Opal in fruit tree stone

Opal in fruit tree stone

Hi I had a situation which I have found a few of your answers to, but I’m not sure how to proceed.

I was clearing out a friend’s garden and during the process, digging up a apple tree that was about 60 years old. The tree had a lopsided trunk but it was fairly healthy.

As I began digging, I found what appeared to be a ruby type opal between the wood and the root. It was approximately 8 cm long and 6 cm wide.

I’ve had my opals appraised by reputable jewelers and there is no way in hell this is real opal. My next thought is that it’s a gem, that perhaps during the tree clearing, it fell to the ground. However I haven’t seen any stones in the tree.

Could you advise me as to what this stone is? It has the markings of a pearl. What’s weird is that it is very hard to chip and was chipped with a hammer. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.



Hi Dan,

I think it’s important to add the weight of the tree. You don’t have to explain to us the truth, only your observations and this is good, but also tell us your calculations and what you mean by weighed down.

What kind of stone is it? Not just a pretty one.

Another question. Do you have a physical example? That would help us visualize and is not only a picture.

It is most difficult to draw it in stone because the colors shift depending on the light.

I’m not expert, but your case may be a stone out of conchoidal agate, in its fish scale type.

And opals, by what we know, do not have the colors of pearls.

But if your stone is in a grayish opal, then this is a genuine product.

I have the only physical example. A stone that looked like this was left from a former fencepost.

No one has guessed what it is. It was found under the surface, in mud from an old water hole on the land.

There is no wood to weigh down the tree because it’s been there for many years.

When I first found it, I could not imagine that it was a gem stone. I was surprised when I had it appraised.

This all happened after I realized I wanted to give a better and accurate assessment of its worth.

It is known that part of the lopsided appearance is due to the tree growth. The tree is hollow because of an ancient disease that makes the wood flimsy.

A strong wind is also a strong possibility.

Another possibility is a bird that died in the tree, and was turned inside out during a powerful storm.

As far as the color, I do not have any idea. It has been in the ground for 60 years. The larger stones are gone. I will investigate this with an outside engineer. But I do not think it is a seed crystal, opal, or any of the other candidates.

I have also used a push stick which revealed that the bottom is not naturally flat.

One last thought is that it is possible that a man saw this while hunting in a portion of land that had not been cleared. I would be very interested to find out who saw it and what they thought.

Thank you.

“With most things in life, the more you learn about them the more questions you have.” - Sandra O’Riordan

We cannot see the answer to your question because it is not known if you have seen it before or not.

This is just one possibility and here is one.

You can look up “Fake Jasper” and “Fake Sapphire”.

It is very common for several things to be found by one person.





And this could be a stone.

It may also be the same thing found by a different person and that person called you, or another person heard of this stone from you, and was calling you.

How do you explain that it is a different material in the same state of development?

There is so much about it. We have not even touched on the subject of fraud.

One thing that is very simple is that if you are right, you can write, and one can contact you.

What are you asking us to do? Why not go to work and earn some money?

There is no reasonable option on this matter except to visit someone.

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