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At Sunflower Landscapes we dedicate ourselves to sculpting our natural environment into beautiful and meaningful spaces. We create landscapes that not only increase the value of your home but, give you and your guests an unprecedented experience. Multi-level patios, stone covered fireplaces, and the soothing sound of running water all combine to create the ultimate outdoor environment. Sunflower Landscaping specializes in the design of creative, custom, and functional landscapes. During our initial walk through, we take extra time to get to know the customer and their project.

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The Natural Landscape in Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs

You are here Home. Animas River and Abandoned Buildings. Animas River in San Juan Mountains. Town of Silverton. The Upper Animas River Canyon bears the legacy of the longest hard-rock mining operations in southwestern Colorado.

The mineral Read more about Animas River. The fourteen miles along the Gunnison River have been protected as a national park since , drawing more Read more about Black Canyon of the Gunnison. Cave of the Winds Postcard for Cave of the Winds, s. Canopy Hall, Manitou Grand Caverns. Cave of the Winds, located in Williams Canyon a few miles northwest of Colorado Springs , is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Colorado.

Two schoolboys are credited with discovering the cave in , though various legends hold that Ute and Apache tribes knew about it for centuries Read more about Cave of the Winds. Clear Creek Drainage Basin. Clear Creek Canyon Trails. Clear Creek flows from the Continental Divide at Loveland Pass, eastward through a deep and wide glacial valley down to Idaho Springs , where the valley narrows and the stream gradient increases as it enters narrow, relatively undeveloped Clear Creek Canyon.

Through Clear Creek Canyon the stream Read more about Clear Creek Canyon. The Earth beneath the rugged mountains and serene plains of Colorado records an ancient saga.

Broad tropical seas teemed with life, while reptiles roamed on shore. Continents converged and collided, building massive mountains, only to be torn apart by the movements of colossal tectonic plates Read more about Colorado Geology. Colorado River Headwaters. Colorado River Below Glenwood Springs. The Colorado is the premier river of the American Southwest. Rising in the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming, this river and its tributaries provide water and hydroelectric power for nearly 35 million people in the United States and Mexico, as well as habitat for several fish species found only in Read more about Colorado River.

Its diverse geography encompasses , square miles of the American West and includes swathes of the Great Plains , southern Rocky Mountains , and the Colorado Plateau. Colorado has an average Read more about Colorado: An Overview. Eastern Colorado, bordered by the foothills of the Rocky Mountains on the west, Kansas on the east, and the corners of Nebraska and Oklahoma, constitutes a portion of the Great Plains.

It is the agricultural heartland of Colorado. This semiarid region is characterized by silty and sandy loam soils Front Range The Front Range is a corridor of the Rocky Mountains and surrounding land stretching miles from the Wyoming border on the north to the Arkansas River on the south.

The western border of the Front Range consists of a collection of high mountain ranges, from the Medicine Bow and Laramie Mountains Read more about Front Range. Glaciers Andrew Glacier. Taylor Glacier. Taylor Glacier and Sky Pond. Snow in the high country sometimes accumulates faster than it melts, leading to the formation and continuation of glaciers.

Colorado is home to seven glacial regions that reside mainly in central and northern Colorado. Each area sustains unique ecosystems and watersheds crucial to nature and humans Read more about Glaciers. Read more about Grand Valley Irrigation. North American Continental Divides. Read more about Great Divide. Gunnison River Gunnison River. The basin drained by the Gunnison stretches from alpine meadows and forests along the Continental Divide to the arid canyon country around Grand Read more about Gunnison River.

The railway is the highest in North America and was built as a tourist attraction in the late nineteenth century. Other cog railways can be found on Mt. Washington in New Hampshire and throughout Mexican Land Grants in Colorado From the sixteenth century to the mid-nineteenth, the king of Spain and the Mexican government awarded land grants to individuals and communities throughout the American Southwest.

Read more about Mexican Land Grants in Colorado. Zebulon Pike. Pikes Peak from Colorado City. Standing 14, feet, Read more about Pikes Peak. Royal Gorge The Hanging Bridge. Royal Gorge Bridge.

Royal Gorge. With a narrowest width of just 30 feet at the bottom of the canyon and a depth exceeding 1, feet in some places, the nearly ten-mile-long canyon is considered a world wonder of geology Read more about Royal Gorge. San Juan Mountains Mt. Sneffels at Sunset. Old Hundred Mine, Silverton. Signing of the Brunot Agreement,Red Mountain.

Lower Ice Lake Basin. The San Juan Mountains are the largest mountain range by area in the Centennial State, spanning thirteen counties in southwestern Colorado. In addition to being the home of the Ute Indians for hundreds of years, the mountains intrigued Spaniards , lured the prospectors of the Colorado Gold Rush , Read more about San Juan Mountains.

Covering nearly 8, square miles in southern Colorado, the San Luis Valley is the largest valley in the state and the largest high-altitude desert in North America. Read more about San Luis Valley. From downtown Fairplay to the Nebraska border at Julesburg , its course through Colorado is approximatelyToday, water administrators and water Read more about South Platte River.

Read more about Western Slope. Its watershed encompasses approximately 8, square miles in Colorado and Wyoming; in Colorado, the river flows through Craig , Hayden , Milner , and Steamboat Springs , among other communities Read more about Yampa River.

