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One of the biggest benefits of artificial turf is that it's extremely low-maintenance. But as any landscape designer will tell you, the lawn is just one component of a beautiful landscape. A well-designed lawn also includes pops of color and texture along with a variety of natural shapes and heights to add dimension and complexity. Fortunately, there are many low-maintenance plants that can bring added beauty to your lawn year after year — with very little work on your end.

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Austin Artificial Grass Landscaping

Artificial Grass Masters specializes in quality and care, making sure every customer is satisfied with their yard for more years to come! As an Arizona consumer, Artificial Grass Masters understand that versatility is a crucial factor to creating your dream yard.

Therefore, we offer more than artificial turf to ensure you and your yard are taken care of. Not only do we offer other services, but also price match guarantee, extended warranty , and financing. Artificial grass does not require weed killers, fertilizers, or any chemicals which makes it safe for children to enjoy and play on. In addition, the biggest concern is crumb rubber negatively affecting children due to toxins.

Our biggest priority is safety and there we provide natural infil to prevent inhalation, ingestion and dermal contact of harmful chemicals. Each of our products are designed with chill factor technology in order to withstand the Arizona heat.

Our Performance blade grass help keep the temperature low in the hot Arizona summer months, retain moisture inside the fibers to maintain cool turf, reflects sun rays, and gives a realistic appearance.

The benefits of synthetic turf outweigh the initial cost, especially when it comes to maintenance. Artificial grass does not require water, mowing, or any weed killing. The little maintenance it may require is leaf blowing and water is optional when tough debris will need to be cleared.

Customize your backyard with unrivaled beauty. Our ample supply of pavers will have your yard looking boring to beautiful! Artificial Grass Masters offers you a variety of colors and styles of curbing to bring you more of a choice for your yard.

Pick a color and style that will compliment your home and new artificial grass. We specialize in efficiently installing your window sun screens in most cases we will finish the installation the same day we come out.

An automatic irrigation system will save you plenty of time watering your lawns, gardens and flowers. Find a more efficient way to water your plants! Convert your yard into a resort style backyard and benefit with outside activities by adding a pergola of your choice and style!

Do you like what you see in our showroom? Check out our video of the variety of landscaping products we have for you! It will show all every side of Artificial Grass Masters and what we provide! Search for:. Why Artificial Grass Masters? Price Match Guarantee.

Extended Warranty. Financing Available. Summer Breeze Pro. Putter's Choice. Sonoran Oasis. Zacate Verde. Family-Friendly Artificial grass does not require weed killers, fertilizers, or any chemicals which makes it safe for children to enjoy and play on.

Low-maintenance The benefits of synthetic turf outweigh the initial cost, especially when it comes to maintenance. Learn More. Customize your backyard and get a desert feel with our huge variety of rocks and boulders. Learn more. Pergola Installations. Artificial Grass Masters have exceeded my expectations! I now have a beautiful yard with an open view fence. There is not a day that goes by someone doesn't stop to tell me how beautiful my yard looks! I proudly tell them Artificial Grass Masters is to thank!

Quality Grass, professionalism, reasonable price, courteous customer service and perfection in their installation! I highly recommend them! Happy with Scott our sales person. We have used you all twice now and happy both times of customer services and price and installation.

Definitely recommend you guys. They are great. Scott was terrific at explaining the product and the whole process. The finished job looks so good I am afraid to walk on it. I highly recommend them and the product. Just bought a new house here in Peoria, and hated the way my back yard looked. Ann was very awesome and I'm excited to get started!

Thank you! I want to thank Frank, Efren and the rest of the crew for the fantastic job installing the artificial grass in my yard. They guarantee their work and it shows. I had an issue with some visible seams. They took out that grass and replaced the whole yard. It looks fantastic. Bob Reif. The AGM is a really great company that serves a great purpose. The owner and workers really want to make your life easier. I would choose them any day as they have done jobs at really high profile locations, which showed me they are definitely capable of a fantastic job.

Especially in their location in Arizona, where it gets hot, their grass stays cool to make barefoot walks in the lawn a lot less painful. They also help to create a fantastic putting green to practice your short game in your backyard.

In the middle of the desert where water bills are high, it saves big time to have no lawn maintenance needed. I highly recommend them for any turf or grass projects you have.

Jakob Ker. Thank you to Josh and Nick and especially to Juan and his crew. My pups and I are very happy with our new yard!

Dee Dee Hixson. Our yard looks amazing! We couldn't be happier with all the work done. Chuck and Susan Fernandez. Getting artificial grass is a big decision and I am so glad that the decision was made easier with Artificial Grass Masters! The initial visit was welcomed with a no hassle estimate, example and discussion of what type of artificial grass was best for me. The meeting was not pressured at all and Manuel was so patient with all the questions I had.

The project was set and scheduled within two weeks of employment and the installation was faster than I thought it would be. The installers were quick, clean and friendly. I would recommend Artificial Grass Masters to any thinking about getting fake grass for their yard or anywhere else.

