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To support community interest, and participation in plant cultivation, the County provides a growing knowledge base full of practical horticultural resources. In addition, the Agricultural Services department host workshops and events throughout the Lac Ste. Anne region dedicated to furthering the understanding, appreciation and propagation of the region's natural beauty. A healthy horticultural program enhances the quality of County life in many ways.

  • Dutch announce research themes for low-energy protected horticulture
  • Geothermal propels Dutch horticulture industry to new heights
  • Dutch horticulture consultancy hires new director
  • Dutch horticulture mission to the United Arab Emirates
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  • Geothermal is the answer for decarbonising agriculture
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Dutch announce research themes for low-energy protected horticulture

Innovations and solutions. Greenport West-Holland is organizing a large number of online meetings on the theme of "World of Horticulture" next year. His goal: to stimulate strategic thinking across the full spectrum of the agribusiness food chain. IFAMA is now an association with members from more than 50 countries. Due to the coronavirus, this conference is being organized online and spread over a longer period of time.

Until the end of , Greenport West-Holland will provide a large number of the program components within the theme "World of horticulture". The first online meetings started on 25 June. During IFAMA , cooperation between governments, entrepreneurs and knowledge institutions will receive extra attention. Emeritus professor David Hughes is active throughout the entire chain, grower and worked as a Sainsbury's professor. He discusses the robustness of the greenhouse horticulture chain and the internationalization of the ecosystem.

Hughes addresses the question of what contribution greenhouse horticulture can make to future food. Ernst van den Ende, Managing Director Plant Sciences Group WUR, discusses how greenhouse horticulture can develop further, the challenges and opportunities and how the sector can cooperate with other sectors. More information about the general program: click here. Interested parties can use this page to register to discuss the future of food.

For information about the Greenport West Holland program, check the site Foodlog. This unique collaboration is based on best practice: the Dutch horticulture sector is pursuing its interests together and has successfully secured financial support from the Kazakh government and the local authority. Kazakhstan affords ample attractive economic opportunities and possibilities for the Dutch business community.

The memorandum of understanding MoU between DAL Agro Park and the consortium of seven Dutch greenhouse horticulture enterprises is an excellent example. All consortium members are partners of Dutch Greenhouse Delta. The agreement commits DAL Agro Park and the consortium to the technological, social and economic development of the hectare agricultural park.

The first phase of around six months will be financially supported by the local authority and the Kazakh government. During this period, the Dutch companies will invest time, money and knowledge in designing and developing general facilities for the park, including energy, water, infrastructure and education. In addition, they will also build a sustainable greenhouse complex as a production location in this phase. Mayor Bouke Arends and Li Jiuhong, deputy director of the Agricultural High-tech Industrial Demonstration Zone, signed a letter of intent to establish a friendly horticultural alliance in the fields of education, research and cluster development.

Afterwards, the delegation was introduced to Dutch Greenhouse Delta, World Horti Center and various greenhouse horticulture companies. The parties discussed future cooperation at the agri-park and how the exchange of technology and knowledge can be further developed. The city is also home to three leading agricultural universities where some 7, researchers work on 70 different themes. The delegation is the first to visit Westland from Yangling and is the follow-up to a trade mission in organised by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and led by Minister Carola Schouten.

During this mission, representatives of the Municipality of Westland presented the Westland cooperation model cluster to cluster , which was received with great enthusiasm by Yangling city officials.

The letter of intent signed today signifies a commitment by all parties to develop a friendly and cooperative relationship. On behalf of the Municipality of Westland, Dutch Greenhouse Delta will be the point of contact for shaping further cooperation. The alderman emphasised the long-standing relationship between Kochi and the Municipality of Westland.

In the coming years, the Abe government intends to invest millions in expanding the horticulture sector in Kochi. This will be done in cooperation with knowledge institutions and companies and Westland businesses can make an important contribution here. Japan is seeking to modernise its agriculture and horticulture sectors and already has a strong relationship with the Netherlands.

