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Bella Luxe Landscape and Design

By Jennifer Ebert published 29 JuneLooking for garden landscaping ideas? The materials used — from pavers and gravel to wood and metal — add texture, character and structure, leading the eye through the landscape. Of course, they have a practical role, too, fulfilling roles such as adding flat surfaces for seating and dining furniture, creating garden boundaries and dividing different zones of the space, and adding shade.

If you want to know how to plan a garden , this is where to start. A garden features both hardscape — walkways, paving, decking, fencing, walls, and more — and the softscape of beds and borders and the plants within them, lawns and so on that you want within this landscape.

Afterwards, beds and borders are outlined and soil improved before planting and mulching, with topsoil then added for lawns and sod or grass seed put down. You might choose to design the garden yourself, and put in the hardscape, too, if you have DIY skills. However, you could call on a garden designer, who will look at the design as a whole, including the layout, structure and planting.

The designer may also call in a landscape contractor — or landscaper — to oversee the hardscaping. Alternatively, if you are designing the garden yourself, you could employ a landscaper to advise on the use of space and suitable materials and to put in these elements of the garden. If you are employing a professional to help, establish first what level of service you require.

That includes garden edging ideas , garden fence ideas and retaining garden wall ideas — those are your boundaries. Then thoroughfares: garden path ideas and walkways, steps, ramps, driveways, all of which then lead to seating or dining areas — or of course, the house.

For these, you need patio ideas and deck ideas. For structure, you might be looking for pergola ideas and gazebos or looking to add garden structures, so searching for pool house ideas. Next, to the luxe extras: outdoor kitchen ideas , water features, swimming pool ideas , and so on.

Do you need garden buildings in your plot? Whichever buildings you plan to incorporate, these will be major features of the landscape, so should be part of the whole, sympathetic to the rest of the garden, and complementary to your house. Architectural elements — from pergola ideas to pool houses — need to be properly detailed in advance and built by skilled contractors or craftspeople so they are sound as well as elegant. Think about how you can introduce drama and energy to the garden landscape aside from with the planting.

There are a whole host of features you can opt for. Even the smallest garden can accommodate a water feature; sculptures and other artworks can create fabulous focal points; and mirrors can give the illusion of a larger space and provide fresh views. Outdoor lighting ideas can highlight the elements you want to focus on after dark from plants to the texture of a wall. If your budget is small, you can still create a fabulous design with cost-saving garden landscaping ideas.

To save, consider swapping pavers for gravel, and consider re-using materials such as old bricks as paving. Meanwhile, wood is a cost-effective option for dividers, screens and plant supports, as well as for steps.

If you can DIY, you can also save on labor, but even if a contractor is doing the work on your behalf, choosing pavers made from concrete rather than those in limestone will mean a lower overall cost. When it comes to the planting, being prepared to buy smaller plants can also save money — although it will take longer for a remodeled garden to appear established if you take this route.

Remember that as well as setting aside the cost of any permit or planning permission application, you may also need to pay for professional consultancy, so build this into your budget from the start. A garden design with plenty of softscaping — think trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses, climbers, lawns — can save compared to one that majors in hardscape.

With a clever design and good plant selections, you can give your garden structure and year-round excitement. Include a kitchen garden and you can also enjoy the fruits of your labors in the kitchen.

Most of us want at least one hard level surface for seating and dining furniture, too. A preponderance of planting also means a higher maintenance garden, so aim for a design with a balance between hard and soft elements that suits your lifestyle.

The garden landscaping ideas you can opt for include those that make your plot wildlife friendly. It will support bees, butterflies and birds, and look fabulous as well. Always buy seeds or wildflower turf suited to your local conditions. Consider planting native hedges and trees and fruit trees as well, and add water for garden inhabitants. Buy grass that will grow well in your location. Warm season grasses including Bermuda and St Augustine grow best in the south, while cool season grasses like fescue grasses and bluegrass are preferable in the north.

Your supplier should recommend a different turf for a manicured look than for a resilient lawn the kids will play on. Surfaces of walkways, paths and patios should be anti-slip and this is particularly important if young kids or older people are using the garden.

While gravel is a cheaper material, it is inclined to travel, so consider maintenance levels, too. The noise it makes when you walk on it might also be worth thinking about. If you use unusual materials, such as broken china for a mosaic, also bear in mind the effects of frost. While aesthetics will guide your choice, materials need to be fit for purpose. At ground level, drainage is a big issue. When choosing paving, look for permeable designs that reduce the risk of flooding. Establish a style.

In general, hardscaping tends to be the star of contemporary designs, and the range of materials for such spaces is extensive — mirror, metal, Corten steel, and concrete to name a few — but there is nothing to stop you using these in traditional herbaceous gardens. The trick is to create a coherent design.

Your first priority will be to establish the functional spaces, from terraces to paths. The size of an area and its use will dictate which materials are most suitable. Also think about color, texture and interest, and how the materials will interact both with plants and with the house when viewed from the garden.

Sleek, smooth stone that continues inside is a smart option if you have a modern addition or bi-fold doors, but can look harsh butted straight up to a red brick home or a rustic cottage. Check out the Association of Professional Landscape Designers to find a designer in your area: there are members throughout the US.

You can ask a general contractor to do hardscaping, but a specialist will have a much better understanding of the principles of soil compaction, levels and drainage, and will also be well versed in the available materials.

Expect to provide a down payment of 25 to 35 per cent of the overall cost to secure the contract, and to arrange to pay the remainder in instalments to ensure the job is done to your satisfaction. Establish a schedule, payment terms and any guarantees for the project in writing.

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Gremmo Homes Display Home – 106 Edgewater Dr Bella Vista Waters Landscape (9)

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The renowned garden designer Rosemary Verey once said, 'True gardening Next, to the luxe extras: outdoor kitchen ideas, water features.

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Canvas in italian

Luxury doesn't necessarily have to mean traditional. Today's interior design trends offer plenty of other possibilities to break outside of the norm and make your interior style truly your own. With a few intentional choices in furniture, textiles, accessories, and architectural features, you can add a modern twist to your classic decor. Decorate your home with a bit of an edge with the following tips. Minimalist architectural details can help set your modern design theme.

Gardens, gazebos, outdoor kitchens, ponds, and swimming pools, and just the right flower in just the right place blooming when you need an escape from the pressures of everyday life: we need the outdoors, and the outdoors are an essential part of our homes, whether we live in a crowded urban setting or a rural cabin in the mountains.

Washing duvet cover first time

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8 Print Magazines at the Intersection of Outdoors, Creativity & Design

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In charge of the plant palette, landscape architect Richard Bartley with designer GeGe Pender incorporating subtle pops of color — such.

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Here are 20 Most Viral Fashion Moments of 2021

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