Window plant shelf indoor kitchen

Window plant shelf indoor kitchen ideas

when was the last time you really looked at your indoor kitchen? Maybe your garden’s in bloom and your patio is sprouting weeds so it’s not something that is priority. But in the house it can actually get cold during the winter and plants need water and nutrients to stay healthy. They need fertilizer but you usually don’t have to fertilize indoor plants. With the right care, plants like small garden shelves and hanging planters will stay healthy and grow in your home.

How do I go about making this indoor kitchen? The first thing I want to do is come up with an idea. There are a lot of designs for garden shelves and hanging plants that can grow in your indoor kitchen. But making one is only half the battle. I’m going to suggest a few options and you can decide on one or go with one of your own.

From kitchen shelves to hanging planters

Bamboo and cork look great but they can be somewhat delicate and a bit difficult to maintain. On the other hand hanging and planters are easy and cheap to maintain but are very difficult to keep looking good. We can however look at both side by side and find what we want.

This is the entry way to our house and I wanted to use some of the time and money I’ve spent on landscape work to create a display that’s unique to our home and is ready for summer. I want to put some nice plants that I can enjoy in here and the bamboo planter was the perfect spot to start.

My kitchen plants are probably the most neglected in our home so I decided to add some natural verticality and color.

I started with a bamboo planting shelf about 2″ above the ground and then placed some luffa coreopsis.

A plant that is available in lots of places and is an inexpensive decorative plant for the house. It looks good and is easy to look after. It’s going to be getting lots of sun and I won’t need to water it too often.

I like the visual break of adding the plants into the bamboo. It looks pretty with just a few and the fish in the bamboo draw my eye to the side of the shelf.

I’m not the type of person that says I’m going to plant this and that’s the way it’s going to be. My husband and I live together and make decisions together. I was the one to create this garden shelf in the first place and he helped me realize it could be such a pretty addition.

I had ideas in mind when I put the hanging basket together. I was inspired by Pinterest and wanted something on the inside and outside of my house. I know that every plant is not going to look right when it grows together. I made this one center piece to hang from a shelf and put others here and there.

I decided that I’m going to do something out of my box and start adding color to my kitchen. If I’m keeping a pretty house this year, then I’m going to make it pretty.

I realized I had some grass, a moss and some rocks in my garden and took some of them home.

I gave them a good dusting and put some of them in the middle of the kitchen. They’ll be a nice, sunny spot for some lush green.

I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up some moss, some soil and a long piece of moss for the railing around the front porch.

I stuck the moss in a bucket of water and added soil and let it sit.

We only have room for one a small garden so I wanted to make sure that any greenery is well taken care of.

I’m not ready to plant so I still have to figure out a way to take care of all my beautiful collection of glass containers and pots. With the micro nutrient fertilizers that are available you can have flowers in the house all winter long without needing to water. You can even turn the water off for a month and still have your plants and you don’t need to use a hose. You’ll have to work on your gardening abilities and learn about the soil in the pots. I’ll make some posts in the future on growing indoor plants.

Our area has a short growing season so I’m planning on having some of my annuals and perennials outside and putting the rest on this small garden shelf. I’m going to look for green colored pots. There are some very pretty small green plants available at Home Depot.

I’ve added some bright flowers and the green pots and a bird feeder, and a song sparrow in the back yard should be happy to find the new snack.

There are so many places in the house to display plants. We’ve got an addition on the outside of our home. I was able to add another addition and came up with this idea for the indoor kitchen.

Plants are great, but the whole idea of plants inside of the house is because they can be kept all winter. You won’t need to water them and they’ll look great during the winter months. We have a large front porch and the view is really nice, and here I’ve placed some plants that will keep the cold out and allow some fresh air inside.

I used a round cork and mounted it with acrylic glue. It makes it easy to replace in the future if I need to.

It will make it easy to bring in the fresh air during the summer. I did notice a few cracks when I did the glue-up, so I’ll be watching it over the summer.

I don’t have a large window in the kitchen so this is an outside idea for the kitchen.

One of the great things about this idea is that you can put up what you like. I have collected some interesting plants. I don’t like the look of bamboo so I’m not hanging up any bamboo. It

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