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College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Department of Plant and Soil Sciences. Landscape Architecture Major Page. Landscape Architecture is perfect for any student interested in learning ways to address solutions to environmental, natural resource and sustainability challenges at local, regional and global levels. Landscape architects work in cities and communities to help keep air and water clean, provide habitat for wildlife and build safe, beautiful places for people to enjoy.

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Education of landscape architects

In addition to the program requirements listed on this page, students must also satisfy requirements outlined in more detail in the Minimum Requirements for Graduation section of this catalog, including:. At least three 3 different Integrated Learning Courses must be chosen. ILCs are repeatable to 12 units. If General Education GE courses is used to satisfy a Major or Support requirements, additional units of Free Electives may be needed to complete the total units required for the degree.

Skip to Content? Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo. Toggle Navigation Toggle Navigation. Program Learning Objectives Integrate natural and cultural systems in projects at multiple scales.

Incorporate sustainable practices throughout the design, planning and implementation process. Comprehend and demonstrate the relationships among analysis, concept development, design development, and implementation. Apply critical thinking and analytical problem solving throughout planning, design and implementation. LABIOBRAESSSTATOffice of the Registrar catalog calpoly.

Send Page to Printer. Download Page PDF. Download PDF of the entire Catalog. AEPSBOTCRPEDESMATHEnglish Language Communication and Critical Thinking. Lower-division courses in Area C must come from three different subject prefixes. Humanities: Literature, Philosophy, Languages other than English. Social Sciences - Select courses in Area D from at least two different prefixes.

American Institutions Title 5, Section Requirement. Lower-Division E 4 units in Support 1. Select courses from two different areas; may be lower-division or upper-division courses.

Landscape Architecture - BA (Hons)

Admission to Architecture and Landscape Architecture. Entrance Tests for Architecture and Landscape Architecture. The profession of Landscape Architecture integrates diverse fields of interest such as design, ecology, engineering, as well as socio- economic and cultural issues. Landscape architecture relates to people as an integral part of the environment and promotes the sustainable management of the environment and its resources; Sherover Promenade, the David and Paula Ben-Gurion family grave, the Yarkon Park, Gan Hashlosha National Park Sahne , Ibn Gvirol st.

Landscape architecture at the University of Minnesota prepares students for careers as engaged designers able to Landscape Architecture Degree Options.

Bachelor of Science - Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is the study of principles and practices related to the design and installation of environmentally pleasing landscape designs for homes, parks, commercial buildings, and natural settings. Projects may include subdivisions and commercial, industrial, and residential sites. Landscape architects plan the locations of buildings, roads, and walkways. They also plan where to plant flowers, shrubs, and trees. Landscape architects design and plan the restoration of natural places disturbed by humans, such as wetlands, stream corridors, and mined areas. Many landscape architects specialize in a particular area, such as beautifying or otherwise improving streets and highways, waterfronts, parks and playgrounds, or shopping centers. Increasingly, landscape architects are working in environmental remediation, such as preserving and restoring wetlands or managing storm-water runoff in new developments. They are also increasingly playing a role in preserving and restoring historic landscapes. Landscape architects who work for government agencies do design sites and landscapes for government buildings, parks, and other public lands, as well as plan for landscapes and recreation areas in national parks and forests. In addition, they prepare environmental impact statements and studies on environmental issues, such as planning for use of public lands.

Landscape Architecture Major

Landscaping engineers deal with technical and economical tasks in the planning, construction, redesign, and maintenance of parks and green areas. Students of the Bachelor degree program Engineering in Landscaping acquire knowledge, among other things, about plants, soils, building materials, and construction methods. They learn the technical processing, design, and organizational handling of construction projects, including economical and legal aspects. Special focus is on soft skills such as team ability, communication and organization. This way, students are prepared for management functions in landscaping businesses, planning and engineering offices as well as construction and green spave management authorities.

Students are required to select and complete one of two plans for the degree: Plan I — Thesis, or Plan II — Comprehensive Exam professional project or designated studio. The thesis is for students who wish to do original research on a problem in landscape architecture or environmental planning.

Landscape Architecture - BLA

Course type. Study level Choose one Undergraduate. University name. Campus type Campus universities Non campus universities. Russell Group This is a self-selected association of 24 public research universities.


The Master's degree programme imparts landscape architecture skills in analysis, design and planning, materials and construction, natural sciences and the humanities, which optimally deepen and complement the bachelor's degree in architecture. The teaching of innovative digital analysis, design and planning methods is an essential part of the study. The degree programme covers fundamental, core and specialized subjects as well as design studios. A central principle of the training is the content-related and methodical linking of subject-specific teaching contents with each other and their integration into the design studios. For the acquisition of the Master's degree, proof of at least six months of external internship must be provided.

Admission requirements. Requirements for the Master's programme: • first in Germany recognised university degree that qualifies for a profession in Landscape.

Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture

Our full-time faculty includes professional landscape architects, planners, architects and landscape ecologists, whose overlapping expertise contributes to a strong curriculum that combines a solid foundation in the field with 21st-century design challenges. You will hone most of your skills in our unique interdisciplinary design studios, tackling real-world projects to develop integrated design solutions. In one of your senior semesters, you could also learn in an international context. Landscape architectural engineering, architectural and planning firms; private corporations with planning or design departments; federal, provincial, regional, and municipal agencies; development companies; historic preservation authorities; faculties and departments of landscape architecture, architecture, art and planning.

Master in Landscape Architecture I

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Are you drawn to the beauty and structure of outdoor spaces? Are you curious about ways to transform outdated or neglected land into useful, innovative landscapes? Are you driven to fuse sustainability into our public spaces? Our professionally accredited Bachelor of Landscape Architecture BLA at Ball State University is committed to preparing professionals and leaders with the knowledge, skills, and awareness to respond to significant environmental, social, and public health challenges. Our graduates assume the roles of steward, designer, and problem-solver who make positive and measurable differences everywhere.

The field of Landscape Architecture is rapidly evolving to address and redress contemporary environmental and societal issues. The next generation of practitioners, scholars, and educators are facing important problems and challenges.

Use your mix of creative skills and practical horticultural techniques to find work in areas ranging from public parks and gardens to landscape architecture and urban design. Remember that many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject, so don't restrict your thinking to the jobs listed here. Universities often have links within the landscape and garden design industry and may be able to help you find a suitable placement opportunity. It may even be possible to complete your placement abroad, if you wish. Look for student design competitions to enter, as these provide the opportunity for you to work on show gardens at high-profile events.

The mission of the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture BLA program is to prepare students to become professional landscape architects in the private and public sectors of practice. We foster a learning environment of creativity and critical analysis that uses evidence-based design principles as its core. This approach builds upon the knowledge of natural and built environments and how humans interact within various cultural settings.

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