Fruit squishies at dollar tree

Fruit squishies at dollar tree

I saw these today at dollar tree! They aren't real fruit, but for under a dollar, who cares? I'll take that any day!

I just love these, and I don't care what you say about it. That's for sure! :

This week, for the first time in many, many years, I'm feeling that winter is coming. I had gotten away from that feeling, and then I went on a vacation that brought me back to that feeling. But the weather is changing around here, and it brings that feeling back again. It isn't cold yet, but it is going to be soon. So I'm starting to prepare. I want to stock up for winter. Here is my list:

*A generator*An electric blanket*Wool socks*A sleeping bag*Tent*A backpack*Sleeping pads*Sleeping bags*A wood stove*Tent stove*Oven*Knife sharpener*Flashlights*Washcloths*Oven mitts*A space heater*Lighter*Canned food*Flashlights*A lantern

And I want to stock up in the yard, too:

*Lawn mower*Weed eater

So, do you have a list of things you want to buy? How about anything else that you want to get?

I love this question. So, I guess the answer to it depends on where you live. I've lived in a few different climates, and here are a few things that I've learned.

1. I don't like to be cold. We don't have very cold temperatures here, but the wind can blow it down the door at you. It is always cold enough to get me going in the morning, but I would much rather be warm. I can do that right now because I have heat, but when the wind gets up and blows it down the door at me, I feel like I've lost half of the battle. It would be nice to have a small space heater, but of course, I have neither the money nor the room. However, I don't mind the heat from the fire. I'd rather just light it in the middle of the night and see it glow, rather than having it blow on the wind all night. For hot water, I'm fine with a little electric hot water tank and an electric stove top. When we go camping, my favorite is a Coleman hot water kettle. I like the one that lights up on top of the hot water tank, as it is easier to see and doesn't take up any room. It also has a plug for an outlet. 2. I like to go to bed, and I like to get up in the morning. For me, getting to sleep is a luxury that takes a lot of time. It takes a little longer to warm up my blankets and get ready for bed. Then, when I'm in bed, I like to stay there. I also like to get up in the morning. I love being able to look out my window to see how the weather is. I love waking up to the smell of the fire. I love waking up to the sounds of the wind. I love having the time to enjoy my coffee, and I love the silence. It is hard to enjoy that silence when it is cold. However, when the sun is up and it is warm, I can take a nap under the blankets and enjoy the heat and enjoy the breeze, and it is wonderful. When I was a kid, the only time I remember napping was at the beach or when my grandma went to sleep, and it was wonderful. 3. I like to be warm when I sleep, and I like to be able to see when I get up. I like to have the opportunity to see what's going on, and I also like the ability to see the weather outside. 4. I enjoy having my own bedroom. I love to have my own space. When my mom and dad first bought our house, they renovated the master bedroom. They brought it from the 1970s, and they made it into a pretty sweet space. It has a four-poster bed, and it is really pretty. They also had an outdoor patio, which was a great addition to the space. It is small, but it's really cool. The bedroom also has a big closet that is really cool, and it has plenty of space for me. I like that it's all mine. When my parents first bought the house, they didn't have a house. They rented a small house, and they made my brother's room into my room. They had one of those walk-in closets, and it was really small. The bedroom that I currently have was the previous master bedroom. They renovated the house, and I moved into this room in the winter of 2010. When I first moved in, it had been several years since the previous occupant of the room was there. There were spiders, and it was just really gross. So, they replaced the carpet, and I finally started to enjoy my room. The house has since been remodeled in the attic, and they renovated the attic room into a guest room. They also installed another guest room in my brother's room. They turned his room into a really cool room, so I'm really happy about that.

The house also has a few other bedrooms, and they have all of these nice, small rooms that I think are cool. They have one that is used as a gym, and then they have a kid's room that has like a little bed in it. They also have an office that has a lot of storage space, and they have a garage that they use for things. Then they have the attic room, which is so funny, because the attic is actually really small. They also have an outdoor space, but I'm not really into that. If I could have anything, I would have a nice pool. I would love that. I'm not really a big swimmer, but I would love to swim in a pool. In a way, that would be like going to the beach every day. Even if I had to drive for an hour to the ocean, I would be happy just to have a pool, because it would be nice to be in the water for a little bit.

I really like the house, and I love my room. I'm really happy with the house. My brother has really good taste when it comes to interior design, and I really love how the house turned out. He was very involved in the interior design process, and it has a lot of his personality, and it reflects his taste in music and his likes and his dislikes. I can't wait to show people the house and show them my room. It's very cozy. It's not too big, but it's comfortable. It feels like home, because that's what it is. It's our home.

I think I'm really going to enjoy having the house. I think it's going to be really great. When I move out, I can't wait to get back to that house. It's going to be a lot of fun to move back. It's going to be exciting to go back home and see my friends again.

I think about things like that all the time. My friends are all over the place. They're at


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