The Sculpted Landscape of the Colorado Plateau

Landscapes of Colorado features the efforts of artists who have used the state's natural beauty as inspirations for their paintings and photographs. Art curator Ann Daley selected the artists. Some lived in Colorado only briefly, while others have spent their entire careers in the state. Daley also provides an essay linking each artist to the impressive history of Colorado, where for over a century painters and photographers have been attracted to its magnificent views and its crisp, clear light. Art critic Michael Paglia provides a profile of each of the artists. In writing about them, he takes into account key experiences in their development, as well as analyzing their varying styles, the techniques they embrace, and places them in the broader context of landscape art.

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO. Tony Koski, Ph.D. Extension Specialist and Professor.

Colorado Landscape Photography for Sale

Our exceptional landscape design creates high-quality outdoor environments, unmatched beauty, and increased property value for elite homes in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area. Since , we have designed and built high-quality landscapes for Colorado Springs, CO homeowners. Explore what is possible in our project gallery! They provided a great design and implemented it according to plan. Their crew was fantastic to work with and kept us updated on everything that was going on. Follow up work with the new season was conducted with the utmost professionalism and expertise. I would happily use Jake's again and again. She listened to what we wanted and put together a beautiful design.

Exploring the Landscapes of Colorado

Recuperate from your hectic day with free moments, listening to the soothing sounds of water gardens and taking in the sight of a professional low maintenance landscape. The Purely Ponds team is confident that the addition of a water garden, pond, pondless waterfall or pond fountain to your landscape will bring you pleasure for years to come. There are a number of ways that you can beautify your lawn with landscaping in Colorado Springs, CO. Purely Ponds Fine Landscapes is among the premier landscaping companies in Colorado Springs, CO that can incorporate a water feature into your landscaping plan. Our team can help you with water feature landscaping in your yard to find the perfect pond, waterfall, or fountain to enhance your new landscaping plan.

Since the mids, government agencies, scholars, tribes, and private industries have attempted to navigate potential conflicts involving energy development, Chacoan archaeological study, and preservation across the San Juan Basin.

Welcome to Paradise Outdoor Design and Landscaping Colorado Springs!

Pioneer's Vollmer location is situated in the eastern part of the Springs also known as Black Forest. With one of Pioneer's largest inventories of flagstone, railroad ties, decorative rock and building stone, the Vollmer location is a great place to begin your backyard makeover. Pioneer is your partner in outdoor living. Pioneer Landscaping Centerss provides customized landscaping and hardscaping solutions to meet your specific needs and expectations. Our landscape center in Black Forest, CO is the go-to place for buying the finest landscaping materials and equipment.

Our Colorado Landscape Photography

Colorado encompasses most of the Southern Rocky Mountains as well as the northeastern part of the Colorado Plateau and the western side of the Great Plains. We use cookies for analytics tracking and advertising from our partners. For more information read our privacy policy. Trending Videos View All Videos. Sponsored Columbia and Matador present: The Cold vs. Gold Challenge Nov 22,

Landscapes of Colorado features the efforts of artists who have used the state's natural beauty as inspirations for their paintings and photographs.

Landscape FX is Your Leading Colorado Springs Landscape Design and Installation Firm

We integrate landscape design, construction, and landscape maintenance to develop complete environments that fulfill the client's dreams, without compromising the details of proper care. The planning and design of any project is an exciting endeavor for us at Designscapes Colorado. We were away and had no idea there was a problem. Somehow Johnny found our home phone number and left a voice message about the leak, his phone number and alerted us that he had shut off the main irrigation system valve.

Jane Silverstein Ries (1909-2005): Retrospective of a Colorado Landscape Architect

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This thirteen-acre business park encompassing a city block on the east side of town was completed in as Colorado Place North, the first phase of a acre mixed use development designed by Welton Becket Associates. The plaza included a courtyard atrium which filtered light below ground, bermed lawns, and dense groves of ficus trees that screened the complex from the urban surrounds. After acquiring the renamed Colorado Center, Tishman Speyer retained landscape architect Pamela Burton in to rejuvenate five acres within the complex. Burton replaced the existing plant palette with drought-resistant plants irrigated by a recycled water system while strategically placing deciduous trees to shade the buildings. The grading and peripheral planting was altered to make the complex more visible from the street, and an existing two acre lawn was planted with California sycamores and lined with beds of flowering Mediterranean shrubs. The corporate campus is connected by a series of garden rooms with water features and landscaped pedestrian walks.

Colorado No.

Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau

You are here Home. Animas River and Abandoned Buildings. Animas River in San Juan Mountains. Town of Silverton. The Upper Animas River Canyon bears the legacy of the longest hard-rock mining operations in southwestern Colorado.

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Over such vast spans of time, the landscape and the creatures that inhabit our world can change dramatically, thanks to variations in climate and the forces of plate tectonics. The excellent exposures of rock—and their fossil treasure troves—found across the Front Range have provided clues that have enabled geologists to reconstruct what the region looked like in the past. The series begins million years ago, when an ancient mountain range, known as the Ancestral Rockies, stretched from the center of the state to present-day Arkansas.

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