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Having had 30 years plus in the kiwifruit industry I can assure you that the years spin around faster and faster. By the time this article is in print, most of the kiwifruit crop will be tucked into coolstore awaiting shipment to markets far away. It is time to winter prune again!! In this article I review some of the science on how kiwifruit vines respond to the winter pruning, consider the season and the impact this may have on the job you have to get done and also touch on the task from an organic perspective. While it is easy to consider the winter pruning job as the start of the new season in a lineal stop:start fashion. I find it more useful to consider canopy management as a circular process.

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  • Bud endodormancy in deciduous fruit trees: advances and prospects
  • Horticulture and viticulture
  • Effect of forcing at different times on bud burst, ƒPowering
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Tamarillo plant named 'Sweeten'. Publication number:Abstract: A new and distinct tamarillo variety is described. The variety results from selection among a population of seedlings derived from hybridization among red, amber, and yellow-fruited tamarillo selections. This new variety is characterized by bright red skin color and sweet flavor. Type: Application.

Filed: September 9,Publication date: March 11,Inventor: Greg Pringle. Preservation of produce. Patent number:Abstract: Food safety and longevity of still respiring fruit or vegetable pieces are enhanced reliant on a treatment process where the cut surfaces preferably cleaned of cell debrit are subjected to both UV light irradiation and heating so as, in concert, render the surfaces more sterile.

The heating also has the effect of reducing ethylene production and at least depressing respiration. Such a process is preferably in addition to an anti-oxidant impregnation. Type: Grant. Filed: August 29,Date of Patent: October 13,Inventor: Roger Anthony Stanley.

Raspberry variety named 'Korere'. Abstract: A new and distinct floricane fruiting red raspberry, Rubus idaeus L. Plant Pat. This new variety is characterized by excellent fruit quality, very good shelf life, and an early harvest season, and is suitable for both machine and hand harvest.

Filed: June 18,Publication date: December 25,Inventors: Harvey Hall, Joseph Stephens. Raspberry plant named 'Adele'.

The fruit of this new variety has an attractive appearance characterized by very shiny, mid light-red fruit color. The new variety is distinguished from others by its high yields of firm and attractive conical shaped, uniform sized, large, red berries that ripen in the mid season. The plant exhibits a semi spine-free upright growth habit, of strong vigor.

Inventors: Joseph Stephens, Harvey Hall. Nectarine tree named 'Hortarine1'. The fruit of this new variety has an attractive appearance characterized by yellow skin color with dark red blush, yellow flesh with no anthocyanin present, and intense flavor. Inventor: Michael Malone. Raspberry variety named 'Korpiko'. The fruit of this new variety has an attractive appearance characterized by uniformly large berry size, good fruit firmness, and medium-red fruit color.

The new variety is distinguished from others by its high yields of firm, attractive, uniformly sized, large, red berries that ripen in the mid season. Fruit of the new variety appears suitable for the fresh fruit market.

Blueberry plant named 'Centra Blue'. Abstract: A new and distinct rabbiteye blueberry variety is described. The fruit of this new variety has an attractive appearance characterised by outstanding fruit quality with a good bloom and little grittiness, and an exceptionally late fruiting season. Filed: February 28,Publication date: August 28,Inventor: Narandra Patel. Apple tree variety named 'Scilate'. Abstract: A new and distinct apple tree variety is described.

The fruit of the apple tree of this new variety has an attractive appearance characterised by its red colour and obvious lenticels and is notable for its excellent eating quality. Filed: February 26,Inventor: Allan White.

Biological control of plant diseases. Abstract: The present invention relates to the use of Ulocladium oudemansii as a biological control agent. Processes and compositions for the biological control of Botrytis species using Ulocladium oudemansii are also provided. Filed: June 15,Date of Patent: August 5,Enzymes and polynucleotides encoding the same. Abstract: The invention relates to a multifunctional germacrene-D synthase and a polynucleotide encoding it.

