Possum proofing fruit trees

Possum proofing fruit trees is a great way to build a sound wintering infrastructure. Blackthorn leaf litter or mulch will also help the possums live another year! Read more about the building of the hidden winter possum fence.

Winter Fence

Sometimes people think there’s a simple answer to prevent an animal from accessing your garden. There’s not. That’s why a properly constructed fruit tree possum proofing fence is an excellent investment. Read about how we built a possum fence that possums can’t access.

Plant More

Planting fruit trees is often a slow process of ensuring that you’ve bought your right variety at the right price and that it is mature and healthy enough to withstand its environment. Read more about the fruit trees we have available and why you should consider planting one!

How do Fruit Trees Grow?

Most fruit trees grow best in milder climates. They don’t need a lot of heat to grow but they’re not happy with frost either. Many are slow to establish themselves but thrive once they reach the canopy. Read more about how fruit trees grow and what we recommend to our customers.

Possum Tree Designation

Our store is located in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area of Queensland. Although it is open all year round there are some restrictions on what can be done in the Wet Tropics including: clearing, pruning, felling, digging, destroying the nests or eggs of endangered animals (including possums), modifying fences, removing vegetation, adding or moving plant material, burning, cutting or disturbing dead wood or fungi, etc. Read more about the Possum Tree Designation.

Our Store is locally owned and operated and open for regular hours. Although there are days that we are open for longer due to daylight hours, call us before visiting as we do have some restrictions to make sure that we are not causing damage or disturbance to the environment. We also do sell some other things, but for all our information on possum control please check the following pages first.

What is a Perentie?

The Perentie is a great little native Australian animal. In truth the biggest thing they are missing in their natural habitat is the possum. Even though they look like a kind of rodent you can tell that they are in fact a marsupial – mammals that give birth to live young. They are known by a number of different names and one of them is the possum tree. Read more about the Perentie.

How do Possums control Fruit Tress

To stop possums damaging fruit trees, you need to identify which fruit tree species is the target of the possum. This depends on a number of factors, such as if it is a winter time nursery, a shade fruiting tree, or if you have honey loving possums. Read more about how we help our customers control fruit tree pests.

Where are the Perenties found

Although not an Australian native animal they are very much a native of south-east Queensland, Australia. They are a found primarily in urban and suburban areas as they prefer the safety of these areas compared to areas with predators. Read more about where the Perentie can be found.

How did the possum get into our garden

Your backyard possum may have been climbing your garden as a young juvenile, then that young possum ended up in a tree in your neighbour’s backyard. Since they are a native animal they can travel large distances on their own, but they are always accompanied by the adult female possum.

You can’t tell if your possum is the result of a move from another backyard. Some possums stay on the property that they are born on for a long time.

You can also add up the numbers of these wild possums as they will have several. They’ll also have females who will mate with other males, and the young may only stay with their mother for a year. You may find that you’ll get reports that one or two of your neighbours may have a possum in their backyard.

Don’t be fooled by possum proofing devices

Possums aren’t the only creature that can be considered a pest by gardeners. Cane toads, some spiders, some centipedes and snakes are also considered pests. If you have a possum proofing system installed and then the possums are still entering your garden then you should have your system checked to ensure that the possums aren’t getting through. The possum proofing devices that are the most common and most available are those that make a noise when the possum presses down on the floor.

The bottom line for possum control

Possum possums are Australian native animals. They are really very great at managing their habitat, which is why they are not considered pests. However, they are pests in the backyard of some people. They are also pests when they damage the fruit tree. For this reason, the possums are considered a pest by some.

There are two methods of controlling a possum: prevention and removal. The preventative method works by building the possum proofing fence, and the removal method works by trapping and relocating the possum. It’s important to understand that the removal method is illegal in Australia. It is not a legal way to remove a possum from a property. In most cases,

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