Is pothos a good indoor plant

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Is pothos a good indoor plant?

Pothos as an indoor plant is quite an appropriate topic of discussion. It is a perennial plant, the stem is usually about 3 feet tall. You may call it vine or epiphyte or semi-succulent. It belongs to the family Aroid. It is common to see pothos as a houseplants and garden plant.

This article will help you understand whether pothos is an ideal houseplant or not.

What is Pothos?

This plant comes from the word “Pot”. “Pot” is the container in which you grow Pothos. It’s an epiphyte that grows on tree branches, water spouts, and the walls of large houses. It can grow as big as six feet tall and seven feet wide.

With their flexible stem and succulent green leaves, Pothos have gained more popularity due to their attractive appearance and ability to withstand all types of growing conditions.

Healthy and living pothos is the only one of its kind. It is a thick, woody, fleshy vine, typically hanging off a tree or other larger structure. While the leaves may look hairy, they are actually hairless and have a soft texture, which helps them grip the branch.

Like other Succulents, Pothos takes up a lot of space, can get quite large, and take quite a long time to grow. After its first year, it’s likely that the plants are going to grow two or more feet in length. Pothos is hardy and can withstand cold temperatures, but requires direct sunlight and must not be left inside for long periods. It will not survive in windy conditions.

The plant flowers in May and may bloom year after year.

The foliage is covered in blue or purple and violet hues, and each of the leaves will be similar in color, even though they will look different from each other. The spines will be mostly invisible and thick with veins. The soil inside this plant’s pot is like an appetizer, and you must ensure that the roots do not dry up and die due to it. It needs water, sun, and humidity in the air, just like any other plant.

You will be assured of the longevity of this plant if you have an ideal temperature range in your house. The ideal temperature for pothos is 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit, but it will tolerate temperatures down to 40-70 degrees Fahrenheit. The shade level of your house must be five-six feet from the plants, otherwise, they can die.

Once you have chosen pothos as an indoor houseplant, you have to let it grow for a few years until it starts showing signs of life.

So, you think you can provide ideal conditions for pothos? Go ahead and let your plants grow to a big size. Pothos’ roots grow quite long, and they may or may not be able to get out of your garden. Once you keep them inside, the roots are going to grow outside the pot.

You must ensure that you do not over water your pothos. In order to know what’s the ideal level of water for pothos, you can find it out by using the weight of the pot. You can use a simple scale to weigh the container. Every time you water your plants, make sure to do it properly. When it comes to how many times you have to water pothos, you will need to keep them in a moist environment, but you will have to stop watering as soon as the soil dries out completely.

How to Grow Pothos as a Houseplant?

When you want to purchase pothos as a houseplant, the following are the things that you need to consider:

Caring for pothos is similar to other houseplants. As a matter of fact, they are not significantly different from other houseplants. Here are some guidelines for you:

Water Pothos when the air is dry and the temperature is still. When it is hot, the air in your house is usually humid. If you want to ensure that your pothos stays healthier and lives longer, then do not overwater your pothos. Be sure to water it only when you see the soil completely dry. Pothos loves humid environments, so the air should stay slightly moist. Keep your soil moderately moist. If you water your pothos a lot, you will end up getting more roots than you want.

Plants that grow too fast will end up in your house. You have to grow your pothos slowly in order to ensure that it grows to a healthy size. Start with the correct pot size, and ensure that you do not leave them inside for long periods. You will not be able to do anything else to this plant

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