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Ficus forever, a series of beautiful weeping figs The Ficus Forever series is a collection of magnificent indoor plants from the Ficus benjamina species. Its beauty lets it deserve the greatest care that can be provided. Chrysalidocarpus, advice and care Chrysalidocarpus is a very cute plant. How and when should it be repotted, watered and what diseases infect it?

  • 14 Colorful Indoor Houseplants That Will Brighten Up Your Home
  • 11 Fantastic Houseplants That Flower Indoors
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14 Colorful Indoor Houseplants That Will Brighten Up Your Home

These plants that will flower in winter are a great way to bring some life and colour into your home when icicles start to hang from the eaves. Published November 5 , Updated December 5,Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Green Living. December 5, Doug Murray. African Violet Saintpaulia. Native to tropical east Africa, they prefer bright but indirect light. In winter, a sunny east-facing window is the ideal place to keep them. African violets come in a variety of colours, such as purple, pink and white. Rieger Begonia.

They come in colours like pink, yellow, orange and even deep red. They like bright, indirect light and a bit of extra humidity during winter. Rieger begonias are a begonia hybrid bred specifically as winter flowering plants. Winter Jasmine Jasminum nudiflorum. The flowers range from white to bright yellow.

Winter Heath Erica carnea. Not even snow will deter them. Also called winter-flowering heather or alpine heath, the winter heath is native to the mountains of Central and Southern Europe. Cornelian Cherry Cornus mas. A bonus is that in fall, the Cornelian cherry produces tasty fruit. One of your best options for winter garden plants is the Cornelian cherry, a shrub or small tree in the dogwood family. Snowdrops Galanthus nivalis. However, you can plant the bulbs in your garden early in the fall and watch them flower in winter.

Native to Europe, snowdrops are often regarded as wildflowers in Canada. Oriental Paperbush Edgeworthia chrysantha. It prefers sunny spots and usually produces yellow flowers. However, you may be able to find red varieties too. One of the best winter plants for B. Amaryllis Amaryllis belladonna.

This makes it one of the most beautiful indoor plants to give as a gift for the holidays. You can even make it flower again by digging up the bulb after the flowers have faded, storing it for at least six weeks and then planting it again. The amaryllis is native to South Africa and from the end of December, it produces clusters of flowers, usually white or pink, on a leafless stem. Christmas Cactus Schlumbergera.

There are six species, all native to Brazil, where they tend to flower in May. They grow best in hanging baskets and are easy to care for. The Christmas cactus gets its name from the fact that it usually flowers only once a year, just around the time when Santa Claus is making his rounds. Lipstick Plant Aeschynanthus radicans. This plant is native to the Malay Peninsula and makes a great hanging plant. It needs humidity and lots of bright but indirect light. The lipstick plant usually blooms in late summer or fall but with a little luck, can also flower in winter.

When the lipstick plant starts to bloom, the red buds look like little tubes of lipstick: hence the name. Kalanchoe Kalanchoe sp. There are about species of this succulent and the flowers come in a wide variety of colours, including shades of red, pink, orange and yellow. They need full sun and normal room temperatures and are very easy to care for. Pronounced something like "kahlunkohee", the kalanchoe is native mainly to Madagascar and the tropical parts of Africa.

Impatiens Impatiens sp. Artificial light during this time will encourage them to bloom. Sometimes also called jewelweed, snapweed or touch-me-not, impatiens includes about a thousand species. Geranium Geranium sp. Most species are native to the Mediterranean, where they are ubiquitous growing in pots in windowsills.

Some species are more tolerant of Canadian winter conditions than others but most grow well when placed in full sunlight in south- or west-facing windows.

With over species, geraniums come in a wide variety of bright colours. Persian Cyclamen Cyclamen persicum. There are different varieties with flowers coming in shades of white, pink and red. Persian cyclamens grow best in sunny windows. Native to the Mediterranean, the Persian cyclamen is a cyclamen species that typically blooms in winter. Moth Orchids Phalaenopsis. There are around 60 species and numerous hybrids, so they come in a wide variety of colours.

