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Since we are getting down to the wire as the end of the J-term semester approaches, I Meg, that is am doing all of the blog entries so the students can focus on writing papers. On Saturday our crew helped out again at the farm, watering and helping lay out tarps so that they could create a new nursery space for their bread fruit trees. This was a task that Nate and company had not had time to do and they were greatly appreciative and relieved to get it done. Then we went up and weeded the carrots and beans, which was once again greatly appreciated. On Saturday evening we were serenaded by Nate and Faye Petree on banjo and fiddle. They both play professionally, but she is more of a full-time musician except when she is out at the farm.

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  • UVI’s CGTC and CFVI Donate More Than 850 Fruit Trees Territory-Wide
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University Donates More Than 850 Fruit Trees Across Territory

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The St. Croix Grape Vitis x 'St. Croix' is a grape variety that deserves to be celebrated. This astounding and stunning hybrid is a great choice for homemade wine, jelly, and juice.

They also make a lovely snack that kids cannot get enough of. No matter how you choose to use your St. Croix Grapes, you'll be happy to have these deeply hued beauties in your garden. When it comes to St. Croix Grapes, it's impossible to not talk about how bold, flavorful, and deep its wines are.

If you're looking to make your own homemade wine, this variety has your name all over it. Not a fan of wine? You will still want to use your St. Croix Grapes to make some--your friends, family, and neighbors will love it and it makes a great gift. What does St. Croix wine taste like? Most compare it to a medium to full bodied burgundy with hints of currants and other fruits. This wine pairs perfectly with dark chocolate since it offers a dry, rich red wine sip.

While St. Croix Grapes are known for the great wine they produce, they are also fantastic as a table grape, made into preserves, or even used as a robust juice. Croix Grape is also one of the most striking grapes you will find. With near-black skins and large clusters of large grapes, these berries are as photogenic as they are delicious. And if you want to show off your grapes, be sure to train yours around an arching trellis or arbor.

They also make a magical display when used on pergolas. Well, unlike many other varieties, northern home growers can also enjoy the beauty and brilliant wine St. Croix Grapes produce. This cultivar is amazingly cold hardy, thriving in some of the coldest zones in the U. They can withstand temperatures as low as F to F without damage. Prepare your wine glasses and your tastebuds. Croix Grape is about to rock your world.

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Unique Fruits of the US Virgin Islands, The Mesple

Recently, I've been collecting and propagating fruiting tropical shrubs and small trees on my four-acre property in Vieques, Puerto Rico, like a man with a mission. My ultimate goal is to supply my own table with a diverse mix of fresh produce year-round, grow enough surplus fruit to be able to vend to local restaurateurs, and establish a modest nursery and display garden. In my former life as a New Yorker, I used to buy exotic fruits in the city's ethnic food markets and germinate their seeds as houseplants. This practice was nothing new; indeed, it's a popular hobby, with its own gardening club—the Rare Pit and Plant Council—or, less formally, "The Pits. They were all very decorative as foliage plants, but none flowered and bore fruit in my urban loft. When I moved to the Caribbean a few years ago, I encountered a vast array of good-looking fruiting plants, some of them familiar to me only from books.

A present-day Spanish name is manzanilla de la muerte, "little apple of death". This refers to the fact that manchineel is one of the most toxic trees in the.

Borg,John - Cultivation And Diseases Of Fruit Trees In The Maltese Islands

Use these convenient icons to share this page on various social media platforms:. Signup Login Toggle navigation. How can I start a citrus garden? Seed Starting. Question by mawhitmore June 13,Answer from NGA June 13,You must be signed in before you can post questions or answers. Click here to join! Member Login: Username or email:.

Gardening Year-round in the Tropics

On your next trip to the US Virgin Islands, make sure to notice all of the unique floral and fauna that surrounds you. There are definitely some interesting species that grow all over the island. One fruit, native to the Caribbean, looks similar to a kiwi, but it is not in the kiwi family at all. The locals call it a mesple, however the standard name is sapodilla.

Caribbean Fruits Depending on the island a fruit can have a different name, for example Mammy Apple St Vincent while other island s called it Mamisiporte which is a soft fruit the size of an avacado which has a faint smell and taste.

Building Forward - Hurricane Recovery in USVI

We grow organic apples, pears, and plums. It is our pleasure to produce delicious, healthy, and chemical-free fruits and contribute to the health of our environment. In our small orchard, we grow five varieties of apples, two varieties of pears, and three varieties of plums. We also produce honey from our local bees, and each fall, we press a blend of our certified organic apples into fresh apple cider. Delicious and complex, it is an excellent autumn treat, warm or cold. And because it is unpasteurized, it is great for fermenting into hard cider.


Planting trees is a great idea. Trees provide beauty, shade, wildlife habitat and more. And if planting a tree is a good idea, planting a fruit tree is even better! Fruit trees also provide food and jobs. Below is a list of some food-bearing trees that we encourage planting. And if you are interested in tree donations, please find our request form here.

the fruit plants leaf; this is critical if moving them of fruit trees; plastic tree guards will help. Fruit shrubs may be tied together in late fall.

How to Grow Fruit in Your Backyard

Jump to navigation. With spring having sprung, those with green thumbs are itching to get their hands back in the dirt and begin landscaping their yards. For those who want to stray outside of the norm, fruit trees are a popular option for homeowners, who want a new way to ornament their gardens and to yield a bounty of produce. When it comes to fruit-bearing trees and bushes, April is a good month to begin planting.

UVI’s CGTC and CFVI Donate More Than 850 Fruit Trees Territory-Wide

RELATED VIDEO: How to Grow Fruit Trees in Small Spaces

Wikimedia photo. The sweet-smelling fruit, which resembles small apples or crab apples, seemed very appealing, so some of the newbies tried it. This is the most poisonous tree found in America and one of the most dangerous in the entire world. Its bark, sap, leaves, and fruit contain a veritable witche's brew of toxins. Though juicy and reportedly quite tasty when ripe, the fruit of this tree is loaded with physostigminet. The oral swelling and excruciating pain, esophageal ulcerations, edema, and cervical lymphadenopathy will make it hard to breathe, almost impossible to swallow, and very difficult to talk.

This bracelet was inspired over a period of 2 years during passionate conversations about how breadfruit could offer new opportunities to humanity.

The low initial cost of a single fruit tree will pay for itself over and over again by providing bushels of fruit over the years, provided the tree is well maintained. Before purchasing your fruit trees, we at Lake Kountry, Inc. Where are you planning on placing the tree? Make sure your fruit trees will get at least 6 hours of sunlight each day. Although fruit trees are adaptable to a wide range of soils, it should be a well-drained site.

Croix orchard. Aberra moved to St. Croix over 20 years ago, and worked as a research analyst at UVI as well as in the Cooperative Extension Service, specializing in irrigation. He brought his love of tropical fruit trees with him to the island, and began planting his four-acre orchard 15 years ago — an orchard that is now full of mature trees loaded with delicious and beautiful fruits.

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