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We deliver plants fresh from the greenhouse to your door, with all the information you need to care for your plants post-purchase. Bringing nature into your home or office is a click away. F resh from the greenhouse. We deliver quality plants from SA's award-winning plant breeders, with over years of experience. Fuss-fee returns.

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We love our succulents! Add indoor plants to every room with our diverse and forgiving succulents. We have many rare types and some unique colors — get one or add several to a container. Create a relaxing space by adding large statement foliage plants to a room or office area. We have options for low light and bright windows.

You can breathe easy when you have your own large, zero-noise air purifier. Tillandsia are unique soil-less plants and love humidity and thrive when exposed to steam. Be creative and mount them on wood or suspend them in glass. We have many colorful and rare types. Hibiscus, jasmine, citrus and more — add a piece of paradise to your summer patio.

These tropicals bloom all summer long, have fragrance for days, and some produce fruit. Come and explore the sweet scent of summer! Cacti are a fantastic addition to a plant collection, adding texture and structure. They are easy to care for by the beginner gardener! We have single cacti plants or containers with several types.

There are many varieties of these sweet plants to give you reliable blooms for a long time. Did you know — they are succulents! We have a year-round selection of orchids.

Ask our indoor experts for care tips. Each orchid flower is unique. Perfect gifts any time of year! Set up your terrarium as a mini hanging garden! Create an entire peaceful landscape in one place to enjoy all year long. We have all the supplies you need — from sand and moss to mini plants and glass containers.

Sign up for our newsletter to stay in-the-know about our upcoming sales and exclusive shopping events. Login or Register MyPlants. Indoor Plants. Refresh Your Space Whether your lighting is on the down low, or your interior is bathed in sunny rays, we have hundreds of cool new indoor plants, big and small, that would love to go home with you!

We carry the largest selection of houseplants in Western Washington. Woodinville, WAStay in Touch Sign up for our newsletter to stay in-the-know about our upcoming sales and exclusive shopping events.

The Best Places to Buy Plants Online for Any Occasion

Choose from specialty baskets and green plants that will liven up any space. Browse indoor pots , containers, and stands to creatively display your favorite green and blooming beauties. At Bachman's, you'll find all the tools , equipment, and decorative accents you need to cultivate an indoor oasis. Learn from the experts at Bachman's on how to troubleshoot plant problems; choose the best fertilizers and water, trim, and repot your plants like a pro. Unique Gifts and Plant Accessories Explore Bachman's selection of custom-designed miniature gardens, terrariums , specialty planters , and baskets to brighten up your own home or to send as a special gift. Our wide selection of blooming plants and European baskets are available for nationwide delivery , so you can show someone you care from anywhere in the country.

Buying Plants online at Plantsome. Here at Plantsome, we try to take the hassle out of buying a plant online. We bring you the perfect plant that's right for.

Indoor plants

Plants for your Business Easy care plants ready potted for any space. Who do we supply? From plant installations to a single tree, we work with you to transform your business. We specialise exclusively in quality houseplants for the home and office. Because we specialise solely in house plants, we offer quality and value you will not find anywhere else in the UK. We are passionate about exotic indoor plants, we know them and always endeavour to precondition them so that you do not have many of the problems so often associated with indoor plants. Its here again! Lots of great Houseplants with big discounts.

How to keep your indoor plants alive

Kathy, Massapequa, NY. Want to feel better? Invest in houseplants! Our buying team travels the country to find beautiful plants, chosen specifically for our discerning customers. Whether your thumb is green or black, we have the plants that are perfect for your lifestyle.

Indoor Plants are more popular than ever these days.

Indoor Plants

One false purchase and you can wind up with the biggest design faux pas: a corner of parched plants. Plus, the thought of spending hours at your local nursery can seem less than exhilarating. While larger retailers like Amazon and Home Depot offer everything from potted trees to succulents, the smaller businesses featured here offer an ultracurated selection to give your interior a unique touch. Case in point: its basil offering , which grows inside a teal jar. While ModSprout might be known for its impressive herb collection, the brand has also expanded into plants and produce.

31 Best Large Indoor Plants | Tall Houseplants for Home & Offices

Breathe life into your office or business with plants. We consult, design, maintain and replace plants in offices and businesses! Our last shipping date will be Thurs 23rd Dec. Choose Express Delivery during checkout. We cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas due to network delays. We return Jan 4th. Indoor Plants. Shop Plants.

Love Plants? Here are 9 of the Best Places to Buy Houseplants Online · 1. Bloomscape · 2. Fat Plants San Diego · 3. The Sill · 4. Terrain by.

Potted plant hire

Our Crowd-pleasing plants are perfect choice for an instant-love gift. You can't go wrong with one of these! Looking for a cute and easy gift that fits in with your budget?

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From feathery ferns to spiky succulents and all the leaf varieties in between, house plants can help turn your house into a home. Even outside plants make your space feel more personal and lively. Bring home some character, big or small, with our plants and pots. Any space can become your new favourite spot by adding some blooming flowers. Learn more about great house plants for either indoor or outdoor use in the guide below. House plants are a great way to add colour and vitality to your home.

We love our succulents!

Easy to set up and use. As always, plant is gorgeous and in great condition. The attached instruction sheets are invaluable in caring for my plants. I have bought multiple plants over the last 10 years from My City Plants and have not been disappointed. I finally learned how to care for my plants properly and they are thriving in my apartment. They arrived securely packed with nice tissue paper and care instructions for each plant. It was a cryptocurrency event so money trees seemed fitting and the potted trees will live much longer than cut than flowers and are also easy to care for.

When plant stores were forced to close in March because of the coronavirus, many had to get creative so that they could accommodate the soaring demand for plants as people sheltered at home. For plant lovers who view nursery visits as therapy, it was a major loss. Is your Calathea roseopicta being finicky? Hank Jenkins of the Plant Provacateur has been known to counsel clients after they have purchased a plant from him.

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