How to grow and care for armeria plant

How to grow and care for armeria plant

Armeria, or Sea Moon, is a plant with a unique and easily recognizable shape. It is a salt loving herb, growing best in a container or hanging basket or mossy garden. It is a succulent herb, meaning it likes ample water and minimal nutrients. It is native to Australia and Mexico and is a decorative plant that many people have on their list of favorite houseplants. Armeria, also known as Sea Moon, has a unique shape and sturdiness. When grown indoors, this plant will not wilt and can be protected from the wind by a cup or saucer during the summer.

Buying and Storing

Armeria can be purchased at nurseries, garden centers, or online. It is a hardy plant that can handle a temperature range of 32 to 104 degrees. It is not sensitive to light exposure, so it is ideal for a window or under a light. It can also live for many years when given proper care. Growing an armeria plant requires little maintenance, and it will grow for many years without the need for expensive fertilizers or water treatments.

Growing Tips

If you are looking for the perfect houseplant, you will be pleased to know that there are no special care requirements for armeria. It is a cactus, so it can be watered sparingly. Most people will need to use a good quality houseplant fertilizer, such as the type used for larger potted plants, to encourage growth and add nutrients. Larger plants will need more nutrients than smaller ones. There is no need to mist your armeria plant, as this will encourage the growth of a thick and furry plant.

You may want to place your plant in full sun if you will be outside mostly during the summer. If you will be inside the majority of the time during the summer, you will want to place a light near your armeria plant into a shaded area of your home. It is a succulent, so it does not need much water. If your plant becomes thirsty during the summer, you can provide a cup of water near your plant for a few days at a time.

If you want to use armeria in your home all year long, you can provide it with a spot in the shade in the winter. They are a lot of fun when you have a good amount of sunlight in the summer and you are looking for something a little more interesting to look at. Most people will grow their armeria in a container that is at least eight inches deep. Choose a vessel that is at least four inches wider than the pot. If you will be hanging your armeria on a window or in a bright area, it will need high light levels. You will want to place it in a spot where it will receive 50-70% light during the day and then move it to a darker area when it begins to grow tall during the night. For a small plant, you will need to provide a larger pot than for a large plant. If you want to grow an armeria indoors, you will have to provide it with plenty of water and a spot where it can receive at least 50% light.


Armeria plants can be difficult to grow if you are not using the right type of fertilizer. You must use a fertilized houseplant fertilizer. You will need to provide a good quality fertilizer for your armeria every two weeks. You will need to use a fertilizer that is specifically designed for armeria and it should be organic. You will also want to use a fertilizer that is high in potassium and high in plant nutrients. There are many fertilizers on the market. When purchasing a fertilizer for an armeria, choose one that has plant food. Choose a fertilizer with 1/3 plant food and 2/3 your plant's specific fertilizer needs.

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