Leaf color loss Howea forsteriana

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Question: Howea forsteriana leaf color loss

Hello, I have a problem regarding the Howea forsteriana, for some days the largest leaf is becoming more and more brown. I bought it about a year ago, I don't know if it has a slow growth but in this case it has not grown at all. thanks Mirko

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Answer: Howea forsteriana leaf color loss

Dear reader, thank you for writing to us. Howe forsteriana is a palm native to the Howe Islands that reaches 12-15 meters in its original environment but when grown in pots in an apartment it does not exceed 3 meters in height. The growth of these evergreen palms is very slow, so don't be alarmed if the plant doesn't grow. The plant produces a low number of fronds every year, about 2-3, and these fronds tend to arch over time.

The problem with your Howea forsteriana plant is most likely a problem related to irrigation. Easily she has exaggerated a bit with watering and her plant is therefore suffering. First of all, you must absolutely reduce the quantity and frequency of irrigation, decreasing the volume of water used for irrigation. Secondly, small tricks such as never leaving the saucer full of water and always allowing the soil to drain completely before a new irrigation will certainly improve the quality of its leaves.

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