Apollo horticulture 1200w led

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Apollo horticulture 1200w led grow light offers more light from the bottom of the flower pot while providing more shaded areas. This is an energy efficient light which can help to extend the flowering period and increase the yield. The horticulture light also comes with flexible features like ip control, dimmer and multi-color output.

Apollo horticulture 1200w led grow light with ip control

Apollo horticulture 1200w led grow light with ip control is designed to provide sufficient amount of lighting. It offers the flexibility of automatic color changing technology, energy saving ip control technology and comes with a timer and remote. The ip control technology helps to control the LED lights according to the needs of the plants.

Apollo horticulture 1200w led grow light with ip control is completely low maintenance and comes with 7 color settings with the ability to save over 50 percent of the energy costs. The bulbs of the light are protected from the dust and provides a clean spectrum of color. The bulbs can be changed easily without the help of any tools. It is quite easy to maintain, and the 25 year warranty protects it from any defects.

What is a Plant Sensor?

A plant sensor is an intelligent lighting device which is embedded with sensors. It measures the root growth, plant size, and soil temperature for optimal plant growth. It allows the grower to regulate the plant’s growth easily. The plant sensors also help the grower to prevent plants from getting unhealthy under conditions such as low light or high temperature. It also allows the user to increase the rate of plant growth for the greater yield. The user can check the plant growth through the smartphone app. The plant sensors can be used for indoor as well as for outdoor plants.

Why Choose Plant Sensor?

In addition to using the plant sensor, the grower can also monitor the nutrient absorption, root growth, and soil conditions of the plants. Thus, the grower can save money as compared to using a nutrient sensor.

The user can install a digital plant camera to the grow lamp for remote observation of the plants. The user can also keep a watch on the plants during the night through the remote plant camera. This remote plant camera sends images to the smartphone app and thus helps in analyzing the plant conditions.

The plant sensors are quite affordable as compared to a nutrient sensor.

What are the Features of Plant Sensor?

The plant sensor is quite affordable as compared to a nutrient sensor. With the help of the plant sensor, you

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