Spring landscape photos

Back in spring, Swiss photographer Jennifer Esseiva visited the remote forests of Vallorbe, Switzerland, as the trees and rugged, wooded terrain emerged from their winter stupor. There she captured the lush mosses and foliage that cloaked the area in a thick blanket of greenery and the recently thawed stream flowing through its midst. Now compiled in an enchanting series aptly titled Fairyland , the ethereal, long-exposure photos depict the trickling body of water as a hazy fog that clings to the landscape. Esseiva plans to revisit the dreamy location this winter after snowfall, so keep an eye on her site and Instagram for updates.

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  • The most beautiful winter photos of 2021 in Hungary! – Photo gallery
  • Spring landscape photos
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  • Spring Landscapes
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Watercolor landscape images

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The most beautiful winter photos of 2021 in Hungary! – Photo gallery

If winter is the season of monochrome, spring is the season of color. Spring, following a season of coma-like dormancy, reminds us that we inhabit a miraculous living organism. We are reminded that our planet is a colorful one. Absence, indeed, makes the heart grow fonder. I love winter landscape photography. It is the most graphic of seasons.

Top 8 Spring Photography Tips for Landscapes · 1. Look for Snow Patterns · 2. Look for Ice Transformation on Rivers and Lakes · 3. Look for.

Spring landscape photos

The Nature Photographer of the Year NPOTY has announced the amazing winners of its prestigious competition, which this year fielded a record number of competing images from more than 97 countries. Presented by Nature Talks, the organization also responsible for the Nature Talks Photo Festival which takes place annually in the Netherlands, the title of Nature Photographer of the Year was given to Terje Kolaas from Norway for his image of thousands of Pink-footed Geese in flight during their winter migration. The image against a pure and clean snowy landscape, taken by a drone, is at once uplifting in mood, aesthetically pleasing, well-composed and unique. The competition can be entered in 12 different categories and also for the Fred Hazelhoff portfolio award — the latter was won by Lea Lee Inoue, a photographer from the United States. She created an interesting and cute photo project of a round-tailed ground squirrel family. All the category winners, runners-up and highly-commended photos can be seen on www. Open to professional and non-professional photographers of all ages from around the world, the competition registration starts on December 27, , for the Nature Photographer of the Year edition. We are hanging on the web, Highly Commended, Other animals category. These snacks, often cheese or pet food, are highly unsuited for the otters, whose natural diet consists largely of invertebrates like crabs or shellfish, supplemented by fish. Lea Lee Inoue decided to photograph this family of round-tailed ground squirrels, hoping to show that these animals think, feel and have emotions.

Landscape photo editor

A "Santa's house" with Christmas trees and wire animals was set up in front of Block Bedok Reservoir Road using materials upcycled by residents, and a photo of the brightly lit scene even made it to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's Facebook page. The couple, who are co-owners of tentage company Xing Long Canvas Steel Tent and Engineering Services, have been decorating the block for Christmas and other festive occasions such as Chinese New Year and Deepavali with their neighbours sinceOver three weeks, about 50 residents helped put up the decorations, using repurposed materials mainly. For instance, the snowman's head was made out of a white exercise ball.

Ru scenery 20 9 August Scenery designed for X-PlaneSection: Flight Simulator X.

Free spring landscape Images and Royalty-free Stock Photos

Ah, spring! Following warmly on the heels of winter, this wonderful season heralds the return and rebirth of life. New growth flourishes and the opportunities for photography abound. April showers give way for an abundance of plant life to thrive as seeds germinate and sprout. Cherry blossoms in spring make a great subject for photography!

Mt. Fuji, Japan spring landscape.

Let the first impression of your home be a positive one with a beautifully landscaped front yard. Traditional homes often look good with a front yard garden with an English style flower garden. Southwestern or Mediterranean style homes in drier climates work well with gravel, native grasses and palm trees. Looking for simple front yard landscaping ideas on a budget can be tricky, as plants, landscaping materials and hiring contractors can all be pricey. Of course, you can always do part of the project yourself, and hire landscape contractors for other parts. Another way to keep costs down for years to come is to go with front yard landscaping ideas that are low-maintenance, like gravel, patio pavers and native plants. If you like grass or an expensive type of plant, consider planting them in some areas, but filling in the rest of the space with rocks or stones. While you plan out your dream front yard, consider the climate you live in and what sorts of plants and features will feel natural there.

Even when the weather hasn't gone bonkers, mid-spring is still a great time to make images. New growth is starting on the plants, and flowers are emerging from.

30 Beautiful Quotes About Winter

Try the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari. See supported browsers. This stock photo is px by px. Ideal for any project that requires japan, cherry, sakura.

Spring Landscapes

Search Products:. Summer scripture images. JeremiahNew King James Version He who gathers in summer is a wise son; He who sleeps in harvest is a son who causes shame.

It's the darkest and often the coldest of the seasons, but with chill and the possible snowfall comes the holiday season, and ample moments for cozy retreat and hibernation. Who doesn't love curling up with a winter cocktail by the fireplace, snuggling up with a blanket and indulging a bit.

Very amazing romantic scene. Shoot directly through the umbrella to create a soft and hazy effect. None can deny the awesome feelings of watching rainfall with girlfriend or wife. Let us know your favorite beautiful wallpaper in comments. Download free with trial.

From meditative portraits that nod at the Dutch old masters to an incendiary, epic exploration of the Troubles, these are the volumes that resonated this year. T he photography book that I returned to more than any other this year was Encampment Wyoming by Lora Webb Nichols , an extraordinary record of life in a US frontier community in the early 20th century. Comprised of photographs by Nichols and other local amateur photographers, it emanates a powerful sense of place. Domestic interiors and still lifes punctuate the portraits, which range from the spectral — a blurred and ghostly adult plaiting the hair of a young girl — to the stylish — a dapper, besuited woman peering through a window.

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