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Horticulture department office in salem oregon – Central Oregon Flood Information and Travel

Horticulture department office in salem oregon – Central Oregon Flood Information and Travel

For Oregon residents whose homes and lives were devastated by the Central Oregon floods, reclamation and flood damage repair can help get your life back on track. Learn the ins and outs of Oregon flood recovery with the information on this page.

You might be able to find answers to questions such as:

Do I qualify for flood insurance?

Can I start rebuilding my home right away?

What if I need to borrow money to rebuild?

Can my insurance pay for flood damage repair?

Where can I find the best resources to help me through this?

How can I make sense of all of the different insurance and flood damage repair options I have?

Get information on how to apply for any of the financial aid and grant programs available to Central Oregon residents impacted by the April 2014 floods.

How to Get Help

Visit the Online Resources section of this website to learn how to navigate a large and ever-changing amount of information about how to get the help you need.

What to do now and what to do after the April flood. Find some helpful information about the next steps to take after the April floods.

How to apply for Federal Disaster Assistance

Getting a loan and applying for a grant to help with your flood damage repair is never easy. But if you’re a victim of the April flood and need help, it’s even more difficult. But the tools on this website can help you get access to those resources, even if you’re dealing with tough financial situations.

Related Information

Flood Damage Repair

If you are a homeowner that had flood damage to your home, and want to get your home back to pre-flood condition, you’re in luck! This site helps homeowners, insurance carriers and the federal government navigate the intricacies of flood damage repair.

Flood Damage – What You Need to Know

Homes and businesses that were damaged or destroyed by the April 2014 flooding can apply for restoration or rebuilding assistance through the federal programs available. Flood damage repair is not limited to homes that suffered severe flood damage, but also covers damage caused by power surges from downed power lines, flood waters from rain or storm sewers overflowing, ice dams and fire damage.

Floods Are Not Just a Rainy-Day Problem

Floods can cause devastating damage to homes, business and public infrastructure. Homeowners, renters, and property owners often struggle to recoup losses and repair their property to get their lives back to normal after a major disaster.

Flood Damage Repair

The Residential Property Damage Repair Program (PRDRP), part of the Federal Insurance Program, can provide assistance in the form of grants or loans to homeowners who suffered flood damage to their property in the Central Oregon Floods. Property owners have until April 15, 2015, to apply for assistance.

Insurance Settlement

The Oregon Department of Insurance and Department of Administrative Services Insurance Settlement Program (IDISP) makes available emergency assistance and general assistance grants to businesses and individuals for the purpose of restoring the economic well-being of Central Oregon residents impacted by the recent flood events.

The IDISP is accepting applications from businesses and residents for damage and loss of business associated with the April floods in Central Oregon.

The IDISP is also administering a federal disaster assistance grant program (EFP) for individuals who suffered damage from the April flood. You must submit an application through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Economic Impact on Businesses

The IDISP, in cooperation with the Central Oregon Economic Development Corporation (CEOEDC), is pleased to provide financial assistance to qualifying small businesses that sustained losses due to the April 2014 flood.

IDISP, the CEOEDC, and FEMA have issued Recovery Packages (RP) for those business that were affected by the flood, and are ready to issue certificates to businesses for grants through the Economic Assistance Program.

SBA can help you. Find out more about the Small Business Administration’s role in assisting small businesses.

Flood Damage Repair

First Fed is the federally-owned mortgage lender that, with the SBA’s help, is making loans and providing mortgage insurance to private lending institutions for new construction, rebuilding or home improvement projects on eligible homes and housing developments damaged or destroyed by April 2014 flood.

Flood Damage Repair

Honeywell Neighborhood Housing Solutions is a federally-funded nonprofit housing organization providing low- and no-cost loans for qualified homeowners, renters and property owners to repair or replace their homes, rental property, and commercial structures damaged or destroyed by the April 2014 Central Oregon Floods.

SBA’s Disaster Loan program provides additional low-interest loans to homeowners, renters, and owners of commercial property to repair or replace their home or rental property that was damaged or destroyed by April 2014 floods. Learn more about SBA’s disaster relief program.

Flood Damage Repair

Government and Private Flood Damage Assistance Program (GFP) provides funds for the repair and/or replacement of residential and nonresidential properties that are destroyed or damaged by a federal or state disaster.

The GFP helps provide financial assistance to federal, state, local, tribal, or foreign governments or government agencies that aid or assist the residents of the area to recover from the natural or man-made disaster. The program assists the residents of the area with purchasing necessary items such as:

Food and drinking water

Gasoline for vehicles and generators

Gas and electric service

Housing repair and related costs, including replacing damaged or destroyed property, and creating alternatives to rental properties

Medical and medical expenses of insured persons.

The assistance is given through loans, grants, and insurance.

Flood Damage Repair

The Flood Insurance Program (FIP) is the federal program that provides disaster relief to residents and businesses that are eligible to apply for FEMA assistance programs. The program provides coverage and reimbursement for property owners who have suffered a

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