Horticulture and agriculture exhibition

Horticulture and agriculture exhibition

The Horticulture and Agriculture exhibition (abbreviated H&,A) is a biannual event that hosts trade shows, competitions and educational shows. It has a history that spans more than 30 years and it has been an established fixture of the Australian agricultural calendar for the last seven years.

At the start of the event in 1990, it was part of a series of agricultural exhibitions staged throughout Australia. When the events stopped in 1997, the event was held in conjunction with the national agricultural show in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). It was an official exhibition event within the Australian Federation of Agriculture until 2004, when the organisation was dissolved. A year later the Horticulture and Agriculture Committee (HAC) decided to take the event under its own independent banner.

The event is held at Canberra Agricultural Showgrounds in Gungahlin, Australia. Prior to the opening of the showgrounds for the 2013 show, the event was staged at the Canberra Exhibition Centre and Showgrounds

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