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2021’s Best States to Start a Farm or Ranch

PayPal followed in accordance as dictated for end of May delivery to avoid late frost. May 11th, sent email to advise receipt of three 3 kinds received Centennial, Vrodman, and GA Jet 6 slips , and was advised that correct shipment will be mailed out week of May 27th. Centennial and Vrodman does not do well in my rocky soil, both end up being strings. To date, no word on shipment, and no response to two emails asking if mailed. Essentially received 6 slips forI will be working with my cc company.

On October 2nd, , YvonneMal added the following: Oct 2, Also planted what was labeled as Vrodman Vardaman and Centennial in order to fill the area allotted.

At that point, practically rotted-wasn't my intent to plant so I simply had them sitting in the water. Overall, I am very satisfied with the seed quality and the service. Usually I check this web site before ordering from a company I have no history with, but neglected to do it it this time.

Guess I've learned my lesson. After reading the comments here, I can see that Rich's is back to some old tricks. I placed an order for seeds on Jan 25, and when I hadn't received them by Feb 15, I sent an email inquiry, and was told they were due to ship FebWhen they hadn't arrived by Feb 26 I asked about them again. I had no reply for 2 days, so on Feb 28 I requested a refund. As of March 6 I have received no seeds, no refund, and no reply. I have now escalated to Paypal in hopes that I can at least get my money back.

I got the same number of items as I ordered, and they came in a reasonable time frame. I ordered Odawa Beans. I did not get the correct beans. The packets I got were labeled Odawa, but contained Jacob's Cattle. The company claims to sell both. Either they were mispacked or mislabeled, or they don't actually sell both and are passing off the cheaper and easier to find Jacob's Cattle as Odawa.

I ordered Nanticoke squash. They did not grow at all. Out of two packets I attempted to plant, all seed was dead and not a single one sprouted. Baker Creek and Experimental Farm Network squashes planted right next to them all sprouted and grew fantastically. The Nanticoke this company sent me was apparently old seed or was never viable. I have a couple more varieties from them that I put in my drawer to be planted next year.

I don't have high hopes for them, though. Would not buy from them again. From these reviews, it appears I was lucky to get as much as I did.

I order 50 peach rootstocks on May 24, it is now JulyE-mail them and called them, no reply. Called PayPal today, hope I get a refund. I would NOT order from this company. They don't email or call you back ever. Wish I would of seen this web site before I order from this company.

Posted on December 29, , updated December 29, I place an order for onions Jan 8th and I am still waiting on them I have tried several times to contact them I have left messages to return my calls and to this day I have had no satisfaction.

There should be some what to stop them from taking orders and your money if they are not going to deliver the product. All my gardening friends beware you may get what you ordered but more than likely you won't On December 29th, , ckemp52 added the following: Here is a copy of my order also I paid with pay pal and like other customers I was out of the time frame for a refund.

I was wrong about what I said I had paid it was notIn late April I ordered a specialty very hard to find corn seed from Agrich - and they are directly affiliated with Rich Farm Garden Supply - and you will note a common theme in my message below if you read most of the other reviews.

Following their procedure really stupid of me , I sent a check via regular mail which was cashed in 3 days. I waited 2 weeks for the seed to arrive, while my spring planting window was closing very quickly. I then sent multiple email and left multiple voice mail with no response. I contacted the local county prosecutors office with no help. After they tried for 2 months to assist, they gave up and recommended I go to the IN Attorney General, so I did filing a 2nd complaint.

Fat chance of that - send the seed back and then hope for a refund - right! Stay away. These guys are as crooked as they come. Don't be stupid like I was. Never send money through the mail! They should be shut down! This has been going on for over 10 years. The IN AG's office should be ashamed. I orderedThe onions were shipped mid April they looked good on the outside but when I took the rubber band off there was globs of sticky gray clay inside and a moldy smell.

Since they sell them by weight that determines the quantity. I can see why there was gray clay to add additional weight. I tried washing them but I am afraid to plant them as with the possibility of mold already present. There was also some rotten pieces. I emailed them 3 times then a 4th with threaten to post on every garden blog.

Then owner refunded only my back order for the sweet potatoes. No phone call or apology or even a request to see a photo nothing. I had to file a claim with paypal. It is now July 24 and still no word or sign of the plants and it is too late to plant them here in Ohio. I contacted them twice with no response and I don't expect a response at this point.

I too wish I had read these posts before ordering. When I found Rich Garden Supply I thought it was too good to be true as no one else had any leek plants left.

I now know that you take a risk from ordering them. I hope this review saves someone else a negative experience. Apparently I lucked out. I ordered sweet potato plants a variety I could not find any where else and they arrived at the end of May. While that is very late for my region, I had noted the Indianna address and did not expect miracles.

