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This A-to-Z guide illuminates the numerous health benefits of 50 common, easy-to-grow houseplants along with detailed care instructions and beautiful illustrations of each plant. Plants are a quick and easy way to add life, color, and texture to any indoor space. But houseplants offer so much more than just visual interest to a room. They can purify the air, reduce stress, improve sleep—and much more! Houseplants for a Healthy Home explains the specific health and wellness benefits of 50 common, easy-to-grow, and popular houseplants, while introducing you to new favorites bound to brighten your life. Let Houseplants for a Healthy Home lead you to a life in full bloom.

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Plantcare Specialist

Incorporating plants into your home decor can be one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to bring life to your space. Not only that but they have also been found to provide a variety of mood-boosting qualities and health benefits that are too good to ignore.

Check your new plants for any signs of pests or plant diseases. The best advice we can give new homeowners is to start adding plants slowly to their new homes. Unless your new home is filled with bright indirect sunlight, then, by all means, it is indoor jungle ready! Plant parenthood is something that you learn more about every single day.

Once you figure out lighting and watering, you can tackle almost any plant. Focus on one plant at first, and then you can branch out and start building your collection as your knowledge grows.

Monstera Plant Co. I have been a plant owner for some years now and have done so seldomly. But that is what I love about indoor plants. Starting with an easy plant to manage is prominent. Money trees are great starter plants, which I have and care for with regular water and window light. I also have mint vines growing from the same soil, which I use for tea.

All you need is a piece of the vine and a cup of water to get started there. Now and then, I plant an apple seed to practice my green thumb. Involvements like these are therapeutic for me, and the success rate makes you want to do more.

Growing plants at home is fun but can be tricky at times. For tropical plants like Hoyas; good lighting, humidity, and warm temperatures are necessary to help them thrive. If the plant is supposed to hang, pruning is also not necessary but healthy for the plant and will encourage more vines and will help create a much fuller and bushier pot.

Watering is essentially a relationship that you build with your plants in the beginning. You want to watch how you are watering. We suggest giving their first watering a full soaking allowing the water to drain thoroughly. From there you want to allow a drying period, in this time watch how the topsoil dries out and pick up your plant to feel how light it is the lighter the less water it is holding. This is building a relationship with your plant introducing confidence with your plant care.

Visitors always comment on how healthy all of our plants look. We water the soil liberally every week or so, but spray almost every day and they love it. Even famously tricky plants like Alocasia and strings of pearls are thriving. A bit of careful neglect goes a long way with houseplants! When in doubt, get a pot with a drainage hole! Decorative pots are fun and have unique accents, but there are plenty of beautiful ceramic pots with drainage that you can incorporate into your decor that will better serve your plant long-term!

Drainage holes prevent root rot, mineral build-up, and pests. Wipe down your plant leaves on top and underneath. Make sure you dust your houseplants! Removing dust from the leaves not only improves their appearance, but it also helps them absorb more sunlight. Indoor plants clean the air inside your home better than any mechanical filter can. One plant per square feet can effectively clean the air inside your home. Plants absorb carbon dioxide, remove toxic, harmful contaminants such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, and xylene, and they give us pure oxygen to inhale into our lungs and blood.

That means compensating for low humidity and airflow alongside the typically important components of soil drainage and sunlight. Consider placing plants near a window that can be opened and using a mister or humidifier.

You can then find the right type of plant that will thrive in the conditions you have. We wish we knew just how limited the amount of sunlight there is indoors, even in the brightest, sunniest homes. There is a fraction of the amount of light that there is outdoors, and each foot you move a plant away from a window, it receives even less light. Indoor houseplants rely on us to survive. By providing their ideal light, water, temperature, growing medium soil , and nutrients, your indoor plants will thrive.

Study their care card, research online articles, or ask plant groups to fully understand the care. From there, adjust care accordingly. Here at Tropical Plants of Florida, we grow just that, tropical plants. To successfully house tropicals we offer this simple but effective advice: generally, if your plant has a flower, it will require a lot of light, versus a foliage plant that can tolerate lower light conditions.

For example, hibiscus plants require 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight, in comparison to ZZ plants which can survive under fluorescent lighting! Bonus: Watering correlates here too as hibiscus plants need to be watered frequently, whereas ZZ plants can go weeks without. One common mistake people make is using soil from the outdoors.

This can be a recipe for disaster since you never know the organisms it contains, and which ones may thrive in an indoor environment. Houseplants are far more than just decorative items. While you should ensure you create a suitable environment for your houseplant, keep in mind that you can also harness them for other purposes. For example, popping an Aloe Vera in your kitchen to help soothe any burns, using English Ivy to help clear the air for those with Asthma.

