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published:28 Jan 2017



WOMEN OF THE GODS - (Film 1 of 10) IOT - Anthropology, Archaeology, Mythology and Ritual Of The Gods And Mythology of Humans

This is only the first of 10 feature length documentaries about real people. Here we look at what Ancient Egypt was really like!

published: 05 Jul 2015


Gianna Michaels on the MET vs. CREEPY SCHOOLS

This video gets you pumped to go back to school and the kinds of foods you should be eating to keep your immune system pumping! It’s not about sitting in class and listening to terrible instructors! It’s not even about awful classes that you’ve never even been able to get into! It’s all about hanging with cool people, making new friends and finding new activities you love! So pull up a chair and settle in!


But DO, follow them here so you can see their new videos &, pics when they're done filming:

Here are the ones you should watch:

-Pokemon is the only character with an almanac system, it's one of the first games where you would have to know what stats to use and when (depending on the Pokemon's attack/defence) in order to reach a certain level.

-Pokemon's early games were extremely characterful, you'd have a small story of your characters starting life together, and getting out into the world together, before heading into a battle together. It was as if there was a hidden mini-story behind your other mini-stories.

-Of all the games, the first generation had the most memorable battles, going through the whole game and learning about their weaknesses, knowing which moves worked well together, and knowing what they could beat the best move you knew for sure they had.

-Many people, including the author, have argued that this is what makes Pokemon games so endearing to so many people, of all ages. It's kind of like the old Mario games, but much better and more engaging.

-Pokemon games made a name for themselves in the mobile industry, since they were very action-oriented.

-Black and White made an awesome demo, you can get a taste of what they'll be like with the 3DS remake (if you don't have a 3DS, just play the demo).

-Pokemon games have made a name for themselves around the world, after the originals and remakes, Pokemon games are the most popular video games in Japan.

-Because of Pokemon being such a huge part of Japanese culture, more foreign countries are starting to make remakes of the series for their own local audiences, even though it's not a big deal to most people in those countries, even if you don't know the Japanese names for the creatures.

-The majority of people know all the Pokemon. They are one of the most recognized and well-known brands around the world.

-Everybody knows this. It's not just the company's main focus. It's a franchise that just keeps on giving, even when it has had only one game every year for 15 years. It still gets a good response, it's just not as good a response as it once was.

-There's always going to be a new generation of Pokemon. With the third coming out in late 2013, there are many Pokemon coming out over the next three years. We've never seen that much activity from the Pokemon company in that time period.

-We're also going to have lots of new Pokemon during that time, which has been on hiatus for a while. That's been on hiatus, and it's coming back. They're going to have a lot of interesting Pokemon that are sure to be great Pokemon for the third generation.

-The whole Pokemon thing makes a lot of people popular, this brings in new players who will want to try out Pokemon. It's kind of like Nintendo's Wii system. You can play Mario games, but you don't have to play them to enjoy the experience of the company itself.

-A lot of the newer games just make people interested in Pokemon. They're so appealing, and people are constantly intrigued by Pokemon as characters and as a new franchise.

-They always bring a lot of new people into the franchise, people who don't even know the previous games.

-It has a lot of potential for being a huge franchise in the world.

-These games are all going to come with a 3D component. They're already giving out the Wii U models. People that get one of the 3DSs might have a 3D TV in the near future.

-They're really excited about the 3D gaming concept, because that's something people have missed out on in the last generation of video games.

-Pokemon GO is an interesting game for the company. It combines their entire experience with the video games, and is such a different concept that they're already trying to plan what they're going to do for the mobile version of the game.

-People have been using their phones and tablets to play a game, which can be an entirely different form than what they're used to.

-Niantic has created a new concept for what a game can be on mobile devices, it's interesting to see what they'll do with this new concept.

-They've always had a good reputation for creating games that are so characterful.

-They have created a new kind of game that's going to be popular.

-The Pokemon company has had a lot of support from other companies, but they have also been independent. They've always been a pretty separate entity.

-Pokemon games are so beloved that they still even carry a lot of weight within the company itself, since the characters are a big part of their corporate culture.

-Pokemon characters are very cute, cuddly animals, and you get the feeling that they

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