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When to buy fruit trees stardew valley

Log in or Sign up. Chucklefish Forums. Making Trees work for YOU! Don't like grubbing in the dirt for crops? Well, trees might be a viable option. They'll never be as viable as, say, berries However, there's some tips and tricks in getting the most out of your fruit trees.

Apricot trees, for example, are the cheapest of the fruit trees. However, apricots are the cheapest of the tree fruits. Interesting fact: apricot wine and apricot preserves both cost exactly the same at g with Artisan , so there's no point in making wine which takes 7 days when you can make preserves inAssuming you make everything into preserves, you're looking at a monthly harvest of for Artisans.

This means it'll pay itself back in the first season, and then some. From there, it is pure profit. Cherry trees are the better spring fruit tree as far as being a cash crop. While being almost twice as expensive , cherries are also almost twice as profitable.

Cherry wine costs and cherry preserves cost and respectively for artisans , so it really doesn't seem too profitable to make it into wine as far as time in. A monthly harvest of cherry preserves will net you with Artisan. Wine will net you with Artisan. Again, it pays itself off first season, and pure profit from there. Orange trees are the less expensive of the summer fruit trees, costing per tree.

The fruit itself pays off each for regular fruit, for preserves for Artisan , and for Artisan for wine. A month's harvest of preserves will net you a cool 10, for artisans!

The fruit cashes in at each. Preserves cash in at with Artisan and Wine rakes in with Artisan. Keep in mind, it will take seven casks per tree to keep it going that season. The problem with these four is that you will almost certainly never see these produce anything in year 1. Spring trees have to go into the ground by the end of summer of the previous year to produce fruit, and while it is possible to plant a summer fruit tree before the end of spring and see at least something out of it, you won't get a full month's harvest from it, and your money is likely best spent elsewhere in the cash-strapped first spring.

Apple trees produce in the fall, and apples are needed for the Forage bundle. The tree itself costs you 4, so less than the peach tree. Apples themselves go for each with preserves coming in at and wine at and respectively for Artisan.

So basically, apples have the same cash spread of an orange tree, but cost more. But hey, you need at least one to get your bundle, so there's that. Pomegranate trees have the exact same value as peach trees, costing per tree, fruit costing each, preserves at and wine atSo, how do these compare with crops? On a per-capita basis, they do pretty darn well, actually. Assuming you plant them in time to be fully mature when their fruit season comes around, they have the tremendous advantage of not having any growth time whatsoever, and they never die out.

So on a per-crop basis, they actually outperform all of the crops, even the berries! However, on a per area of land basis, they suck. You can plant crops far more compactly than trees, even if they are on a stand that you can't walk through. Berries kick the heck out of 'em in any given season if you plant a similarly sized plot per tree, even taking into consideration the sprinklers and scarecrows.

However, they are a way to utilize a large portion of your farm which would otherwise be barren, as a purely passive income stream. Plant cherry trees, peach trees, and pomegranate trees. If you want to use preserves jars, you're going to need around two jars per tree.

If you are using kegs, you'll need seven or so per tree to keep up with demand. ShneekeyTheLost , Jul 20,Come, Ents, we march to Isengard! The Ents are going to war! Lilliput , Jul 21,Gabaw and LuthienNightwolf like this. Good info to keep in mind, thanks for breaking it down. I do plan to keep a good-size orchard in my next save file.

Can we have some in the game pls? LuthienNightwolf , Jul 21,Gabaw and MrToni like this. That's a nice breakdown. I almost never used fruit trees since it required 9 squares as opposed to crops berries in particular. I was wondering though, if we counted the amount of tile squares available in the farm, would it be more advantageous to allocate more land to fruit orchards or to berries?

ShneekeyTheLost , Jul 21,Gabaw likes this. I totally planted my Spring trees the first day of Winter, and got fruit from the first day of Spring onward. I was dubious, but they did grow.

Otherwise, thanks for that breakdown, it's very handy! LadyC , Jul 21,Dividing numbers by nine to indicate per square cash yield generates the anticipated numbers. Blueberries, assuming no fertilizer or speed-gro, only seems to generatePreserves, however, will almost quadruple the output bringing value from 80 each to each with artisan.

Having said that, you're going to need roughly 7 TIMES as many preserves jars to handle the additional fruit. A 3 x 3 tree produces 1 fruit per day. So yea, round up toNow, each tree needs two preserves jars, so cut that in half, making it seven times the number of preserves jars. Compare this with 13, yield for a single peach tree using preserves or 17, for wine. You've got a total of 4 harvests, yielding 18 cranberries each for a total of 72 cranberries.

Regular cranberries go for each, or a monthly yield of 9, However, with sufficient preserves jars, you're looking at 33, So, again, the tree with preserves beats the raw berries, but cranberry preserves will stomp all over the trees. Now, in spring, potatoes are the crop to beat. Pickled potatoes sell for each assuming Artisan , which yields 13, The cherry tree, however, maxes out at 10, with Wine and Artisan.

