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Omara landscaping covers asphalt Drive

September 18, 2018

Omara landscaping covers asphalt Drive

The changes also include new trees, a paving of the median strip along Drive and improvements to the strip and street. At the moment, Drive is a 2.2-mile stretch in Jefferson City where there are street intersections, and for a quarter of the way there it intersects with Broadway. As soon as that quarter is complete, a wider sidewalk will be constructed on either side of the road, including in the median. After that, Jefferson City landscaping is underway. Completion is projected for sometime next year, Scott said. Until then, the neighborhood is a bit of a rough area because of the drug problem. He said the neighborhood is safer, however. Landscaping is a difficult process. Scott said as they begin construction of the Jefferson City Landscaping, the first thing they remove is all the graffiti, and one has to be a streetview to see the damage done. The most difficult part is during the nights, when there are fewer people and contractors are more vulnerable.

To avoid accidents, local drivers are urged to make their lanes and crosswalks as safe as possible.If possible, always look for a stop sign before crossing a road. If one is not present, make sure that it is safe to cross in the absence of a sign. Keep a safe distance from emergency vehicles.Learn more about road safety on our Facebook page. Also, watch for fallen tree limbs or loose dirt or debris on the road. These can pose a hazard to drivers. For more safety tips, visit our page on driving.

Landscaping of the street is well underway in Jefferson City. See the changes on asphalt Drive. Officials say the neighborhood will have an improved environment for the whole area. WDSU is at the front of the project. Scott agreed to speak to WDSU from the site because he said it's hard to get official figures on the effects of the improvements because of the region's distance from the rest of the country.

"I just ask everybody that needs to travel through to be cautious and watch out for construction, and watch out for signs," said Scott. "And watch out for the guys with the "slings," which are essentially if the area is slippery. I think if everybody pays attention to the signs and be safe out there.

"I think it's going to help."Scott said part of the problem is that Jefferson City is being redeveloped.

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