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Plant protein bars garden of life colognes coconut enriches a diet with bean and nut nutrition it also offers healthy cooking oil sprouting nutritional micro brewer overal protein white + chocolate strawberry with a not too extreme cocoa flavour preserves and gives a fruity taste soy nut flour is extracted from soy bean sementyji merlot fruity + has a strong aroma and a bitter taste soy milk is the most wholesome version of milk that contains lactose and soya peptides.

I am so happy with your garden of life protein bars! they were packaged in a lovely tin, and tasted great. the chocolate flavor is not too intense, and the soy variety gives a light and fruity flavor. i will be ordering your other bars in the future. your product is sure to be a hit!

Yes, I am still eating them. They are delicious, don't get any complaints here. As much as I appreciate all the other people, I love to write reviews. These are hard to find and are especially hard to find here in Australia. My name is Laurel, I ordered the Oreo and the Dark Chocolate. They come packaged in the white cartons. I will be buying more and hope you do too.

This was a surprise since we know that Panda was closed down by the FDA. How did it all happen?

Peanut allergies in children are the fastest growing health issue of the twenty first century. New evidence indicates that up to 8.7% of infants now are allergic to peanut. The only established treatment for the peanut allergy is strict avoidance and the debilitating and life threatening reactions are often fatal.

Asthma is the number one cause of school absenteeism. Anaphylactic shock reactions are very common and the treatment is simple.

The adverse effects of peanut are well known and public health institutions are trying to educate the public on the health risks, but very few parents are aware of them. Since they don't know that they need to avoid, almost everyone eats peanuts while many families have enough peanuts to eat for a year.

Pediatricians need a better solution. The likelihood of developing an allergy to peanuts or milk is high if their parent is allergic. Most pediatricians follow guidelines that suggest, when a child is exposed to peanuts in early life, that they should be given a trial to eat them. But many parents have no idea that there is no medical evidence for this practice, and it has also been determined that the approach of a trial to eat peanuts is not effective. Since avoidance of the allergen is so risky, more education is needed, and especially since children with food allergies tend to be at risk of anaphylactic reactions, then they need help.

Lifespan was founded to address the public health need for access to a product to manage food allergies and the risk of peanut and milk allergies.

In the U.S., 10% of people may have a peanut allergy. 40% of the population and 30% of African American children may have a milk allergy.

Can you speak more about how the product works and what type of dosage is involved?

I'm sure there are many allergies but I have not researched those. This product can be used daily. I have used this product for 2 months and it does not hurt the throat. I mix 1-2 tsp in 6 ounces of hot water and drink them first thing in the morning. I do this for 6 months and still use it.

It was easier to drink than you described. I wouldn't make it a habit but do not need to make it a daily requirement. I am sure there are many allergies but I have not researched those.

I will be ordering more of this product, but it would be good to see a recommendation for cooking and baking with it. I like the look of your site but thought it would be easier to order from your Amazon store. I have never ordered from that site, but I just tried to order from it and cannot find the product. I was directed to Panda, but I do not see this product there either. I found a chocolate version but not the other flavors. If this product can be used as baking, it could make a big difference.

What caused me to make this comment is that the website did not show the product I wanted. I wanted a Hershey's Kit. The look of the Garden of Life website is great, but it is too hard to navigate if you want a specific product and not just peruse what is in stock. I would like to see a store on the website that is not called Panda, that is where I have found most of the products. They can be ordered by clicking the Panda products only link and then selecting the product. Or Amazon or another vendor.

Hi there, for $2.29 a box, I would say this is a very affordable option for those that don't have allergies and for those that do. Also, it is good if you're lactose intolerant or diabetic. I can attest to that, as I cannot even drink regular milk, but this stuff is amazing, especially in coffee. It gives a subtle chocolate flavor to my iced coffee. It is supposed to absorb all of the oils in the coffee, so that they can be better ingested by your body. I have to drink it fast, as I can actually taste the oils that the garden of life has absorbed. I would definitely give this a try, even if you don't have a milk allergy.

As for the taste, I'm actually starting to get addicted to it. It isn't as bitter as I expected it to be. I can taste the flavors that they put into the product. I like it. And, I like the packaging. All you have to do is add hot water. I am just starting to mix it in a glass of hot water. I am using it right now. But, I can taste the bitter chocolate flavor that it brings to my coffee.

I just wanted to mention that there are more benefits than just putting hot water and drinking it. I used it as a dairy replacement in my coffee. Because I don't drink milk, it is impossible to have a decent coffee every morning. But, I was able

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