So again, plain potatoes get beat, but pickled potatoes beat out cherry wine. In short, it depends on what you do with your crops once you plant them. If you intend to invest heavily in preserves jars, berries can beat out trees. However, trees are a less-effort solution.

You don't have to hoe or water them gotta water at least once per season , you don't have to rush out and buy them as soon as Pierre's opens and rush back out to plant them. You don't have to have nearly as many preserves jars with a fruit tree that you would for berries. So there's a lot less effort involved in trees, but assuming you turn each and every berry into preserves, berries will significantly outperform a fruit tree of equal size.

Trees are a low-maintenance supply of cash for one season, but continues to take up space year round. It is highly doubtful that anyone would like to take the time to plant crops on the entire farm, therefore there is unused space that can be used for trees. Two preserves jars per tree is optimal, however those same two preserves jars may be used across seasons. Therefore, if you have two cherry trees, two peach trees, and two pomegranate trees, you only need four kegs to keep up with all of them.

This is an efficient use of cash multiplication for trees. Planting trees that fruit in each season is optimal to ensure continuous cash flow across each season except winter since they can use the same preserves jars. Trees pay themselves off in the first fruit season, after that it is pure profit. Trees are good as a supplement to your cash flow, as a way of utilizing unused farmland without needing micromanagement or stamina investment, but are not as effective as crops for your primary cash flow source.

The great thing about the trees is that you can plant in places where you cant grow crops. But money wise i think its far better to use the farm space to grow and proccess crops as for low maintence, once you get sprinklers the only thing you gotta do is plant and harvest Also if you want to make more money you can use deluxe speed-gro and get the starfruits in 10 days and just plant corn on the end of the summer it'll last through fall and u'll not have much work watering the empty tiled spaces when summer ends.

And you can do all of that with a lot of fruit trees planted in areas out of the farm So i think tht the trees are a nice way to get some extra money, but i prefer to plant outside farm just because you can make much more profit in the farm area with crops.

Locomotion , Jul 21,

An entirely new region in … Stardew Valley fans have been treated to a number of updates over the years, including Stardew Valley's multiplayer farming, four new farm maps, and the incredible 1. On Ginger Island, there is a currency called Golden Walnuts which you will need for various tasks. This is additional content for Stardew Valley, but does not include the base game. Paying him will unlock the island's fast travel system. A total of 19 golden walnuts are located in Stardew Valley Update 1.

Stardew Valley: How to Easily get Iridium? Strawberries are one of the most profitable crops in the game. Decorative Champagne Flutes.

What is the most profitable crop in Stardew Valley Greenhouse?

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Stardew Valley Trees

When Stardew Valley players first inherit their family farm, they might be puzzled to see a broken-down old building in the northwest area. Upon completing the Pantry bundles in the Community Center, however, this building's purpose becomes clear: It's a greenhouse, with a 12x12 plot of tillable soil. After the Junimos restore this building, players can use this area to grow any crop in any season. When new players first gain this amazing resource, though, some aren't sure how to use it most effectively. Here's a list of crops that help turn the greenhouse into a money-making machine.

If you like making money, then you may be pretty heavily invested in your Stardew Valley Greenhouse crops. Many people want to make maximum efficiency out of their greenhouse crops without having to do completely tedious work.

Stardew valley caroline cheating

You can configure it to pop-up automatically, or require a button press to do so. Added a volcano dungeon which changes each time you visit it similar to the mines. A lot of people have asked me what mods I recommend for Stardew Valley! The lovingly crafted experience, clearly inspired by the best parts of HM and an idealized dream of quitting your nine to five job to tend a farm in the countryside was, and still is, one of the best things to happen to gaming in the past 10 years. Custom Cask Mod brings new fun to Pelican Town farmers.

Stardew Valley Greenhouse Guide – How to Repair the Greenhouse and What Crops to Grow Inside

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Taking potential earnings, the time required to grow the crop, and the potential uses of the eventual produce into account, this is a great.

Ancient Fruit is certainly the most profitable and least labor-intensive crop, especially for the Greenhouse — the most desirable if profit is the thing you need most. The Skull Cavern is full of deadly enemies and obstacles. Fruit trees do not need to be watered , and will not die in the winter.

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Stardew Valley is very deep when it comes to variety of plants and items. For us, a good choice of various items and possibilities gives a perfect chance to spend some time in Stardew Valley. Trees in Stardew Valley are not just for nice environment. Most of them can be tapped by a tapper, which will produce maple syrup, oak resin or pine tar depends on the type of a tree. Fruit trees, as you would guess, are for fruits. There are a few different fruit tree types to choose from, which we will talk about each of them later. Creating a tree farm is another way to profit.

From your first day on the farm, you have one goal above all others — to earn money and learn to survive by farming. That said, not all crops are created equal. All of them will keep you afloat — but some will help you to build that rich farming life quicker.

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