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An apple growing on a tree. Minarettes in pots, in a garden. We grow more apples both commercially and in the garden than any other fruit tree. Pot-grown trees may produce fewer fruit than those grown in the ground, but they can be grown on paved areas and courtyards in the smallest gardens.

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How to get fab fruit at your fingertips with MONTY DON's guide to growing your own at home

Winter is an excellent time to plant trees, while they are dormant, so if you enjoy a bowl of nuts at Christmas time, why not think long-term, and plant nut trees now for a homegrown harvest in future? There are lots of cultivars available, but choose carefully because they may not flower at the same time — vital if you want nuts to set.

Have a look at this handy pollination table produced by Orange Pippin Fruit Trees. Plant the trees in well-drained soil with plenty of space around them — the flowers are wind pollinated and you need pollen from one hazelnut to be able to freely reach the other.

There is no need to dig in manure or enrich the soil at planting, as overly-rich soil tends to result in leafy growth at the expense of catkins and nuts. Hazelnuts are ready to harvest when their husks start to turn yellow.

Pick and store in a dry airy space. Walnuts are another possibility. The common walnut Juglans regia grows into a big tree, some m tall, so this is one for gardeners with plenty of room, and like hazelnuts, pollination is improved if there are two in the vicinity. Pick walnuts when their leathery casing starts to split in autumn. Break open a couple to check that they have a fully-formed kernel inside and if so, wearing gloves because they stain, remove all traces of the casing to leave just the familiar shell.

Alternatively, pick unripe nuts when their casing is still green and try pickling them. Sweet chestnuts are self-fertile so will produce a plentiful crop from a single tree. With their spiny fruits and handsome veined leaves they make a wonderfully ornamental tree for large gardens or woodland. You can also grow almonds in the UK and their pretty spring blossom is a rival for their close relatives, the ornamental cherries, making them a decorative addition.

Both are self-fertile. Most trees though — especially large ones — are practically impossible to protect, so the best option is to resign yourself to sharing some of your crop.

Click here for our beef with port and pickled walnuts recipe. Illuminated gardens to visit this Christmas. Autumn tree colour: Why do leaves change colour? Autumn planting at Chelsea Flower Show. Trees for small gardens: Compact tree varieties. Winter balcony garden ideas.

Cyclamen persicum: Plant profile. Citrus trees orange, lemon, lime : Plant profile. Subscribe Newsletter. Your special offer X. Subscribe now. Home Expert Advice Grow your own nuts. Expert Advice Plants. Share on Facebook. Walnuts have large, attractive leaves and green unripe fruit. Photo: Shutterstock. Winter greenhouse gardening ideas. View More. Every issue, The English Garden magazine features the most beautiful gardens from all across the UK and Ireland - both town and country plots, big and small.

Inside, you will find invaluable practical advice from real gardeners, plantspeople and designers.

Fruit trees

Buy bare rooted fruit trees, soft fruit bushes, canes, and vines from the fruit experts. At Ken Muir we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality certified fruit tree, cane and soft fruit stocks. We have an extensive range of fruit trees all chosen for their flavour and includes apples, pears, plums and cherries, together with more unusual fruits such as mulberries, medlars, figs and nuts. For the smaller garden we have a wide selection of Minarette fruit trees suitable for growing in pots, along with a variety of trained trees.

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November 10-17

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The Five Year Trees

I'm looking to buy some apple trees and fruit bushes. Been looking online but I'd rather see what I'm buying and delivery charges are steep. Anyone know a good place to buy? I know there are 3 there, but can't remember their names. We've been very happy with the service from Ken Muir in the past - they're fruit specialists though you'd probably have to order online if you're not prepared to travel that far.

We at Ken Muir pride ourselves on providing the highest quality fruit trees.

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These varieties should escape reversion disease, since this is transmitted by the mite. That is good news. But when will these disease-resistant blackcurrants be available to gardeners? On the gooseberry front, the tidings are better. Ms Keep also had a hand in producing a virtually spineless gooseberry, heavy cropping and resistant to mildew.

Ken Muir Discount Codes & Deals

Shopping at Ken Muir will keep their business team ready to help you, as well as Ken Muir discount codes - can be found and copied on vouchereview. The vision of Ken Muir is to enable everyone to get the best quality products at the highest price, at an unbeatable price, regardless of age or location, to obtain reliable information and solutions to meet their specific needs. With more than fifty years of experience, Ken Muir boasts to deliver only the highest quality certified fruit stocks. Ken Muir has a large selection of fruit trees top fruits for sale, such as apples, pears, plums and cherries along with unusual fruits such as mulberries, medals, figs and nuts. For the smaller Ga Ga The soft fruits of Ken Muir cover strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, grapes, currants and raspberries, as well as more acidic plants such as blueberries and cranberries. Ken Muir also has a selection of asparagus crowns and gourmet mushrooms.

Eventually got one from Ken Muir a couple of years later. Another well regarded supplier is Keepers Nursery. Last edited by Kirk;.

Ken Muir Discount Codes December 2021 :get 35% Off

It was our fifth wedding anniversary just before Christmas. Hopefully our simple apple and plum trees will be the start of slowly curated orchard collection we have a quince tree from our wedding to add to it and we can look forward to late summer days filled with juicy plums and crisp apples. The apple it produces is a bit like a Cox , crisp and juicy with an sweet flavour and it suitable for growing throughout the UK. For our plum tree, we went for the classically named Victoria Plum — a popular culinary variety, with large, juicy fruit, and plenty of it.

Grow your own nuts

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Our Feedback Received my fruit plants today. Very well packaged. Excellent healthy plants. So happy with everything from ordering to receiving. Just got to go to the allotment now and plant them!

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Grow Your Own Fruit by Ken Muir (Paperback, 2007)

Pot-grown trees may produce fewer fruit than those grown in the ground, but they can be grown on paved areas and courtyards in the smallest gardens. Many apple trees can be grown in a pot, provided they are bought on the appropriate dwarfing rootstock, supplied with pollinating companion trees and kept well-fed and watered. Free-standing trees or upright cordons are best for growing this way, trained as pyramid or bush trees. Dwarf pyramids are conical and trained to produce tiers of branches all the way up the main trunk, starting around 60cm above the soil surface. Six to eight feet tall 1. Apples on dwarfing rootstocks such as M26 or M9 can be grown in large tubs or pots cm diameter filled with John Innes No 3 compost.

W hile it would be nice to meander through your own orchard, plucking apples from trees, most of us have only a small patch of garden to play with. But a lack of space doesn't mean you can't grow fruit. Most soft and tree fruit will clamber up walls or grow in miniature form, so that even the smallest garden can bulge with a large crop of fresh, delicious fruit.

Watch the video: How to plant a tree so that it grows 3 times faster. Root training method.

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