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Are your maples losing their leaves in the middle of the canopy? That is typically a sucking insect called gloomy scale. Gloomy Scale is easily treatable but if left untreated will often kill the tree. Do your trees have webs on the branches?

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An all inclusive solution

Does your tree look sick? Have you noticed decline in the canopy of your tree? Has something changed around your tree that has you concerned about its health? Read on Plant Health Care is a specialized field of arboriculture that deals with insect, disease, and environmental related tree disorders and their management.

Problems for trees and landscape plants come in many, many forms; their causes are equally numerous; and their proper management depends on a knowledgeable and thorough arborist to investigate and correctly diagnose the problem. The Plant Health Care experts at DLTS take part in monthly continuing education programs in order to stay updated and knowledgeable on tree health disorders and their proper treatment.

Remember, treatment without proper diagnosis is malpractice! Plant Health Care also refers to the proactive health care of our clients' trees and landscapes. Our team of ISA Certified Arborists understand that healthy growing conditions create healthy plants.

Healthy plants are, in turn, the first line of defense against harmful insects and disease outbreaks. We understand how important your trees are, and we strive to provide each of our clients with pro-active and environmentally responsible Plant Health Care services to address the problems presented by urban growing conditions. For this reason, DLTS utilizes the most cutting edge, scientific and environmentally conscious methods of preserving tree and plant health, including but not limited to:.

Most of the information provided in this website directly relates to Tree Care and Tree Preservation. A couple of additional methods of tree preservation include:.

Tree health as is noticed above-ground is often directly related to the unseen portion of the tree below ground - its root system. Remember that no tree is native to the Urban or Suburban growing place. Trees affected by poor soil conditions, multiple environmental related stresses, changes in growing conditions; or trees that are mature or overmature -often lose vigor and begin to decline. If this is caught in time, we have methods of improving the rooting of a tree in order to improve the tree's vigor, overall health, and life span.

Trees with structural defects or weakened limbs may be able to be supported by hardware that is properly installed in the tree's canopy in order to decrease the chance of tree failure. In this way, your specimen tree may be able to be preserved when it would otherwise be a candidate for removal.

Professional Plant Health Care Does your tree look sick? What is Plant Health Care? A couple of additional methods of tree preservation include: Vigor Improvement: Tree health as is noticed above-ground is often directly related to the unseen portion of the tree below ground - its root system. Structural Support Systems - Cabling and Bracing: Trees with structural defects or weakened limbs may be able to be supported by hardware that is properly installed in the tree's canopy in order to decrease the chance of tree failure.

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What Is Plant Health Care (PHC)?

Farmers and extension workers face a constant challenge in managing plant health problems. Biotic causes pests and diseases and abiotic causes such as low soil fertility lead to regular and often significant losses in crop production and quality. Diagnosis is made difficult by a diversity of causes and symptoms with multiple possible origins. Choosing the best management options needs careful consideration. Technical support services are often weak and extension providers struggle to reach all farmers. Plant health clinics PHCs are a practical way of enabling plant health specialists to work closely with extension workers in offering farmers advice on how to manage all types of plant health problems. Plant health clinics vary in how they operate and the services they offer.

Early detection ensures that the health of trees and shrubs is not compromised. Our most advanced plant health care monitoring and treatment system, Arbor.

HTA Companies

Breakthroughs in the science of horticulture, plus an enlightened concern for the environment, have led to a totally new approach to plant and tree maintenance. Our program strongly emphasizes prevention over intervention and our comprehensive Plant Health Care program PHC is tailored to the needs of your plants, while continuing to respect the integrity and sensitivity of our environment. Just as humans suffer illnesses when their basic needs are not met, plants are prone to the ravages of attacking pests. In fact, up to 90 percent of all plant health care problems arise from a basic need deficiency. With the implementation of a PHC, the health needs of your plants will be in the hands of professionals. In addition, our trained technicians spend more time monitoring and treating these properties, because everything that affects plant life must be considered in order to prevent disease and insect infestations. Key plants must be inspected and evaluated separately due to the fact that they all share a common resource: the soil in your yard. Each treatment of every plant can impact the life and longevity of surrounding greenery.

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Plant health care, also called PHC, offers a total health approach to landscape and plant health. Your arborist will monitor your property, watching for potential or actual problems in your landscape that might be best avoided or dealt with by implementing a PHC treatment program. The cover-spray type, method, and timing are pre-determined by the company. The homeowner may have the option to choose from several pest-control programs. In contrast, plant health care technicians consider the landscape when deciding how to best care for plants.

Plant Health Care PHC is a holistic approach to keeping your entire landscape healthy, lush, and beautiful, using the most environmentally-friendly practices possible.


GreenTech offers effective plant health care by certified Horticulture experts. We diagnose any plant health problem and restore the health of your entire landscape. Contact GreenTech today for your free consultation. Beyond mowing and edging, plant health care is another essential service for maintaining a green and healthy landscape at your property. Southwest Florida is home to a wide variety of invasive pests and plants and is notorious for poor sandy soil.

Plant Health Care Program

It is not enough to design and set up an attractive landscape for your community, shopping center, or other types of properties. Comprehensive horticulture, proper problem diagnosis, fertilization, irrigation, and soil health also need to be discussed to keep your landscape lush and save you from having to replace the entire landscape periodically. Wilhelm Brothers understands that proper irrigation management is critical for lawns and landscapes. In Florida, it is even more important to conserve and protect our water resources. Water is the most important factor to think about once you have chosen your plants. If you do not irrigate properly, this will affect the soil and its nutrient levels. The water-wise irrigation and environmental arboriculture divisions of our company can analyze all the aspects of a landscape to ensure each plant gets the right amount of water for its type and location.

Injection of Nutrients and beneficial Mycorrhiza fungi into the tree's root area for uptake into the tree's system. One of our most successful plant healthcare.

Horticultural Plant Health Care

Whether you are looking to start a tree and shrub plant health care business or you already have a lawn and landscape business and you are looking to add it as a service to your offerings, this blog is for you! Click the link to short-cut to that topic. There are a lot of reasons why you should look at adding tree and shrub plant health care service to your offerings.

We build, review and audit the maintenance programs for plants young and old. We provide you with the information you require to make proper decisions. Our work is based on many years of practical experience combined with technical information gathered at industry meetings and scientific conferences. Mature trees should require little pruning, except clearance for traffic, crown cleaning of diseased or dead wood, or crown reduction for trees in decline. Proper planting of trees and shrubs requires attention to the root system. Ahead of the planting, the root ball should be examined and defects should be corrected.

So, what exactly is plant health care? These are living, breathing life forms that we are managing in their current, often urban, locations.

Green thumbs wanted! The program offers a broad view of plants and plant health issues. You will learn plant identification, turf management, care of ornamentals, and characteristics of various soils. All students will test for the State of Wisconsin Pesticide Applicators License as part of the class. There may be additional fees for books, materials, and testing.

Trees and shrubs benefit from liquid deep root fertilization. Our balanced fertilizers, specific to your trees and shrubs, will keep them fed for 1 full year. Bio-stimulants including beneficial Mycorrhizae Fungi can be added as well. Fertilization is key for tree vigor, health, and tree sustainability.

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