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Andony Melathopoulos Jan Podcast episode. Kym Pokorny Aug 27, News story. Kym Pokorny Aug 6, News story. Contact me with gardening questions from Marion or Polk counties.

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  • OSU Encourages Gardening with Native Plants
  • Flowers, Shrubs, and Trees
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  • City of Bend, OSU Extension Service offer landscaping tips during a drought
  • Here’s how to overwinter plants in the landscape
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  • Time to assume about your fall gardening checklist
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Ferguson College of Agriculture

I love plants of all kinds. Well, maybe not weeds, but even they have a place in the ecosystem. However, when I started my career in horticulture many years ago, I got into annuals and perennials in a big way. Today, my research focuses on these herbaceous plants in the form of cultivar trials both on the Ohio State University campus and in Springfield. I am a firm believer in plant trials. I want to see how plants perform in our area before I invest money in a bunch of them for my landscape.

Trials allow us to observe, evaluate and comment on plant performance. I mentioned the cultivar trials, which is one type of plant trial. Companies from around the world enter their annual varieties in these trials at universities across the country. We then plant, maintain and evaluate these plants and provide a report back to the company. If the plants are poor performers in the landscape, they might not make it to market. If they are outstanding performers, gardeners, commercials landscapers and others want to use them.

All-America Selections is another type of trial that you might be familiar with. These trials take place are all over the country in a wide variety of growing environments. Judges evaluate the plants during the growing season and turn in their recommendations at the end of the season. If a plant is deemed outstanding by judges around the country, it becomes an AAS winner. If you see an AAS winner in a seed catalog or at a garden center, you can be sure that it has been put through the rigors of trialing and that it will do well in your landscape.

There are other AAS display gardens around the state. In these gardens, you can find previous winners on display. This allows you to get a better idea of their habit, color and performance. All-America Selections trials are comparison trials.

A company enters a plant that they think is worthy of this designation. AAS then sends the entry and comparisons to the sites around the country. Comparisons are plants that have been in the market and can be purchased by gardeners; they are considered "control plants. Judges then evaluate how the entry performs in comparison to the controls. We might be looking for specific characteristics — in the past, for example, I have evaluated marigold entries for their compactness or flower size.

Again, if the entry is superior to the control plants, it usually ends up getting the All-America Selections designation. Growers, seed companies and retailers can then promote the winner as an excellent choice for the garden. Last year, I knew we had a winner when I evaluated a zinnia.

During the season, as the flower aged, they turned into a beautiful mix of salmon, dusty rose and apricot color on one plant. It is a compact plant that grows about 8 to 12 inches tall and equally as wide. The flowers attract butterflies and pollinators. AAS also evaluates perennials and vegetables. The website also lists display gardens in Ohio and around the country that you can visit.

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens has been a display garden for many years. Pamela J. View Comments View Comments.

OSU Encourages Gardening with Native Plants

Search Products:. Ut extension publications. Petrea, R. Commercial Turfgrass and Landscape Maintenance. Ohioline is an information resource produced by Ohio State University Extension. The source for quality peer-reviewed products produced by the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Fiola, Ph.

Garden hints from your Oregon State University Extension Faculty, sponsored monthly by Umpqua Monitor landscape plants for problems.

Flowers, Shrubs, and Trees

Search Products:. Wholesale bare root trees oregon. Gresham, OR trees surfacenursery. Ph:About Our Bareroot Selection. The roots and top leader may be pruned at planting time for greater survivability. We take pride in growing more than varieties. We are a wholesale nursery growing bareroot and containerized plants native to the Western United States.

Best Websites to Help Create a Bird Friendly Garden – https://youkuki.com

Opening for the season November 27th! Wilcox Tree Farm is a … Like Fraser fir, the needles of the Canaan fir are relatively short and soft. The blue-green, flatish needles … Canaan fir. Canaan fir has longer, rounder needles.

Search Products:. Onla membership.


Find plants you love for all your projects. Search below or check out our recommended Idea Boards. Enter your US or Canada postal code and we'll look up your hardiness zone. For more options, try our Advanced Plant Search. Proven Winners searches the world to bring you vibrant flowering annuals, perennials and shrubs that deliver the most beautiful garden performance. When you grow Proven Winners, you'll surely fall in love.

City of Bend, OSU Extension Service offer landscaping tips during a drought

Though public universities were excluded from recent statewide water restrictions for government agencies, the University of Oregon and Oregon State University both are taking continued steps to keep their campuses from using more water than needed. Kate Brown issued an executive order on July 7 in response to severe and statewide drought conditions. It directs state agencies owning land or facilities to curtail non-essential use of water for landscaping, establish a moratorium on new non-essential landscaping projects that require irrigation and set up signage encouraging state employees to reduce water use inside state-owned buildings. While tight water controls at some state facilities could mean only browning grass and thirsty flowers, some colleges are faced with the challenge of caring for broad, lush campuses whose watering maintains both aesthetic and, in some cases, research functions. Though not obligated to follow new water use restrictions, UO Facility Services Director Jeff Butler said years of work already has improved the campus's ability to manage the water it does use.

Trees and Shrubs Cornell University woody plants database all-audio.pro Oregon State University woody plants identification.

Here’s how to overwinter plants in the landscape

Please register your account, get Ebooks for free, get other books. Place the bulbs, pointed side up, on the surface of the gravel. Publications - Extension.

Master Gardeners present lecture series

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Steve Dobbs, Oklahoma State University grounds and landscape manager, oversees more than acres and 50 employees.

Time to assume about your fall gardening checklist

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An overview of information necessary to create habitats for butterflies, moths and skippers with the greatest ease for property owners or tenants. A checklist with an emphasis on prevention rather than remediation for a landscape maintenance schedule. The process of successfully submitting a plant for identification to OSU. This article describes plants that are suitable for Oklahoma due to their heat and drought tolerance as well as commercial availability.

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