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We carry a large variety loose, bunch and potted plants to compliment our tube and tissue culture product lines. These plants range from cuttings to potted plants with established root systems. Due to its cluster of thick, banana-shaped roots that remain unplanted, a banana plant in aquarium provides a unique look. The plant moderately easy to care for, and it can be grown rooted or floating and is a great addition to aquariums, betta and goldfish bowls. The banana plant makes an excellent foreground plant due to its attention-grabbing, banana-shaped roots.

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Underwater and Overwater Flowering Aquarium Plants

Our plants are all kept and grown in high-quality substrate by Marfied Controsoil. A strict fertilizer dosing regime and CO2 are provided in their holding tanks. Banana Plant Aquatic Plants. Default Title - Sold Out Qty. Usually ships in business days from our fulfillment center.

Non-live goods may arrive after Christmas. Need a gift sooner? Send a Glass Aqua Gift Card instantly by email. Nymphoides Aquatica, better known as the Banana Plant, is an aquatic plant that is native to Southeast areas of the United States. Its name is straightforward and self-explanatory in that the aquatic plant harbors thick, nutrient-storing roots that resemble bananas! With an already unusual appearance and the name to match, the Banana Plant is increasing in popularity within the planted tank hobby and is a perfect aquatic plant choice for those who are looking for a statement aquatic plant.

Along with its interesting roots, Banana Plant also features rounded foliage that ranges in coloration dependent upon its growing environment. Nymphoides Aquatica aka Banana Plant is typically a hardy aquatic plant and will do fine in low-light aquarium tanks without much care. However, in order to grow heart-shaped lilies on the surface of the aquarium tank, quality aquarium LED lighting should be provided in addition with CO2 injection. If given optimal conditions, trimming will be required to ensure other aquatic plants in an aquarium tank will not be shaded from the lighting source.

Nymphoides Aquatica can be grown submerged or emerged and is fairly temperature tolerant as well. Care should be taken not to bury the entire root system when planting, but quality aquarium soil should be used whenever possible. For more information, please visit our FAQ page. Returns Hard goods can be returned up to 14 days after receipt of purchase. Buyer is responsible for return shipping.

Due to its nature, we are unable to accept returns for live plants. In the unlikely event you are unsatisfied in any way, please contact us ASAP.

Most answers to general questions can be found on our FAQ page. Share this product. Related Products. Add to Cart. Has been added to cart! Has add to wishlist success! Continue shopping Go to cart Go to Wishlist. Banana Lily Big Floating Heart.

Aquatic Banana Aquarium Plant

By A-town Yeah I reckon you might be right. My plant doesn't look like the Nymphoides aquatica photos on the web and looks more like Nymphoides indica. Mind you it doesn't look like your pic either it only has floating leaves The picture is of the submersed juvenile form but will put up full sized floating leaves in time. They need a very rich media to develop the bananas.

The successive leaves grow to the surface and float. Gentianaceae Species: Nymphoides aquatica Synonym: Limnanthemum aquaticum Common name: Banana Plant.

Aquatic & Shoreline Plant Selection

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Banana lily has rounded leaves that have a notch at the base: they resemble small water lily leaves. Banana lily leaves are green above and dull purple below. It has small white five-petalled flowers that arise from below the leaf. Please note: Live Plants cannot be shipped to Western Australia or Tasmania, due to quarantine restrictions. All other states are OK. Banana lily gets its name from its cluster of thick banana-shaped roots, located close to the leaves near the surface of the water.

Banana Plant (Nymphoides Aquatica) Live Aquarium Plants - Buy 2

This is an interesting plant and owes its unusual name due to its banana-shaped roots that are used by the plant to store nutrients. Banana Plant produces beautiful olive-green to reddish, heart-shaped leaves on short stalks. In shallow aquariums, the leaves may reach the surface of the water and may grow as large as six inches. The plant is easy to care for, does not require strong light or a lot of fertilization. Banana Plant's "roots" should not be buried in the substrate.

You can easily find this at your local pet store.

Banana Plant Nymphoides aquatica

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Aquarium Banana Plant: Care, Tubers, Roots & Planting

Need Help with ordering? Mon thru Fri. Rosette-type plant, about 6" tall. Submerged leaves are long-stemmed and light-green to reddish in color. Banana-shaped roots store nutrients.

Banana Plant (Nymphoides Aquatica) Live Aquarium Plants - Buy 2 Color: green/yellow Max size: leaves will get very tall and continue growing to the top.

Fairy Water Lily

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Nymphoides Aquatica is a lovely aquatic plant that can be used in any pond or planted aquarium. It natively grows along the southeastern United States from Texas to Maryland and has been known various names such as Banana Lily due to its banana-shaped roots. If buried too deeply, the plant may rot and eventually die. Also Snails and plecos are known to eat banana plants! Introducing a new banana lily to your aquarium is very easy. First, make sure that you have at least two inches of substrate in the tank, such as gravel or sand, and select an area with good lighting conditions and gentle water flow.

English Spanish. Charles Leach Though not native to Ohio, this attractive plant is a better choice than its cousins.

Out of stock get notified when available. Just received my 2 banana plants. Very good condition with nice leaves. I bought 2 banana plants. They really do look like bananas.

One of my first true passions in life was maintaining freshwater aquariums. There is something about being able to observe a world totally foreign to our own that drew me in. It wasn't long before I discovered the splendor of planted aquascapes. I would have to say that my first foray into this realm probably planted the botanical seed that would later explode into the obsession it is today.

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