How to care for a helichrysum plant

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Enter your email address to receive special offers and hear about our latest rare, unusual and exciting plants. No Quibble Guarantee. Sign Up For Email Offers. Helichrysum are annual, herbaceous or evergreen perennials or shrubs.

Grey-green, hairy foliage and thick, dark stems are topped with crepe-paper like, everlasting flower-heads throughout the summer.

They are best suited to containers, flower beds and borders within courtyard, coastal and informal garden settings. Helichrysum are best planted in well-drained soil of chalk and loam within an alkaline or neutral PH balance. Once all signs of frost have passed, dig a hole that is as deep and as wide as the root ball so that it is level with the surface of the soil. Water the planting area thoroughly and deeply to settle the soil in place. Apply a thin layer of mulch in the spring and summer to retain moisture levels and to control weeds.

This will also provide vital nutritional value during active growth. Pruning should be undertaken to improve the overall appearance of your Helichrysum. Remove old, dead and diseased wood or foliage and cut back to a pleasing shape. It is possible to propagate Helichrysum by softwood cuttings in spring. If, for any reason you are not delighted with your purchase, just return it to us within 21 days.

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Track Order. Search for product. Our phone lines are incredibly busy and we are working hard to dispatch your orders as quickly as possible, we thank you for your understanding. Please allow an additional 14 days for your delivery to arrive. How to Grow Helichrysum. About Helichrysum. Hayloft Plants will not agree to refunding the costs of returning the parcel to us. Explore our world Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter.

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Curry Plant (Helichrysum Italicum)

For the latest on RHS Shows in , read more. Make a donation. This plant will provide nectar and pollen for bees and the many other types of pollinating insects. It is included in an evolving list of plants carefully researched and chosen by RHS experts. Divided into 3 groups these lists, linked below, are maintained by a team of RHS staff and are reviewed annually.

Helichrysum italicum or curry plant is a tender perennial. Outdoors, it does best in U.S. zones 8 to It can't tolerate a hard frost. It prefers soil that.

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Gaura lindheimeri is an airy addition to the garden. Gaura was a genus of about 20 species in the evening primrose family Onagraceae , but as a common name generally refers to Gaura lindheimeri. Gaura lindheimeri growing in the wild near Humble, Texas. This nearly shrubby herbaceous perennial native to southeastern Texas, Louisiana, and Mexico has become more popular as a garden plant with the introduction of more compact cultivars. Other occasionally used common names include appleblossom grass, bee blossom, wand flower, or white gaura. The leaves are narrow and lance-shaped. The plant form is a basal clump of leaves from a woody tap root. The narrow, lance-shaped leaves are entire or faintly and irregularly toothed. Leaves may be wavy and some are spotted with maroon. The foliage varies in color from dark green to burgundy.

Silver Helichrysum Series

Since , we have specialized in herbs and herbal remedies. Furthermore, we offer an extensive selection of Certified Organic seeds that meet all requirements set forth by the National Standard for Organic Agriculture. Great American Spice Co. Max Stock Available. It is a wholesome mellow tea with a slight nutty flavor from the toasted rice.

Common names: silver bush everlasting, herbal helichrysum, bedding helichrysum Eng. Helichrysum petiolare is one of the best known and the most commonly used helichrysums, easy to grow, with beautiful velvety silver foliage.


The Italian immortelle helichrysum is a very aromatic plant, also very interesting for its pretty little golden yellow flowers. Height: 50 cm Exhibition: Sunny Ground : Ordinary. A Mediterranean plant, the Italian immortelle is grown more as an annual, but some species are more resistant. The Italian Immortal or helichrysum likes fairly arid areas , the well-drained soils and the situations very sunny. On the other hand, the Italian immortal hates the cold or the snow because she would not resist it.

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Often referred to as the Curry Plant because of the strong scented leaves, this is a versatile, evergreen sub-shrub, bushy with silver-grey linear leaves.

A nicely mounding plant with woolly stems and leaves of silvery gray. The needle-like, icy gray foliage looks striking when paired with broad-leafed plants and those with purple blooms or burgundy foliage. Perfect for all kinds of containers, including window boxes, hanging baskets and combination planters.

The Italian everlasting Helichrysum is a sub-shrub and also an herb, which is very interesting also for its cute little gold yellow flowers. Name — Helichrysum italicum Family — Asteraceae Type — perennial. A Mediterranean plant, it is often grown as an annual, but some species are hardier. Italian everlasting, or helichrysum, loves arid regions , well-drained soil and very sunny spots.

Helichrysum italicum formerly H.

Strawflowers Bracteantha are easy-care and elegant annual plants that offer a long bloom season. At first glance, it might seem like they have a strange common name, but touch the brightly colored blooms and it becomes apparent. An excellent dried flower, the petals have a dry, papery feel. Just cut the blooms and enjoy them in DIY craft projects, such as dried-flower wreaths, swags, etc. Strawflowers thrive in sunny garden beds and borders. The plants are tidy and mounding , so they're fine choices for planting along pathways or in the middle or front of the border with perennials or other annuals. Their mounding form looks especially nice when paired with ornamental grasses, snapdragons, veronica, or other spiky, upright plants.

Mix a standard application of a balanced organic fertiliser into the soil prior to planting. In midsummer, drench plants with a liquid plant food to stimulate new growth. Strawflowers close at night and in rainy weather, so they are at their best in sunny beds seen during the day. Blue ageratum or airy nigella make excellent neighbours for strawflowers.

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