The Japanese government regards Dutch horticulture as exemplary. Twin regions of horticulture Since , the Municipality of Westland and the province of Kochi have established a friendly alliance based on shared ambitions in the field of horticulture. Over the past decade, Westland has developed a firm foothold in Japan due to the efforts of officials in Kochi and various high-profile visits to our region by Japanese ministers, universities and CEOs. This improvement is a direct consequence of greenhouse technological innovations that have taken place in Kochi as a result of cooperation with numerous Westland companies.

Strategic partnership Westland has close ties with the Dutch embassy in Tokyo, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Japanese embassy in The Hague, all of which are important partners for the region. In addition, the Lentiz Educational Group has for many years been running a student exchange programme with Kochi.

A shareholders' agreement between Jiashan Sino-Dutch Industrial Park Investment Company and Dutch Greenhouse Delta was signed, marking the latest step in the development of the hectare park. A landing ground in China for top Dutch expertise from across the horticultural chain, the agriculture park will grow fresh produce using the most advanced greenhouse horticulture technology.

The crops could eventually be sold directly to the Chinese market via e-commerce giants such as Alibaba. The park will be finished within five years and forms part of the Jiashan Sino-Dutch Industrial Park, which has been under development sinceThe shareholders' agreement was signed at the GreenTech trade fair by Mr M. Dutch Greenhouse Delta represents the horticulture sector and is the central liaison body for this international event whose main themes will be food, water, energy, health and connectivity.

The Ambassador was invited by Dutch Greenhouse Delta to get acquainted with the greenhouse horticulture sector in the Netherlands. The U. The Ambassador attended a round table discussion with representatives of various Dutch horticulture companies. Participants discussed both Dutch and U. The main theme was the trade climate between the two countries. He asked how we could ensure that Dutch horticulture continued to top the international charts.

We also discussed home-grown production in the Netherlands as opposed to importing fresh produce. Finally, we at DGD expressed the wish to collaborate more closely with U. This is a fast-growing market in the United States. Finally, the delegation visited the All Climate Greenhouse, which can be used to replicate the climate anywhere in the world. A joint lunch rounded off the U. Numerous inspections between field and fork Every year in the Netherlands, around 5.

The vegetable is scrutinized manually on deviations in color and shape, and blemishes or damages. All because the standards and norms as set by supermarkets and other retailers are unrelenting and high. Inspection of the produce to guarantee its quality is vital, but the current manual inspections are prone to error and demand a capacity in personnel that is becoming increasingly hard to meet in a sector where staff turnover rates are high.

The company developed the GearVision Inspector, a stand-alone smart grading robot that is able to deliver a thorough quality analysis, and the GearVision Sorter, an in-line solution to optimally sort the produce according to its quality. The two machines combine vision technology with artificial intelligence to be able to quickly but accurately grade and consequently sort fresh fruit and vegetables. This provides the complete supply chain, from the breeder to the packaging company, with a futureproof approach to quality control that is tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

With the digitization of the grading process, a transition towards fully automated sorting and packaging of fruit and vegetables lies within reach.

Gearbox Innovation will use the UNIIQ investment to further develop the GearVision, unlocking more product varieties and applications, and to expand their activities to foreign markets. Our actionable reports create insight in growth- and harvesting data, allowing the grower to actively steer towards a higher qualitative output, and ultimately better yields.

Gearbox is also mentioned in our interactive map with hortuculture innovations. He returned briefly to the country where he completed a key part of his scientific studies in agriculture and horticulture and met with entrepreneurs at World Horti Center.

Qu Dongyu was provided with an inside look into the Dutch approach to addressing global horticulture challenges. He also christened a new variety of calla lily. The Chinese government believes Dutch know-how and technology presents major opportunities in the areas of horticulture and agriculture.

In turn, the Dutch consider China one of the most important countries for exchanging and exporting knowledge. Vice Minister Qu Dongyu himself is a prime example of this exchange process. Back in China, he rapidly climbed the administrative ladder in science and politics. Westland and China The Westland greenhouse horticulture cluster collaborates closely with China. Entrepreneurs and both Chinese and Dutch governments are seeking solutions to sustainably grow food and flowers on a large scale.