Included also are genetic constructs, transgenic organisms, plant selection methods and biofermentation methods. Filed: December 24,Date of Patent: December 25,Plant alpha farnesene synthase and polynucleotides encoding same. Abstract: The present invention provides an isolated alpha-farnesene synthase and polynucleotide sequences encoding the enzyme.

The invention also provides nucleic acid constructs, vectors and host cells incorporating the polynucleotide sequences. It further relates to the production of alpha-farnesene using the enzyme and modulation of alpha-farnesene synthesis in plants and selection of plants with altered alpha-farnesene synthase activity. Filed: October 15,Date of Patent: December 18,Polymers for binding of phenols. The polymer may be prepared by polymerizing a polymerizable monomer, to which a phenol is covalently bound by a hydrolysable linker, and subsequently removing the phenol by hydrolysis.

Propofol is a preferred phenol for use in the invention. Filed: June 29,Date of Patent: June 12,Blackcurrant plant named 'Blackadder'. The new variety is distinguished from others by its early season bud burst, flowering and harvest. Its bush has an upright habit suitable for machine harvesting. Yields are high and the fruit has high anthocyanin levels and moderate ascorbic acid levels.

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Agents and methods for promoting production gains in animals. Abstract: The invention relates to compositions and methods for promoting production gains in animals, and of enhancing the efficacy of therapeutic agents.

The gains are achieved through reduction in stress, including through the use of antistress agents. Compositions comprising therapeutic agents such as anthelmintics, and antistress agents are provided.

Filed: March 13,Date of Patent: February 8,Patent number: PP The new variety is distinguished from others by its early season high yields of attractive, uniform sized, large, bright red berries. The fruit are suitable for consumption as early season high-grade fresh berries and are very attractive when packaged for the fresh market. Filed: June 1,Date of Patent: May 22,

Bud endodormancy in deciduous fruit trees: advances and prospects

View Scopus Profile. Mapping physiological and developmental responses within and between individual plants in a population. Botany, PhD, University of Melbourne. Member, Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority. Considine, M. Australian Research Council. Project : Research.

A complete balanced fertiliser containing NPKS, plus trace elements of boron, iron, manganese and zinc.

Horticulture and viticulture

Toggle navigation NZ Companies Directory. The AR filing month for this nz limited company is November. The company's status is listed as Registered and it's listed in the following classification: A Labour supply - horticulture workers. Bud Burst Horticulture Limited has been operating for 10 years 7 months, and 3 days. Business No. Company Name. Date of Incorporation.


Under the tropical conditions of East Java, terminal buds of apple burst at any time of the year in response to removal of the subtending leaves. Following two such defoliations, two weeks apart on separate trees, there was a decrease in abscisic acid ABA , a three-fold increase in gibberellin-like substances GAs and only a slight increase in cytokinin-like substances CKs in the apex tissue of closed buds. These changes preceded bud opening and the associated increases in fresh and dry weight, and may be causally related to bud burst. In open buds i. The decrease in concentration of GAs and CKs, however, was due to the rise in dry weight of the expanding tissue; the amounts of all three hormones per apex increased.

John D.

Effect of forcing at different times on bud burst, ƒPowering

Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. Bud endodormancy is a complex physiological process that is indispensable for the survival, growth, and development of deciduous perennial plants. The timely release of endodormancy is essential for flowering and fruit production of deciduous fruit trees.


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Nufarm is committed to offering a range of horticultural solutions, Before bud burst. Strawberry Nufarm UK Ltd, Wyke Lane, Wyke, Bradford, BD12 9EJ.

In the face of global climate changes, studies of bud burst and bud set phenology in trees are necessary to determine the duration of the growing season of plants, the optimal planting period, and seasonal works to achieve high productivity. The purpose of our study was to investigate bud burst phenology in different poplar and willow clones, what is important for predicting possible responses of woody plants to climate changes. Materials and methods: Bud burst phenology in poplar and willow was monitored both on the plants growing at experimental plot and on potted plants.

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For complaints, use another form. Study lib. Upload document Create flashcards. Flashcards Collections. Documents Last activity. Three-year-old trees were forced in a glasshouse from 15 November, 1 and 15 December and 1 and 15 January.

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