Plants were in good shape. I ordered seeds from Rich Farm Garden Supply. I tried contacting them because I had not received my seeds. Finally after 6 weeks I got my seed but several items were on back order to this day I have never received them.

My order was placed in May. I have sent them several letters and several emails asking for a refund with no response. I have filed a report with the governors office of consumer affairs in Indiana.. I seen the advertisement in a herbal magazine. I have sent them an email letting them no what kind of business Rich Farm Garden Supply does. I do hope that they take their advertisement out so that other people don't get ripped off.

Ordered black turtle beans, 2 lbs. I only received 12 oz - I even took a photo of the unopened package on a Postal scale. Tried emailing them. NO response at all. Here it is a year later, still emailing, still NO response.

These people appear to be nothing short of ripoffs, and all these negative posts seem to bear that out. I did not have knowledge of this site before I ordered from Rich. I ordered several flower seeds and after hearing nothing for a couple of weeks, emailed them.

No response again. A couple of weeks later I received the seeds but not near the amount that was advertised. I decided not to pursue it, and then a couple of weeks later a duplicate order appeared in my mail. On April 5th, , coopdvillefarms changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: Well It's too late to get any bulbs out of those plants but I'll at least have some scallions.

Laurelton gardens co op for sale

Spreading mulch over your soil is the best way to save time and energy in your yard. We are Ohio's largest producer of landscaping products and one of America's leading suppliers of mulch, stone, and soils. Controlling Mud for Safety Your workers stay safe and dry on the job site, and any mulch that is left behind can be used as a soil amendment or for landscaping once the project is complete. Call our office to get a bulk rate quote. Product Available in.

Farm (July 29th) to the Tioga County Fair (August 7—11) and the Chemung This plant is often be found in moist garden beds.

Mature spruce trees for sale

Full name: and 31F Park and Ride Rochester. Pittsford - Office Park, Inc. Winds SSW at 20 to 30 mph. RochesterThe crash took place around p. When you have foot pain, you need an experienced doctor who can diagnose and treat your problem. Fishers Victor, NY. December 3, , at approximately p. New York State Police said a man was struck around a.

Garden levelling service

See More See More. Check out our membership page for fees and information on how to join. Excellent Work Place!. Allow the kilmarnock justice system is made by email and acquitted on your preliminary designs and. Partial name searches are permitted.

It all started in , when great grandfather, Robert Case Sr.

Dirt for sale near me

As we continue to grow, we will not sacrifice our mission statement. Find all sales for you favorite brand. When it matters most, we're ready to deliver. The Buffalo Ridge Wind project is more than wind turbines - it represents a significant capital investment in Minnesota. E-MAIL: info prairieridgebuffalo. View 9 photos, read details, and contact the seller.

Sunnyside tree farm

Garden levelling service. For anything else, please contact us on 88 and we will be able to advise you with next steps. Services available for summer on a once off, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. You will be able to shop from next Tuesday, but not Aw snap! Google Earth isn't supported on your browser. Calculate The Price. If you're taking on a landscaping project then you may find yourself in need of some heavy equipment.

At that point, practically rotted-wasn't my intent to plant so I simply had On Apr 24, , Marianthelibrarian (5 reviews) from Rochester, NY (Zone 6a).

Rent a goat nh

Tell us about your business! Click here to add your business to our small business registry. All Rights Reserved. Comments or suggestions?

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They can always be seen bouncing around the yard chasing each other or playing king of the hill on top of their rock pile. Hi oh hi oh off to work we gooo rentagoat fireh. Monday — Friday: 11 am to 1 am. Some animals include: bunnies, ducks, chickens, baby goats, lamb, baby chicks,guinea pig, and a milking goat! AmericanListed features safe and local classifieds for everything you need! Mustang Horse Trailers.

Skip to Product Results. Tips for cutting down your Christmas tree from tree farms around Wright County, MN: First, don't just head out into the woods and make like Paul Bunyan - that's illegal.

Tiger Trout are hybrids, formed by crossing Brook trout and Brown trout. Fish adoption is a wonderful way to provide a Fish a second chance and caring environment. This is a great place for cashing checks. Additional testing for VHS viral hemorrhagic septicemia is done on fish that are shipped out of the state of Wisconsin. We provide exotic livestock, quality products, and expert service delivered in a comfortable environment.

Troy and Deb Sheldon have always had a strong enthusiasm for farming, gardening and everything outdoors, and now want to share that passion through Around the Home and Farm. Both military veterans, Troy and Deb know the value of hard work and discipline, and understand what it takes to be successful in any task; although they also appreciate easy-to-use tools and components to get the job done quickly, so they can sit back and enjoy their completed projects. Having everything in one kit means no shopping around for parts that may or may not be compatible.


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