It is the search for continuous knowledge development and innovation to address the common challenges we face in the areas of food, energy and water. It is the quest to nurture an ecosystem where entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship can thrive. And it is the goal of building a bridge of understanding and trust for long term, win-win collaborations. Van den Bos Flowerbulbs exhibits in World Horti Center all year round and is one of the largest Dutch exporters of flower bulbs to countries like China.

Are you seeking funding for your brilliant innovation or idea? Raising funds for growth and innovation can be a time-consuming activity, for start-ups as well as multinationals. In addition, there are many possibilities regarding European subsidies which remain unused. This is your chance to get to know several different fund managers, and to learn how other entrepreneurs have raised funds in the past.

Sign up here: www. Their products and innovations have been used and showcased all over the world. Your company can be mentioned as a supplier or user of their horticulture innovation. Or use this interactive map on your website. Please let us know: info westlandhortibusiness. The memorandum of understanding was signed today at the Agro Tech India Conference. Both partners will exchange knowledge in a number of areas.

Complex Dutch horticultural solutions will be exported to help India respond to an increasing demand for healthy, high-quality food cultivation. A yet to be established centre of excellence will serve as a landing ground for these innovations.

In turn, the Indian business community will share innovative IT knowledge with the Netherlands. Both parties also aim to achieve cross-fertilisation between biotech and life sciences. Egberts envisages a local ecosystem with entrepreneurs, farmers and suppliers of technical solutions. Read more about this long-term partnership and Dutch Green House Delta: www.

Geothermal propels Dutch horticulture industry to new heights

Log In. These organisations make up the Board and the Advisory Council of Agriterra. Agriterra gives practical answers to concrete questions when it comes to primary production and entrepreneurship, financial and operational management of the organisation and the establishment of financially sustainable service provision to members or governance and leadership. Agriterra provides a complete package of advice, training and exchange, with a strong focus on the added value of cooperatives and organisation to your farmer members. With Agriterra, farmer organisations and cooperatives that want to make a difference get access to hands-on expertise on key issues such as marketing of agricultural products, extension services, setting up study groups and record keeping for farmers. They strengthen organisations at local, district, national and regional levels. They believe the success of organisations and cooperatives lies in the combination of these approaches.

The Floriade is coordinated by the Dutch Horticultural Council. This council aims to strengthen the image of the Dutch horticulture and to promote exports.

Dutch horticulture consultancy hires new director

From looking back, we look forward to the future role of the Horti Science Park. Over the course of fifteen years leading knowledge has been developed at this Horti Science Park for Dutch and international greenhouse horticulture. As well as devising and developing 'The New Cultivation', a great deal of research has also been carried out into the use of LED lighting to create sustainable cultivation systems. The development towards digital cultivation in autonomously controlled greenhouses with the application of newly developed plant sensors is in full swing and will change the management in greenhouse horticulture. Development of production systems has always been part of the process, just as various greenhouse prototypes are now being tested and cultivation knowledge for vertical farming is being developed. The municipality of Lansingerland is pleased with the presence of these two leading knowledge institutions in greenhouse horticulture and therefore wishes to further develop its strength as a knowledge-intensive greenhouse horticulture municipality. They are now working with entrepreneurs and residents on a 'Horti Science Vision', which will form the basis for guiding horticultural research and future plans in areas such as education, employment and space. The municipality of Lansingerland, WUR and Delphy, together with organisations such as Glastuinbouw Nederland and Greenport West-Holland, are also organising more than ten other events. There will also be meet-ups about the 'Horti Science Vision' with horticultural youngsters and residents of the municipality.

