy. The opportunity can lead to ongoing, full time employment following graduation, with almost half of our current full time staff being identified through this work experience model.

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