Choose plants you think are beautiful, even when not in bloom. Be prepared to take responsibility for your plants. You may need to hire a plant sitter while on longer trips. Have more than one plant. Happy plants beam more than lonely plants. The best advice I can think of is to be consistent.

Pick a day of the week to care for your plants and water accordingly. Also, plants tend to need more water in the winter when the heat is on and less in the summer with the air conditioning on. Owning plants is a scientific process of learning where you try something new, observe what happens, merge those observations with past observations, and modify your behavior to move closer to your desired result.

You may not be able to articulate what you learned in the moment when a plant dies, but no doubt you did learn something and you will use that knowledge in the future.

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The Benefits of Houseplants

The Plant Guy creates and provides unique plant arrangements, landscape and interior design services to lovers of nature with an eye for design. From elaborate landscaping projects to lush living walls, form and function go into the thought process of every design. We offer a full service on-site maintenance program to make sure your plants stay happy, healthy, and bright, just like your space. The Plant Guy creates and provides unique plant arrangements, landscape, and interior design services to lovers of nature with an eye for design. I own multiple properties in Broward and The Plant Guy selects beautiful plants and maintains them for me. Whenever a plant needs to be replaced they willingly do so and assist me in selecting another beautiful plant… The Plant Guy has beautiful plants and pots and to work with Matthew is a pleasure.

Indoor Plants Garden Plants Flowers For Sale In Fort Lauderdale. in. Ivy Classic Ring and Heart Topiary in Grower Pot Pair, purple 5 in. orchid plant.

South Florida Full-Service Landscape Nursery and Garden Center

Indoor Plants in Hialeah on YP. Bay 8, Hialeah, FLHialeah Map. Woman-owned custom manufacturer of aluminum part used as planters for indoor foliage. Features include cone shape, tapered side, 14 in. Plants from Bella-Flor-Flowers make a long lasting and affordable gift for any occasion. We have a wide selection of all types of plants including house, tropical and indoor plants. We can even deliver your plants to Hialeah, FL or nationwide. Sort: More.

They will grow on you

House plants can add a personal touch to any room, as well as a fresh burst of color. However, you should be sure to select plants that thrive in an indoor environment with limited room to grow and filtered sunlight. In South Florida, there are a variety of plants that fit these requirements. Below are some of the best plants for Florida homes:. Spider plants are highly resilient plants that thrive indoors when they are in indirect sunlight.

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Lawn Care Services at Fort Lauderdale Walmart Supercenter #2946

We are proud to announce our first brick-n-mortar store! We are excited to serve Miami and educate the community on leading innovation in biophilic design! We are reintroducing humanity to its natural landscape one green wall at a time, by transforming urban spaces into oasis designed to captivate and motivate. With a staggering population of 7. As our cities expand and our buildings climb to greater heights to scrape the skies, we are farther removed from the essential benefits of nature.

Indoor Plant Care Tips You Wish You Knew Sooner

More than 6, attendees attended the industry trade show over the course of the two-day event - an increase of over last year! Attendees flocked to Fort Lauderdale from no less than 47 states, six Canadian provinces and 37 different countries. Interiorscape buyers jumped up by eight percent over last year. Landscape buyers catapulted up by an astounding 24 percent. And, the number of retail buyers at TPIE also increased by 41 percent. Some exhibitors took exhibit booth spaces showcasing houseplants, indoor foliage, tropicals, products and services. Eye-catching merchandise displays and clever marketing ideas were abundant throughout the nearly five-acre TPIE show floor! As for what the substantial increases in attendance can be attributed to, insiders say signs point to the exploding trend of houseplants as a retail product category throughout the United States.

Macaroni Kid Fort Lauderdale offers a free weekly e-newsletter with a website and all social media platforms where parents, grandparents and.

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How to Garden With Small Children

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Spring is here, and that means flowers are blooming and plants are growing. Here are some tips for gardening with small children. Choose plants or vegetables with large seeds that are easy for your child to handle, and also look for things that grow quickly such as carrots. Take your time, and have conversations with your child about each step in the process. Nothing is more fun to a preschooler than digging around in the dirt, so gardening is the perfect time to let her indulge.

Please note that for all other orders, we may need to replace stems so we can deliver the freshest bouquet possible, and we may have to use a different vase.

Please visit the locations link below to choose your store. We offer the best product line when it comes to health and nutrition. DIY Irrigation Superstore. Be sure to bring jacket or sweater and ladies, leave your sandals at home; you will shop inside a big walk-in cooler filled with pre-bloom flowers. Tropical Flower.

What lip gloss is to a model, leaf gloss is to a plant. Whole tankloads of the stuff must have rained down on this year's Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition. Growers paraded thousands of polished, glistening specimens before prospective buyers at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale last week, and with all that glitter and shine, a visitor almost needed dark glasses. One question: where have all the natives gone?

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