Horticulture seminars 2017

Horticulture seminars 2017

The next Horticulture Seminar in St. Paul is this coming Tuesday, July 18.

The lecture is at the Minnesota History Center, 1833 E. 26th St. Seating begins at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 for HSTP members and $15 for non-members.

Dairy goats have an interesting life. You can read about what they’re like in “Goats!” by Steve Henson. He has also written “The Dairy Goat Experience”, which we recommend to students. There are a lot of questions about goats that make for good classroom discussions.

For those who live outside of the metro, a very interesting documentary on small farming can be seen at the Brainerd Public Library. It is called “Farm Country: Real Stories from the Small Farm Movement.”

The seminar is part of the St. Paul School’s annual summer program. The program was launched in 1995 as a way for city students to experience rural life. It draws mostly middle and high school students from the metro.

It is being taught by St. Paul School teachers who live on the farm. They have experience both in rural and urban life, and can share that experience in their classes. The school has a curriculum of topics the students will study. For this seminar, they are on the topics of animals and their care, and vegetable gardening. We hope that it is a pleasant and educational way to spend the summer.

This is a program that you can easily use with your kids or students. We always say to be careful about introducing animals to kids — animals can be unpredictable. On the other hand, teaching kids about the environment is a good thing. Children have a tremendous curiosity about the world around them, and we should be encouraging that.

It was a quiet week here at the farm, with very little rain. However, I did have some time to read and write. I was asked to sit on a committee to create a book about the farm’s past. The book will give a brief history of the farm, beginning with our ownership by the original Thune family. It was owned by many different families, and through the years it was a dairy farm and a family farm with horses, pigs and chickens.

The book will be published by a local farmer, who has worked with us for a few years. He has a publishing company, and will collect the stories of the people who had worked on the farm and also some interesting stories about farm life. He is a friendly guy, and we are all looking forward to the book.

I went back to the computer to write some articles for the local online newspaper, and also went over the draft of my novel. The novel is going well, but I have to work on the beginning. It is a great privilege to write and to be a part of the world I write in. I love this world, even if I do get sick of seeing the same view every day.

The sky is blue and the temperature is not cold, but the wind is cold. My friend’s cat, Zsa, needs a new home. She is an adorable little girl with black fur, and loves to play. She has been in our barn for a couple of months, and has become a part of the family.

Her first family was destroyed in a house fire. My friend and her husband are moving back to Winnipeg and she cannot take her cat with her. Her husband is a truck driver, and will not have time to take care of a cat, but she wants me to take Zsa to my home. She did say that they can ship her for free. We have not talked about where I live, but I hope it will be okay.

Of course I can not do it without your permission, and I hope to bring her here in two weeks. I have not contacted her husband or anyone else yet. I hope they will accept her.

The book is going well. I am currently reading some of it to make sure it is okay before sending it to my editor. I will send the manuscript to him in a couple of days.

The writing has gone really well. I wish I could say that is the worst it will get.

I think it has been about a week and a half since my last entry. Well, I have been busy writing some articles and finishing up my first chapter.

The only thing I have been working on is writing. I have some writing deadlines looming, so I am rushing to finish before then. I hope to get a little bit of rest when I get home to Winnipeg, but we will see.

The weather has been nice, not too cold, not too hot. When I take the dog out for a walk I wish I had shorts on. The dog doesn't mind walking. Sometimes she goes on walk ahead, sometimes she runs. I just let her go where she wants. She isn't the most obedient dog, but I really love her. She has helped me find peace.

My first chapter is almost done. The rest of the book will be a little bit more long winded. I will have a lot more explaining to do, and my story will be a little bit more detailed.

There is one thing that has been bothering me while I write. I am writing what seems like a rather simple story. My characters aren't going to be superheroes, they are just ordinary people trying to overcome adversity. What will be the point of me writing this story? What do I have to write about that I can not write about myself? It is just my life story in the form of fiction.

Today I worked on the final chapters of my novel. I finished the first chapter last week. I was supposed to write this chapter last week, but my family has been under the weather. My sister has been sick with a cough, my brother-in-law has had flu like symptoms, my mother and sister have a touch of the common cold, and I have had a bit of a cold. They have all spent lots of time in bed. If they didn't get better sooner, I would have started writing this chapter. I am just a few sentences from writing it now. I had planned to finish this chapter last night.

I do not want my characters to be superheroes. I feel I have been to where they can go. That is why I decided to write about my characters. I do not want to be an author who writes about super heroes. I have seen so many movies about them. I just want to write a real story about a real person in this world. I have seen and heard of so many people who have had to deal with such adversity, and I want to tell their story in a way they can understand. This story will be in the first

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