Garden flowers ih richmond

Garden flowers ih richmond?

“I want to ask if anyone has ever experienced rabbits burrowing under their flower bed near the front of your home? It sounds like they are digging up their flowers but when you go look they are almost hidden. Any idea why they would do that or what is causing them to dig?” – Angeline

You know the rabbits are doing it, that’s for sure! While the rabbits love to dig tunnels, they dig them to cover up their exits from their warrens. They do it to avoid predators, and to make their nests harder to find.

We don’t know that your front yard is under direct threat of a rabbit warren, or if your problem is a bunny issue, but if your rabbits do move through your yard and they dig up your plants, there may be an explanation.

If your yard and flowers are part of a city garden, and if your garden is fairly big, and if you don’t know about the rabbit warrens that are burrowing beneath the lawn, you may have rabbits burrowing in the yard for a perfectly good reason.

How can we tell if your flowers are in a rabbit warren?

If you look closely at your yard, you’ll see if there are little tunnels forming among your plants. These can be as tall as the plants themselves. Often the tunnels are at ground level.

Achoo! – Rabbit nesting tunnels (Can you tell what they are from the picture above? Unless you’re a plant, you can’t.)

Why do rabbits burrow tunnels?

Rabbits are diurnal rodents and much of their life is spent on the ground. They have to go somewhere to sleep during the day, and they also like to come to ground level to eat, drink, and rest.

During the day, a rabbit uses the tunnels to move between the warren, the grassy edges of the yard, the garden, and any structure.

Do you have chickens, dogs, cats, or horses that chase rabbits in your yard? This is the fastest way to figure out if the tunnels are for rabbits.

Why do rabbits burrow in gardens?

There are two likely reasons your garden is a bunny warren. First, the rabbit is the natural predator of your garden, so they seek out any food they can find in your yard and garden. They may dig and rip it out, or they may cover it up so the coyotes or foxes won’t find it.

The second reason is to stay safe. They need to be able to get away, so burrowing is an easy way to do it. When they’re in their warren, they can snooze and watch out for predators.

If the rabbit tunnel isn’t intended for plants, what are they likely to use it for?

This tunnel is used by a rabbit to access the warren. From left to right: a mound of gravel that was dug out to use as a burrow, rabbit poop, rabbit droppings, rabbit urine, a plant on the edge of the lawn.

Warm weather is coming! If you have a garden or landscape, consider planting these safe-to-eat plants that are good for rabbit gardens!

For safety from predators, as well as to store important food and other supplies in a safe place, rabbits like to have a warren in your yard.

You may not be as concerned with bunny gardens, but if you know they’re up there, be on the lookout for them! If you have rabbits in your yard, don’t be afraid to ask questions and bring some of the plants to your local PetSmart. Talk with your local vet and ask if they can put them on the watch list of things they can test for.

Can they solve it? You’ll find out!

Do the rabbits need to come out and eat?

It depends on the time of year and the species of rabbit. For the most part, rabbits need to eat every day to be healthy.

Bunnies in the wild don’t tend to dig their own gardens, so finding a suitable shelter is one of the first things they do. If your yard is under a porch or a deck, they have several options.

Rabbits love to sleep in the early morning hours, when the sun’s out but it’s not too hot, and some burrow right under the deck. This is the perfect spot to stay out of sight from predators, as well as a great place to build your garden.

But if your yard has a yard to the side and some of the plants are growing on top of the shelter you build, don’t worry, your rabbit is safe from predators, as well as from the wind and rain, which are the primary enemies of your plants.

You can also help them hide by covering up your yard with bales of hay, straw, or mulch, which makes it easy for them to hide and get to their dinner.

(Most rabbits will not eat hay, as it isn’t their favorite food, but they love mulch and straw, as well as the insects they find in it. The more dirt in the lawn, the better.)

But do they need to come out to eat every day?

Rabbits need to eat once every day or every other day.

Most people would think, well, I’ll be there to feed them, right? That’s not a realistic situation for most people. If you have young bunnies, you may need to help them find their way into the yard to eat, but that’s a whole different ball of wax.

What can I do to help them out?

If you’re caring for a bunny that’s expecting kits or young rabbits, you’ll need to help them feed the bunnies and babies every day.

If your rabbit is an experienced burrower

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