Thank you for your great customer service and installation. Recent Posts Artificial Grass Maintenance? November 2,

Fake Grass For Dogs: Pet-Friendly Artificial Turf Your Dog Will LOVE!

Thanks a lot, Guys! The lawn looks incredible, thank you! Thanks, Gareth and Team! Looks great and can handle our high traffic area. Highly recommend!

Frontier Turf is Denvers #1 Artificial Grass installer & Landscaper. We turn your backyard ideas into a reality. Call for a free estimate!


Checked for accuracy by our qualified fact-checkers and verifiers. Whether you're looking to drought-proof your backyard, transform an area where grass refuses to grow, or you simply can't stand mowing the lawn, you may be considering installing artificial grass. Having a perfect lawn without any mowing, watering or fertilising may sound appealing, but there are also some downsides to faking it. We look at the pros and cons, costs, and safety and environmental considerations of installing an artificial lawn. Artificial grass looks immaculate every day of the year, even during drought or when you've been away on holiday. It never grows too long and it never looks dead, discoloured or patchy. A natural lawn needs mowing and watering, and possibly fertiliser and weed killer to keep it looking healthy. But artificial grass requires very little maintenance. Some dog owners prefer artificial grass because it stops dogs from digging holes in the yard and their urine doesn't damage the grass. Parents may also prefer artificial grass because it's mess free no muddy footprints and allergy free for children or adults who suffer from grass allergies.

Artificial turf

FieldTurf is committed to bringing you attractive and hard-wearing synthetic grass and sports surfaces. Whether it be a soccer field, a tennis court, baseball field or even a pontoon — you can be sure that we have the range of artificial turf products and experience to meet your requirements. Being manufactured in Australia, you can be sure that our synthetic grass and sporting surfaces are made using advanced UV stabilising technology, designed to withstand our harsh weather conditions. Synthetic grass for golf, hockey, tennis, cricket or indoor sports like futsal — you name it, we have an option to suit the most demanding situations. With over 40 years of manufacturing experience plus global research resources, FieldTurf supplies high quality artificial grass for both landscape and sports surfaces, manufactured locally.

It also looks good in areas where little sunlight is received during the day.

10 Best Artificial Grass of 2021 – Top Rated Fake Grass Reviews

Check the … The tiles fit together quickly and easily, and you can assemble a 10xfoot dance floor on grass in just minutes. Can you put decking straight onto grass? There are two ways you can lay decking on grass. Artificial turf if installed correctly, can give the look of green lawn for many maintenance-free years to come. So by putting heavy things on turf, you won't hurt or damage the product itself When laying artificial grass over hard surfaces, you can either glue around the edges underneath the artificial grass. Turf enough for any job!

Full supply and installation – find out more today with one of our turf experts

Not sure where to start your project? Follow these simple, self-guided steps to start planning your commercial or residential project. Made in the USA using renewable and recyclable components that reduce your carbon imprint due to its long-life expectancy. Call your local certified SYNLawn installation experts for more information. Register your warranty. Learn more about financing. We also provide continuing education and credits for completing our credits. Discover more resources.

The Silicon Valley Artificial Grass Turf Roll is a great choice for outdoor landscaping. This turf has a plush body and a natural look, so you need only minimal.

GREATEST OF ALL TURF | Trusted Artificial Grass Supplier Serving the Bay Area

If it's hard for you to keep your turf in perfect condition because of the hectic day-to-day life we always have Our service is quick, affordable, reliable and we offer the best quality so you can enjoy your turf for a long time. Read on to learn more! We know how important it is to have your orders shipped quickly.

Install Melbourne’s Best Artificial Turf Landscaping & Synthetic Grass

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Synthetic Grass Warehouse stocks the largest selection of artificial turf in the nation! Our turf products are perfect for both residential and commercial applications. We engineer all of our synthetic grass products to look and feel like real grass. Best of all, our products are highly durable and can withstand heavy and consistent foot traffic. The beauty behind our products is that they are low maintenance, require little-to-no watering, and absolutely no mowing!

Turf Green have decades of experience in supplying and installing artificial Turf Green design and install domestic and commercial irrigation systems including

Established in , EasyGrass has become the leading supplier and installer of artificial grass, artificial turf, and synthetic grass products serving all of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and all over Florida, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Learn More. We rely on highly skilled photographers to showcase our ecoscape landscaping installations. Raul has been telling me for two years how much I would love it- but all the other artificial grasses that I have seen installed made by other manufacturers I just didn't like. Finally, I went to the EasyGrass showroom and Raul showed me various samples and I have to tell you I was so impressed it was not even funny. It looks so real is so soft to walk on has no odor at all and does not get that hot. I love it so much that now I am thinking of doing it in our front yard as well.

Imagine a lush green oasis of a realistic lawn without any irrigation, chemicals, equipment or time consuming maintenance. We will be happy to visit your location and provide you with a free estimate. AGL can brush your artificial grass to give it freshly mowed look. A great idea for an even more realistic appearance.

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