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With hope in our hearts, we say goodbye to a year that held far too much anguish and disaster, and welcome a new year. As gardeners, we can rejoice that the days are now growing longer if imperceptibly , the worst of the holiday busyness is over and our thoughts can at last return to our particular obsession. Old timers know: the annual flood of bare root fruiting trees, shrubs and vines will be arriving at local garden centers during the next several weeks. Why should the arrival of hundreds of trees and other fruiting plants get our juices flowing?

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Nursery & Plant Providers

Hank and Ellen Brokaw started the farm, son Rob manages the nursery and son Will manages farmers' market sales. They are helped by 15 full-time employees. Brokaw Nursery is one of California's largest suppliers of subtropical orchard trees. They are also an industry leader in innovating new varieties of fruits and rootstocks though the nursery still constitutes the bulk of the business.

In the '60s they purchased a ranch and started an orchard from scratch, developing virgin land into fruit trees. The rugged terrain, clay-ey soil, and steep slopes of the ranch have made it challenging and expensive to plant orchards on all of the ranch's acreage. Brokaw Nursery exports to over 45 countries worldwide.

Round-up an herbicide is used around the base of trees for weeds. The Brokaws work hard to avoid having to spray their fruit. One of the biggest problems for avocado growers is a pest called avocado thrip. Organic alternatives have not proved effective, and Hank has decided to use the pesticide again to avoid more loss. Citrus fruit is treated with a pesticide called Admire when aphids infest the trees.

Clay, built with potassium, iron, and zinc chelates; urea is added to irrigation water. When trees are unhealthy, the Brokaws will remove them, dig trenches, amend the soil with gypsum and mushroom compost, and then plant new trees. Follow SCFarmersMkts. Search for:. Santa Cruz Farmers Markets. Brokaw Nursery. Bio Brokaw Nursery is one of California's largest suppliers of subtropical orchard trees. People Hank and Ellen Brokaw started the farm, son Rob manages the nursery and son Will manages farmers' market sales.

Land acres in Ventura and 75 acres in Soledad, CA. Soil Clay, built with potassium, iron, and zinc chelates; urea is added to irrigation water. Water Sprinkler irrigation from well water. All Rights Reserved.

Organic nursery california

The right fruit trees for the Bay Area might be just what many are looking for. How fruit trees add value to any Bay Area garden From the inner city of San Francisco to the outer boundaries of the Bay Area, growing a wide variety of delicious fruit is possible with just a little effort. Yet, some fruit trees are much easier to care for than others. How to select a fruit tree for the Bay Area Before you recommend a fruit tree to your client , consider that they require at least hours of full sun per day to develop and thrive. For a healthy and productive tree, the installation location should also provide well-draining soil and appropriate irrigation.

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Tree farm coupons

Do you dream of harvesting sweet plums, apples, pears, or other delicious fruits from trees in your own backyard? You can begin growing your food forest right now because winter is the time to plant deciduous bare root fruit trees! How will you harvest your fruit, and what are your harvest goals? What are some limiting factors in your landscape aside from climate? The world of fruit trees is vast and delicious, but not all fruit trees are grown or even planted in the same way. It also includes persimmons, figs, and many other fruiting trees, but not citrus or tropical fruits. Within each genera are numerous varieties to consider, which are determined by the fruit tree scion. A scion is one-year-old wood taken from a tree during dormancy. It determines the variety of fruit, which affects taste, texture, and other qualities of the fruit itself. In the image above, Santa Cruz Permaculture Director David Shaw is holding the rootstock in his hands and the scion with his mouth in preparation for grafting the two together.

Villa For sale Santa Cruz Santa Cruz

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They start small, with just one or two proactive individuals who are pained by the sight of perfectly good fruit in the late stages of decomposition.

Your Large Tree Transplanting Experts Since 1984

Tips for the best varieties of olive trees to plant if you are thinking of starting your own grove. I take gifting very seriously. Scarves, perfume sets and tools are too easy—I only feel good about giving a present after I have tortured myself for days, weeks and sometimes months over whether or not it is perfectly perfect. All year long I keep my eyes and ears open for hints of things friends and family want, then add it to a secret list. I'm sort of like Santa, but not nearly as jolly. The one person who always eludes this list is my mother-in-law, Lucy, whom I adore.

Nursery Plants & More in Santa Cruz, CA

Click here for map. We make exceptional. Far West Nursery and Garden Center, a family-owned business since , offers an abundance of ornamental landscape plants to satisfy your garden needs. We have colorful flowering plants, fruit trees, and privacy screening plants. Create your own tropical paradise or native habitat. Explore our Garden Delights room and discover unique pottery, lush houseplants, gloves, seeds, soil amendments and seasonally-available bulbs. Share the fun of plant-shopping with a fellow gardener.

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Communities Grow Stronger with Fruit Tree Projects

There are many groups which glean, harvest, collect, rescue, or recover fruit or produce for charitable purposes. Groups listed may or may not be official c 3 charitable organizations. Because of the discovery of oriental fruit flies, on October 5 the California Department of Food and Agriculture CDFA imposed a quarantine restricting any harvesting or movement of home-grown Read More.


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Strolls in Santa Cruz are kinda a thing. With acres of gardens and blooms, the UCSC Arboretum is a unique and beautiful place to walk through nature. Photo courtesy of xxhsgxx. Large collections of plants from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and California natives are found on the grounds. See a variety of rare fruit trees, succulents, and bustling aroma gardens — bustling with hummingbirds and bees that is. Photo courtesy of patdurr.

If you have an apricot tree, it is time to prune it, as growth has ceased for the year.

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Before you start digging holes for fruit trees, you should first investigate the best location for those trees. These trees have the potential to live decades - if not a century - if treated well and planted in a proper location. Here are some guidelines:. When digging, notice when you encounter a different colored soil- this is your subsoil. Keep it separate from your topsoil, making 2 piles.

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