Dutch horticulture mission to the United Arab Emirates

Today VEK announces to have appointed Reinier Donkersloot as director of business consultancy in their team of horticulture experts. VEK is showing an increasing intake of projects which leads to the demand for additional capacity and knowledge in the field of business and economic aspects. Given this fact, we decided to hire additional expertise and we are happy to have Reinier in our team. Reinier has broad experience and has been active in the field of indoor vertical farming in the past 8 years Philips Lighting and as an independent advisor. Reinier will actively promote the activities of VEK in this new horticultural segment as well.

December 6 - 12, IssueOverview of the site from the observation tower.

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Floriade is a World Horticultural Expo staged once every ten years in the Netherlands. The participating countries, businesses and horticultural companies and public and semi-public bodies present visitors to Floriade with the opportunity to enjoy the world's most exquisite and exceptional flowers, plants, trees and fruit and vegetables. Welcome to our special website designed to help promote FloriadeWe want to use this site to keep you up to date on the development of the World Horticulture Fair which the Netherlands Horticulture Council organizes every ten years, most recently in Venlo inThe Floriade will be a different event to the one in Venlo. The Floriade is being transformed from a supply-driven exhibition into a green experience event.

Geothermal is the answer for decarbonising agriculture

With agriculture being one of the largest and most essential sectors in the EU, and globally, the use of geothermal energy can provide solutions for energy, climate, and food security. As the agricultural sector is relied on heavily by the population, it must compensate its demands with a large amount of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. To reach these targets, the agriculture sector faces a new energy challenge: the search for a source that is stable, low cost, local, and environmentally friendly to combat climate change. Since the beginning of time, we have depended on agriculture to produce food and other goods through the cultivation of plants and livestock. Traditionally, fossil fuels have been used as the main energy resource for this sector. Therefore, geothermal energy seems like a very suitable choice.

Horticultural Promotion Council of Zimbabwe. Contact Information channeled to the Dutch auctions, though the UK, France, South Africa and the.

About Noord-Holland

The international activity of the Ukrainian Institute for Plant Varieties Examination is aimed to ensure integration into the global and European community regarding the plant variety property rights protection and to provide additional opportunities for sustainable development within the framework of European integration. The Ukrainian Institute for Plant Varieties Examination hosted the Round Table "Ukraine and the Netherlands - experience and further cooperation concerning the plant varieties examination». Officials of the Ukrainian Institute for Plant Variety Examination took part in the Round Table "Ukraine in the process of changes: Registration of plant variety property rights". The conference was attended by the representatives of M.

Agriterra provides high quality, and hands-on advice, training and exchange services, to cooperatives and farmer organisations with maximum impact for socio-economically strong and productive rural areas. In , with employees, Agriterra advises cooperatives in 17 countries. With our programme we reach more thanDuring the last two years we have already mobilised more than 20 million euro made available through policy changes and more than 40 cooperatives are linked to banks with mobilised loans for working capital or investments of more than 15 million euro, while 33 clients have a processing facility with increased production. Through professionalising and strengthening cooperatives in Latin America, Africa and Asia, Agriterra contributes to positive economic development and better income distribution.

Floriade is an international exhibition and garden festival , held every 10 years in the Netherlands. All have been World Horticultural Expositions and listed as an A1 category exhibition by the International Association of Horticultural Producers [1] and hence recognised by the Bureau International des Expositions.

On 23 April, a new tulip variety will be presented as a gift from the Netherlands to Latvia in celebration of its first Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The day will start with a seminar in the National Library of Latvia. During this seminar representatives from the horticulture and gardening community in Latvia and the Netherlands will discuss historical features and modern trends in the development and planting of spring gardens with bulb flowers. Fellow organizer SIA Onava from Bulduri will discuss their experience and expertise as flower specialists from Latvia. JUB is one of the world's largest suppliers of bulbs for mechanical planting in public green areas and since they have been the proud holders of the Royal Warrant.

According to the social partners, the interventions are necessary because there is increasing inequality and social dissatisfaction in the Netherlands. In a new advisory report, they advocate, among other things, the abolition of zero-hours contracts. Furthermore, working on a temporary contract should only last for a maximum of three years.

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