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  • How to Evaluate LED vs. HID Horticulture Lighting
  • Engineering the Best LED Grow Lights for the Horticulture Industry
  • Hubbell NutriLED - LED Horticultural Light
  • Horticulture LED Fixtures
  • LED Grow Lights for Horticulture
  • How to choose the optimal LED fixture for your production
  • TCP LED Horticulture Luminaires: Vaportight & Top Light
  • LED Horticultural Lighting Products

How to Evaluate LED vs. HID Horticulture Lighting

First horticultural lighting solution to offer light management service which manages the light output of fixtures over time, ensuring consistent results in large scale grow facilities looking to implement quality control practices. GrowFlux, Inc. GrowFlux is the first horticultural lighting provider to offer a PAR Photosynthetic Active Radiation management solution at a time when large cultivation facilities are challenged with maintaining consistent PAR levels delivered by energy efficient LED grow lights.

GrowFlux plans to market the solution to large scale cultivators as the demand for quality control solutions increases. The company's tunable broad spectrum technology allows cultivators to pinpoint the optimal light spectrum for each crop cultivated, and can be tuned for desirable outcomes such as specific flavors, accelerated flowering, or specific shapes of plants.

AetherMesh was developed specifically for controlled environment agriculture CEA to network fixtures and battery-operated sensors, while reducing installation time. AetherMesh is built on the next generation 6LoWPAN networking standards, and is fully encrypted for secure operations. The connectivity solution is designed to automatically form robust mesh networks of upwards of devices, significantly reducing setup time and complexity in large scale facilities, and communicates on sub-GHz frequencies to penetrate deep into buildings and around obstacles.

Typical competitor products require on site technicians for network setup and rely on common wireless technologies not suited for large scale operations. GrowFlux Inc was founded in with the goal of advancing controlled environment agriculture at all scales. We do this by advancing on all fronts including energy efficiency, spectrum, controls, reliability, and user experience.

Lighting Controls. Microclimate Sensing. Dashboard Login.

Engineering the Best LED Grow Lights for the Horticulture Industry

Our industry-leading high DLI LED lighting solutions deliver best in class lighting to your plants for outstanding quality and yield. Our remote power servers are essential to an efficient grow, eliminating on-fixture ballasts and removing heat from the grow area. Manage lighting, power and environment with real-time data for consistent, quality yields every grow cycle. Monitor and track every detail of the grow room with our high-accuracy sensors. From indoor to greenhouse, vertical and beyond, we have a custom solution tailored to your needs and your business. Check out our trade show schedule for a chance to meet our team in person, experience our products, and discuss how we can support your business.

Horticulture Fixtures · Sale. from $ Single W Logic Plug and Play LED Grow Light · Sale. from $ Chilled Logic 2' x 2' Grow Fixture · Sale. $

Hubbell NutriLED - LED Horticultural Light

Our line of high-efficiency LED horticultural lights come equipped with cutting-edge spectral technology optimized for plant growth. Our industry leading heat-sink and thermal management design in conjunction with advanced secondary optics breaks new ground in horticultural lighting. Built to drive results and engineered to deliver efficiency, The Hawk Duo breaks new ground in horticultural lighting. Industry leading secondary optics developed to maximize PPFD reaching the plant canopy. Patented heat sink and thermal management design that drives fixture reliability. Sleek design for shade free deployment in greenhouse environments. Intelligently designed to deliver unrivaled light uniformity to the plant canopy, the Hawk Squad brings a new level of control to the cultivation process. Industry leading secondary optics developed to maximize PPFD reaching your plant canopy. Anti-reflective coating that ensures maximum photon transmission.

Horticulture LED Fixtures

Horticulture Lighting Group are the pioneers of Quantum Boards. They offer some of the most efficient LED grow lights on the market. This is a previous upgrade from the LMC diodes on their V1 boards. Available in Rspec or Bspec spectrum options. Start growing today with HLG lights and cut your heat and power bill in half!

In our last GE Current article , we talked about reliability as the concept of building a quality product to last over time.

LED Grow Lights for Horticulture

As a refresher, PAR Photosynthetically Active Radiation is a region of the electromagnetic spectrum to nm that promotes photosynthesis. You must understand the differences in these metrics before you can compare various horticulture lighting systems. Many manufacturers realize this can be a confusing topic, so it is very easy for companies to mislead potential customers with exaggerated marketing claims, misleading information, and by showing a limited set of or using blatantly wrong metrics. Hence, since light not electricity grows plants, you need to ask how much light a fixture emits. It sounds simple, but

How to choose the optimal LED fixture for your production

Meant for high bay growing environments, the ZEN is a full-cycle top lighting solution ideal for greenhouse supplemental and commercial sole-source grow lighting applications. The SKY can be used in top light, multi-tiers or indoor grow tent applications. This powerful, full-spectrum light source is intended for full term plant growth from the vegetative stage to the higher light required in bloom stage. Your order ships within 2 business days of payment received. No more week lead times to receive fixtures. No risk, unlike these other new fly-by-night grow light companies. Our customer success team is the best in the horticulture lighting industry. We are a solutions company, not just a lighting company.

The premier lighting manufacturer of all commercial grow lights. 24/7 Customer Service and Support from ILUMINAR Hash all-audio.pro LED Fixtures.

TCP LED Horticulture Luminaires: Vaportight & Top Light

Horticulture lighting is the method for stimulating plant growth by artificial lighting fixtures when natural light is lacking. Professional horticulture lighting is not only about providing sufficient light for plant growth through the improvement of photosynthesis, but also about helping plants to produce a more beautiful flower, better shape of leaves and more fruit as well as shorten or extend a specific growing period. For professional horticulture lighting, the proper tailored recipes are essential for optimization of plant growing in purpose. The specific needs of different plants in each growing period and each part of plant organs determine which lighting recipe is better for optimize growth.

LED Horticultural Lighting Products

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Outdoor conditions are mimicked with varying colour, temperatures and spectral outputs from the grow light, as well as varying the intensity of the lamps. Depending on the type of plant being cultivated, the stage of cultivation e. Controlled Environment Agriculture CEA allows for cultivating plants indoors — mimicking outdoor conditions. With CEA, variables such as artificial sunlight, atmospheric gases and water and more can be supplied, calibrated and customized for a completely controlled environment that optimizes plant growth.

The report is also a cautionary advisory on transitioning to LED based only on the criteria of improved energy efficiency and longer lamp life compared to HID.

The changes have an effective date of March 31,After analysis of stakeholder comments on Draft 1 of the policy released in May, and in order to allow continued development of the nascent horticultural lighting market, the DLC determined that a change in the efficacy threshold for the Horticultural Lighting Qualified Products List QPL is not warranted at this time. The DLC will review this aspect of the Technical Requirements in future versions of the specification. An increasing number of electric utilities rely on the DLC horticultural lighting specification and QPL in the design of energy efficiency programs for controlled-environment growing operations. Among updates in V2. Similarly, V2. After soliciting and gathering stakeholder comment with release of V2.

Our LEDs create a welcoming ambiance, stimulate consumer behavior, and integrate smoothly with building management systems. Our LEDs are optimized for consistent performance in varying and demanding conditions, as well as energy efficiency, long life and low maintenance. Sunlight has long been the only staple source of photonic energy for plant cultivation, but this has greatly restricted cultivators to only spaces where sunlight is accessible.

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