Landscaping windsor

Landscaping windsor castle: Southport, Queensland

Landscaping windsor castle: Southport, Queensland

Published on June 7, 2017 by Jenni North

What better way to kick off the Great Weekend than with something beautiful.

Welcome to Southport!

Local Floral Garden – West Park


Southport is one of the best known Victorian coastal holiday resorts on the Great Barrier Reef. It’s an easy drive from Cairns, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Southport is home to an amazing diversity of flora, with more than 25,000 residents, 2 beaches, 4 public parks, 2 private beaches, 7 schools and 16 kindergartens, 9 churches, 24 daycare centres, a secret beach, a convent and a famous cove.

A Victorian era seaside village, with gorgeous architecture, palm trees and heritage listed buildings dating from the 1880s.

This post is about creating a unique and amazing Southport landscape!

My travels took me to the lovely Victorian seaside resort of Southport, south of Brisbane. It has great beaches, great bushland, parks and historic buildings, not to mention a gorgeous climate.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park extends along Southport’s coastline for 60 kilometres, running from just south of the township and bordering Watson Bay to Cooktown. This is one of the most beautiful reefs on the planet, as it continues to be threatened by the climate crisis.

It’s home to some amazing marine life and is a World Heritage area. Southport is Australia’s premier location for scuba diving and is close to a number of amazing dive sites.

I spent a few weeks exploring the area with my camera, discovering the best locations for landscape photographs. I wanted to capture the culture, architecture and unique character of this beautiful town and offer visitors an idea of what they could create.

Landscaping windsor castle: Southport, Queensland

Time to pick up the camera!

The journey began on a balmy spring morning at 6:30am with the sun’s first rays playing on the most famous icon in the whole of Queensland, the giant white turquoise bell of the Leichhardt bell. It rings and there’s no one around at the time except a few cockatoos on the cliffs.

When I arrived in town I heard the sound of construction and saw numerous builders and bricklayers working on the houses in the beachfront area. This was to be expected in a construction hub as in every destination!

I drove to Park Road and saw rows of spectacular Victorian buildings, all very picturesque. It’s a great area to visit for urban exploration.

I drove past 3 churches, 3 public parks and the convent, one of the more interesting Victorian buildings. It’s a fascinating old building, particularly with the proximity of this amazing sanctuary.

Next up was the famous Southport Lawler Drive. I followed the signs to walk the road but could not get in, because the sign was switched around.

Landscaping windsor castle: Southport, Queensland

Time to explore!

My camera was in my backpack and I put my trust in Google and it worked out I was in the right place!

While walking down the streets I saw beautiful old buildings in various states of renovation.

Time to explore the beautiful street art and to see all the local character. I was delighted by the local markets, they are a great place to discover the local culture.

There’s also many beautiful unique details, for example the antique shops, seafood cafes and patisserie.

I had breakfast at the familiar and beautiful restaurant at Garden City Beach. This is a great place to relax in the morning.

As the sun rose it became extremely hot and humid. This was welcome and fresh, because as a native North American I was used to cooler and less humid weather.

The pristine blue ocean beaches and clear blue skies were an inspiration to take a swim. I also started documenting what I saw.

My visit began with a beautiful walk along the breathtaking coastal walking track and through the maritime forest, which continues all the way through to the bush

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