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Grain, 08 Dec 2016 03:21:20 +0000 reading Grain→]]>,Grain (or corn, wheat and oats) crops have never been a priority in North America. The only area that grew enough grain to feed its inhabitants was South Dakota where the Dakotan Indians grew a large surplus of corn to feed their families and livestock, mainly in the form of hominy. In North America grains were an import to sustain the population. This situation has changed in the last few decades because of cheap grain from the world market.

A few years ago there were four crops grown on my farm. Two of these were for my own use: barley, and oats. The rest were for livestock. They were: wheat, rye, corn and triticale. All are annuals. I have been growing corn in one form or another for over 40 years, and all of the grain crops mentioned except wheat are in their fourth year. This year I have tried a rye and triticale combination for the first time and will give the experiment a go again. Next year there will be an opportunity to plant more crops that are good for livestock. The most economical and productive way to do this is to grow the same plant species and variety for all uses. This reduces the need for chemicals. The only change that is needed is the removal of the grain after the livestock have been fed. The barley and oat crop will be grown as a single crop with the rest of the field planted in rye, triticale and winter wheat.

It is possible to feed a family on these crops, but for most it will require the addition of protein from legumes. Most of the livestock are chickens, and I have seen a good return on my time and energy. They are relatively cheap to raise with low labour cost. I also enjoy the interaction between my children and the chickens. There is nothing like watching one’s children make the world better.

Grain has been under attack since the first day the grain companies decided to use the World Bank as an excuse to charge more. Today the government supports the grain companies and it is very difficult to convince people that these crops are healthy. They are not. What is so difficult to understand is that the only crops that grow in Africa are the crops that have been produced by the industrialised world. African soil has not been treated to produce a crop that can support livestock. The World Bank would like to change all that. But this kind of thinking is very expensive. Instead the best thing for African people is to eat the grains that have been grown in Africa for generations. Those crops are called “subsistence crops”. When I say subsistence, it means that people feed their families from this crop alone. That is what I was taught and that is what my grandmother did. Today I do the same.

I want to go into farming and have a few animals myself. I want to do more than just feed my family, I want to feed people in Kenya and help people who cannot afford to buy food. I would like to be in charge of everything, but that is not possible. I have to decide how much land to buy and what crops to plant. In some areas I will be helped by people who know how to farm in a different way, but I have to decide on my own. Most of my advice to others is to take care of what you have. The future is what you are left with, not what you are getting. When it comes to buying something, make sure you always have a receipt.

I also understand that farming is hard work. I will have to work long hours and that is not going to be fun. Some days I will spend all day in the fields and still come back to sleep in the evening. I will have to grow crops and then do everything myself from feeding the animals to selling them. I have to have some patience. Farming is not about money. It is about how much you put into it, and then about how much you take out.

I am not going to tell you that all farming is a piece of cake. I am not going to tell you that after three months you will be doing a better job than your grandparents were doing. I am not saying that, because I know what it means to make decisions and face the challenges of a farmer’s life. If I did, you would not be here to hear it.

There are certain things you have to accept about farming. You have to accept that it takes time. You have to accept that not all things work out the way you would like. You have to accept that the work of farming does not give you happiness. If it did, then you would not need me. But farming does give you freedom, especially now when you are starting off. Farming is also not just about money. Farming is also about memories and stories. It is about the love that goes into it and the respect that it gives. This is what I want to share with you.

On the farm there are stories to tell. The same happens in classrooms and in courts, but not on farms. When you hear a story on a farm, you believe it. You understand it and this is why you have your children and grandchildren to learn from you. You help them understand the reality and what it takes to reach their full potential. We have stories for you to learn from and I want to share them with you.

There was a time when you could go to school and come out knowing how to farm. When I started out I could go to school and not learn how to farm. But I had to learn how to farm by doing it. Many of us learnt this by watching you. We were very young at that time and we just accepted what you were doing. But the day came when we had to take the plunge. This was when we started planting and sowing, but we did not know anything about the care of the farm. You were very clear about what you were doing. You had all the answers, but not all of them worked out. That is what is happening now.

You also left the farm and took up jobs. You were young and were learning, but life was very complicated for you. And now you are starting to come back home. When you were younger we heard so

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