Moth orchids prefer warmer temperatures and humid conditions and they can bloom for as many as six months at a time. Orchids are notoriously difficult to grow but moth orchids are among the easiest to care for. Flowering Maple Abutilon sp. Some hybrids of this bushy indoor plant bloom in the warmer months but there are also hybrids that bloom in winter.

They like bright light and come in colours like red, pink, orange and yellow. Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis. Depending on the cultivar, rosemary flowers can be white, pink, blue, lavender or even violet. Hawaiian Wedding Flower Stephanotis floribunda. The star-shaped white blooms have a fragrance not unlike that of jasmine.

Even though the plant typically flowers in summer, it can produce blooms in winter too if kept indoors in a sunny spot. String-of-Pearls Senecio rowleyanus. With proper care, it can bloom in winter, with its white flowers giving off a faint scent of cinnamon and cloves: perfect for cold weather!

One of the more unusual indoor plants to grow in a hanging basket is the string-of-pearls, also known as the string-of-beads. Poinsettia Euphorbia pulcherrima. The red bits are actually leaves while the flowers are the tiny yellow clusters in the middle. Poinsettia plants prefer bright, indirect light and are best kept away from drafts. The festive season would not be the same without bright red poinsettias adding colour to your holiday decorations.

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11 Fantastic Houseplants That Flower Indoors

These Anthurium care and growing tips will help you out. I first saw a picture of an Anthurium in a magazine when I was in my teens many moons ago way before the internet took over our lives! A few years later, when living in New York City, I walked into a bank and there was a huge flower arrangement full of them. I touched one of the waxy blooms and was in floral heaven. They grow outdoors in places with high humidity and mild winters like Hawaii, Florida, and in the tropical rainforests of South America and the Caribbean. There are many species and varieties of Anthuriums and these care tips apply to them all.

While there are thousands of plants that can be grown indoors, the ones that are waxy flowers in white, coral, pink, rose, or deep red with long.

10 Houseplants With Red Leaves

Regardless of if you are into gardening or not, bringing plants into the home has a way of freshening up your space. Luckily, there are several types of houseplants that can fill your home and require little work to keep them alive. Although taking the time to care for a plant can be super rewarding, we understand it's easy to forget to give your plant the TLC it needs. Plants like yucca, ponytail palm and jade love a sunny room while other species like pothos, prayer plants and dracaena prefer shadier areas. If you rather be on the safe side and are looking for a zero-maintenance plant, then artificial plants are for you. However, if you want to give live plants a go, scroll through our list for the best houseplants! The paddle plant is a bold succulent that has big, round leaves with pink tips.

Five Flowering Indoor Plants

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15 Impressive Red Indoor Plants | Houseplants with Red Leaves

If you love the color red, there are many different houseplants with bright red leaves that you can add to your indoor garden. This post about houseplants with red leaves contains affiliate links. Please read the disclosure for more info. Coleus has colorful foliage in a range of colors including some beautiful shades of red. There are many different varieties of Coleus including upright and trailing varieties that look great in hanging baskets.

Indoor christmas plant

Caring, propagation, descriptions and other information for each species is provided. Types include foliage, flowering, succulents and cacti. Roseopicta, C. Zebrina, C. Crocata, C. Makoyana, C Lancifolia and others.

Striking red veins against soft, dark green leaves make the Red Prayer plant an aesthete's dream, and its low upkeep makes it perfect for.

Indoor Plants

From feathery ferns to spiky succulents and all the leaf varieties in between, indoor house plants can help turn your house into a home. Even outside plants make your space feel more personal and lively. Bring home some character, big or small, with our plants and pots. Science says they boost well-being, reduce stress and help with creativity.

Think about the environment in your home — light, humidity, window location, temperature, etc. One of the most popular indoor flowers, African Violet is native to the coastal woods of Africa. It thrives if given enough light and humidity. Upkeep includes regular watering to keep the soil moist and feeding about once a month with a good quality fertilizer. Easy houseplants for beginners, begonias are available in a range of different species. Many of them tolerate low light and are rarely affected by pests or disease.

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