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Through this program, individuals are trained and certified in horticulture and related areas. These individuals, in turn, volunteer their expertise and services to help others through horticulture projects that benefit the community. Once trained, Extension Master Gardeners provide research based information to the public on many topics including water conservation, yard waste management, regional plant adaptability, and the environment. The Master Gardeners work with their local Extension staff to develop educational programs that meet the horticultural needs of their local citizens. Projects may include school programs, demonstration gardens, speaker's bureau and answering questions on a horticulture hotline. Extension Master Gardeners become friends with many interesting and talented individuals.

  • Horticulture project for adults with learning disabilities set to bloom
  • Garden Buddies
  • Grow Your Own
  • Volunteer Projects Across Vermont
  • Horticulture
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  • Produce Project
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Horticulture project for adults with learning disabilities set to bloom

Visit our Colorado State Extension office for more news, tools and resources. We strive to create an atmosphere of positive collaboration for our gardeners by sharing ideas, strategies, newsletters and CSU Extension information.

Our gardeners enjoy the Camaraderie of a diverse group with a wide range of gardening knowledge and skills. We also appreciate the sharing of plants, flowers and veggies with each other and local food banks! The garden was established more than 25 years ago. It consists of several dozen plots that are rented by community members in need of a place to grow. We encourage edible and ornamental gardens. CSU Extension has research trials on several crops for public educational use within the garden as well.

We have and square foot plots available. Most plots have its own water spigot for your convenience. When possible, compost is delivered based on community request. Some tools are shared by our members. Two hours of community service per plot is also required. Project List Please be aware that there is typically a wait list for plots, but we often have openings.

We endorse the use of non-chemical means for weed and pest control, but this is not an organic garden. This rapidly evolving coronavirus COVID has imposed an unsettling, fluid situation upon our community and its businesses. Colorado State University Extension. Staff Directory. Community Garden. Mo is a garlic expert! Search Our Site. Upcoming Event Information. More Information.

Garden Buddies

Get involved in food growing by volunteering with one of over 70 community gardens and orchards across the city. Discover the joy of growing fruit and vegetables with other volunteers in a community garden where everyone shares the work and the harvest. Volunteering with a community garden is a great activity to do by yourself or with friends and family and a good opportunity to get outdoors, learn new skills, meet new and like-minded people, keep active, and contribute towards your community and the environment. All work is supervised and tasks could include clearing the ground in preparation for food growing, planting and seed sowing, weeding and hoeing, harvesting produce, building raised beds and shifting compost, general site maintenance or occasional help with events. Many gardens share their harvest with volunteers, or cook a shared meal on site during each workday. Gardens are open to people of all ages and levels of fitness, complete beginners and experienced growers. Our directory has a list of projects and details of workdays which take place all year round, during the week and at weekends.

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Grow Your Own

When Berlin buds and blossoms. Environmentally-conscious inhabitants of the city are growing high-quality organic fruit and vegetables in parks and on vacant plots, thereby creating an awareness for the way produce is sourced and how it is grown in the middle of the city: urban gardening has been a trend in the capital for quite some time. Along with sharing the pleasures of gardening, many projects also offer a range of workshops and cultural events. With the Alemde-Kontor an urban gardening project has been established on Tempelhofer Feld , one of the largest inner-city open spaces in the world. The Almende-Kontor e. Self-crafted vegetable beds and seating give the Almende-Kontor its alternative flair. Workshops and guided tours are also offered.

Volunteer Projects Across Vermont

The former journalist turned master gardener is getting ready for a trip across North America to look at community gardens in Canada and the United States. Last year Natalie travelled 13, miles across the lower US states and Hawaii, stopping at neighborhood gardens along the way. This passion spills over into the work Natalie does with the American Community Gardening Association, where she is a board member, and the help she offers to community gardens in the Saratoga Springs area. To date Natalie has helped create a number of neighborhood gardens from the ground up.

Most public gardens have a strong core of volunteers and a rewarding social scene in addition to an opportunity to make a difference. Learn from experienced horticulturalists and reap the benefits of fresh air and exercise.


Don't have a Spacehive account? Register here. Impact data and claims within this report are provided by the project creator and have not been independently verified by Spacehive. By Caroline Foster Northwich Create. By Caroline Foster. Grozone is a flourishing community garden, horticulture and wildlife project We provide volunteering opportunities for all and social and horticultural therapy.


Learn to build a rocket stove? Hand-feed a lamb? Eat clay-oven baked pizzas using ingredients picked nearby? Wassail round an apple orchard? Cheer on the competitors in The Goat Race?

Left: RHS Horticulture students working alongside locals on the Community Although IYN projects are very diverse, they share the same set of values as.

Plants for People

Garden Buddies is a gardening together program that increases physical activity and social connections for seniors by involving them in shared gardening and nature based activities, either at the Earthwise Garden, or at home. This program connects seniors with trained volunteers to establish a relationship of trust, knowledge sharing and support. There is no cost to participate in the Garden Buddies program. A growing body of research shows that gardening with others can have measurable benefits, including improved mood, increased exercise and relaxation, and greater social connectedness.

Produce Project

Who We Are: BCGC is composed of diverse community garden members who share a common commitment to organic, urban agriculture and access to healthy food for all residents of Berkeley. What We Do: By providing a forum for mutual support and the sharing of common resources, BCGC assists and protects existing gardens, facilitates the formation of new gardens, and advocates food security initiatives in our local schools and city. Our Mission: BCGC actively seeks to create a more sustainable society by engaging in environmentally beneficial urban land stewardship, which includes urban agriculture, the preservation of open space, habitat restoration, and cultivating community. To broaden its impact and build alliances, BCGC partners with other organizations that share its goals. Land, air, water, and seeds are our commonwealth, which we have a right and duty to protect.

Our vision is to provide a safe and welcoming garden environment for our volunteer adults to grow fruit and vegetables, which are then made available to our island community for purchase, as well as the availability of plants, both horticultural for our community growers and non-horticultural plants beddings, shrubs, and trees.

Cornell Cooperative Extension

It is also an opportunity to learn more from PHS and others. Community gardens increase access to fresh produce while strengthening social connections between neighbors. PHS offers resources for community gardens to serve their neighborhoods with fresh food. PHS provides gardening materials and aid advocacy for urban farming as well as a way to share skills. Once grown, these gardens donate produce to local food pantries or share the crops with their community. We offer gardening workshops throughout the year taught by local leaders in the gardening community. With our partners at Neighborhood Gardens Trust , we work with community gardens to protect open spaces.

Engaging Volunteers

Tweets by Idealallotment. The Community Roots allotment scheme provides supported volunteering, training and work experience opportunities to those who have experienced homelessness, mental health, and alcohol or substance misuse issues. It focuses on nurturing skills, team working and building self-esteem, as well as offering a chance to exercise in the fresh air and socialise!

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