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  • These are our 20 favorite places to shop for houseplants in L.A.
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Rainforest Flora, Inc.

One of the hassles of potted plants is the need to repot them, which can lead to gardeners needing to get more planters. A good planter can last quite a while, and the ideal planter is one that is cute, stylish, or otherwise matches your general aesthetic.

While there are plenty of great options out there to get your planters from, some of the best planters are tucked away in smaller, indie shops.

The three Los Angeles-based ceramic artists we have for you today are a great place to start! The artist, Carrie Lau, grew up in Hong Kong, where she worked with a fashion magazine. She moved to LA in to study graphic design, and, although she shifted her focus to ceramics shortly after, the graphic design influence and talent is still fully on display.

Her designs are fun, but simple in a way that will blend with any existing aesthetic your garden has. Additionally, each piece is handmade, so you can be sure your planter, mug, or bowl is totally unique. This planter is perfect for any windowsill, desk, or other area where you want maximum cuteness with minimal space. It has a white base, is covered in multicolored dots, and stands between 5.

Something that really sets this planter apart is its shape. The cactus planter, true to its name, is cactus shaped, with several semicircles to represent the bumps and spines of a cactus. Our next ceramic store is btw ceramics, which was originally founded in Brooklyn before coming to Los Angeles.

The artist and designer is Brooke T. Winfrey, and her style is impeccable. Every piece in her shop is handmade, hand-thrown, and hand-painted, with an emphasis on the small details and irregularities that make each piece unique. The minimalist style of her ceramic art draws attention to these differences instead of hiding them away, as if the planter you get was made just for you.

The name originally referred to the two owners and artists, Hana and Joanna. Hana has a sweet, whimsical style that can liven up any room in your home.

Many of her mugs, bowls, and planters take the form of characters or people that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Of course our favorite planter has to be Fufu. This cute little planter stands at 6 inches tall and 5.

Fufu is a white, dog-like character, with attached ears and nose and hand painted eyes, mouth, and freckles. The base of these planters is a red dome, which is ideal for hiding a small dish or bowl to catch water as it drains from the soil. In fact, it even comes with a biodegradable dish for just that purpose. Any planter from these amazing artists would make a great addition to your home or garden, no matter what plant you choose to grow in them.

Explore their websites to learn more of the interesting history these ceramic artists and their studios have. Why stop there? Take a look around your own hometown and see what indie artists you can support locally! Who knows, you might end up discovering the next big trend just a few streets over. Our favorite planter: Double Sprinkle Cactus Planter This planter is perfect for any windowsill, desk, or other area where you want maximum cuteness with minimal space.

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What we know.

3 Los Angeles-based ceramic artists to buy stylish planters from

Come visit our store in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles. Potted is more than a plant store. We are your one stop shop for backyard bliss. Looking to freshen up a Patio or Balcony? Questions about Houseplant Placement? Need ideas for the Holidays? You've been stuck in your house.

California Native and Regionally Appropriate Plants, Garden Tools and Art Objects of Consequence Shop is Open Tues through Sun

Aldik Home

For over 30 years, we have grown and sold the widest variety of carnivorous plants in the United States. Venus flytraps, American pitcher plants, sundews, butterworts, bladderworts, tropical pitcher plants and others - all commercially cultivated for either the curious beginner or the discriminating collector who wants the highest quality plants. We are closed to the public and our plants are only available online. Our youtube channel is filled with our pro-tips, most asked questions, exciting new plants and plant tours! Left Continue shopping Your Order. You have no items in your cart. You might like. MaxSea Fertilizer 4oz. CalCarn Sticker - 4pack Neon Color. Free Shipping on Seeds and T-shirts in the U.

The Life-Changing Benefits of Online Shopping for Indoor Plants

A trip to Trader Joe's always holds a fun surprise. Whether it's beauty products , adorable greeting cards , or monthly releases of new food items , there's always something exciting that the grocer has in store. One thing I look forward to most of all is its impressive plant selection. In addition to flowers , Trader Joe's also sells houseplants. While it's easy to skip over the leafy greens on a busy shopping day, you can typically spot them along the borders of the store or out front.

N ot long ago, the Los Angeles area was filled with specialty nurseries that grew nearly every kind of landscape plant imaginable — orchids, roses, cactus's. The rise in property values during the last few decades, however, has pushed growers, especially the smaller ones, to the fringes.

A Garden Shop Unlike Any Other

Quick delivery of your plants! Place your order today! Accent Background Foreground Middleground. Featured Attributes Featured Attributes. Drought Tolerant Drought Tolerant.

Best Garden Centers In Orange County

Just as spending money on the soundtrack is the easiest way to make a good movie great, quickly sprinkling green plants is the fastest way to make a nice living space feel special. Buying plants online can sound complicated, but the best online plant sellers pack and deliver down to science. And unless you have a really great botanical store and greenhouse in your area, online botanical stores offer the largest and best selection of large and small indoor plants that give your home or office a momentary atmosphere. You can scan an endless virtual garden of potted plants, ferns, retails, and flowers throughout the room. When buying plants on the web, you can choose between common or exotic plants, mini cacti and succulents, hanging plants, air plants, and large indoor floor plants that secure the entire room.

As one of the best indoor plants to grow, peace lilies don't require much sunlight or water to survive. The fragrant scent of this flower fills.


Welcome to Southern California's most responsive plant maintenance program. At Plant Republic Interior Plant Maintenance by expert and experienced plant technicians is our specialty. Just give us a call today and we will be demonstrate our expertise by a quick evaluation and a quick quote.

Online Plant Sources

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For everyone's safety, please do not enter or engage if you are experiencing symptoms of respiratory illness, including fever or cough. We offer a full range of landscape services to make your outdoor space a perfect blend between beauty and functionality. Let us customize our program to fit your landscaping needs. We have a year tradition of local, horticultural excellence so you can rest assured you've made the right chose with Armstrong Garden Centers.

Things were stressful for Lindsey Sezati before the coronavirus pandemic hit. She was juggling life as a college student while taking care of her two daughters, including a 7-month-old.

These are our 20 favorite places to shop for houseplants in L.A.

At Por La Mar Nursery, our mission is to cultivate health and happiness through American-grown plants. Sometimes you need a little help in finding the right plant for your space. Come explore our gallery of photos featuring a variety of species and spaces, from the bedroom to the boardroom. We truly believe that plants make lives better. Not only do plants help improve indoor air quality by creating fresh oxygen in your environment, but they also help reduce stress, boost productivity, and improve your mood.

City Plants offers free shade trees to plant in your yard, on private property, and in your parkway, that strip between the sidewalk and the street. If you live or own property in the City of LA, you are eligible to receive free trees from City Plants. If you live in the City of Los Angeles, you can receive free trees to plant in your yard!

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