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Poinsettias are native Mexican plants. They thrive during the holiday season because they are short-day plants that require long nights to launch their color change. The colorful bracts of these plants are leaves, not flowers, with the most common bract color being red. The flower buds are the red or green buttons in the center of the bracts that open to a small yellow flower.

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10 Tips on Growing Poinsettia Plants

Reading Time: 7 minutes. The poinsettia plant has come to represent the holiday season in much of the world. Knowing how to take care of a poinsettia plant can mean years of growth and blooming.

But you can actually keep poinsettia plants for years. One of the Christmas traditions of the south is to put poinsettia plants in the church auditorium in honor of a loved one who has passed on. The room will be full to overflowing with poinsettias of every color available but mostly red. The service before Christmas, you are invited to take your poinsettia home for the holidays. About six years ago, we were preparing to clear out the auditorium and one of the little old-timer ladies asked me if I wanted to take some of the extras home to keep for next year.

She graciously told me how to take care of a poinsettia plant for years of luscious loveliness. When you go to purchase your poinsettia, look for dark green foliage. The colors of the leaves should be bright and vibrant and in proportion to the size of the pot and plant stem. The flowers, the center of the colorful leaves, should not be showing any pollen but should be in tight, yellow clusters.

They may already be damaged too much to recover well. Be sure to protect your plant on the way home. There are two schools of thought on this. Some people like to keep them over and enjoy the challenge. You have to decide for yourself. I have to say there is no guarantee they will re-bloom the next year even if you do everything right. As a gardener, I know this is possible with anything I plant. Once you get your poinsettia plant safely home, display it for the holidays by placing it where it will receive plenty of natural light while avoiding direct sunlight.

You want to avoid placing it in high traffic areas, drafty spots or near ceiling fans and heat sources. Any of these can irreversibly damage your plant. The poinsettia likes to be dry between waterings.

Over-watering is the most common cause of poinsettia death. When you water the poinsettia, soak the soil so that the soil is saturated all the way through. You can judge your watering efforts by the leaves. Too much water and the bottom leaves will turn yellow and drop off. Too little water and the leaves will wilt and the poinsettia plant will drop its middle and lower leaves.

If your climate allows it, the poinsettia prefers outdoors to indoors. To get that store-bought look, you can use the pruned cuttings to start new plants. This is because the poinsettias we buy at the store are just that. Pruned pieces from a sapling. Now you know! You can root the shoots you cut off and get more poinsettias. If you want a larger bushy poinsettia, remove the tops of each main shoot. If any new growth starts, pinch it off until mid to late July. This goes for all the poinsettia plant shapes.

Leave the top of the main stem in place. Do not prune this stem except to remove all side shoots. Keep any new growth trimmed off until mid-late July. Be sure your poinsettia is in full shade for the first two weeks. After two weeks of full shade, move it to partial shade for two weeks. Next, move it to partial to full sun. This is called hardening off your plant. This is the time to do the pruning.

This is usually February to March. Keep your poinsettia where it will get plenty of light and not get cooler than 60 or warmer thanAt least, this is the ideal environment. Fertilize as needed every two weeks and water like we talked about before. Now is the time to re-pot your plant to a larger container. Be sure to use a well-draining soil such as succulent soil. You can mix your own if you like by including one part peat moss and one part vermiculite in your garden soil.

You can leave it in a larger pot or you can plant your pot in the soil up to the pot rim. Either way works fine. Pruning is a shock to any plant so be kind and give it a few days to recover from pruning before you set it outside. Your poinsettia will need to be fertilized about every two weeks.

Use a houseplant fertilizer according to the directions on the bottle. Watch for frost warnings. Freezing will seriously damage or kill the plant.

You can also just place it in a sunny window during this time. At the end of September, put your plant in complete darkness just like you would a Christmas Cactus. No street light or any light can be allowed to enter the closet or room the poinsettia is in at night. Do this from 5 p. Do this until around the first of December. During the day after 8 a. Any nighttime temperature above 70 will delay the process of reflowering.

When you see the leaves begin to change color, you can stop the nighttime darkness and put your poinsettia in full light. Decrease the fertilizer to once a month and be sure to not overwater. If you prefer to not move the plant in and out of darkness, you can use warm fluorescent lights during the day.

Use one W bulb for every poinsettia plant. Place the bulb about a foot and a half above the plant adjusting as they grow. You can use HPS lights but beware. Now you know how to take care of a poinsettia plant so it will reflower. Is it too much work for you? Is it a challenge to your gardening skills? Do you have tips or tricks on how to take care of a poinsettia plant?

Please share them with us in the comments below. Thanks for your thorough ABC instructions. A bit of a challenge I must say, but I am shooting for it. Happy holidays. Your email address will not be published. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Add to Favorites Reading Time: 7 minutes The poinsettia plant has come to represent the holiday season in much of the world. Categories : Growing , Holiday Tags : best-houseplants-for-clean-air Compost shamrock-plant.

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Despite their limited, two-month run on retailers' shelves each year, poinsettias are the best-selling potted plant in the United States. Growers sold more thanCome February or March, many of these cherished decorations are droopy, yellowed or worse — in the trash. Poinsettia plants can last for years if they are treated right, said Paul Thomas, professor of horticulture at the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Healthy poinsettias have plenty of tan and white roots. Only water the plant when the soil surface feels dry, and add water just until water drains out of the bottom of the pot.

Poinsettias have a reputation as being hard to maintain, but if you follow our top tips, your plants should thrive well past Christmas.

How To Care For A Poinsettia So It Lasts Throughout The Entire Christmas Period

Your Christmas ornaments that were kept for almost a year will finally be dusted off. And of course, the all-time favorite poinsettia plant will again serve as a seasoned attraction. There are ways in which you can keep your poinsettia even after the holiday is over and save it for the celebration next year. Before we move forward to the rules and procedures of caring for your potted poinsettia, it would be better to start knowing your plant first. Here are some interesting facts to discover about this Christmas ornamental plant. Poinsettias are a native of Mexico, particularly the Southern part. It was first introduced in the United States inPoinsett who happened to introduce the species to the US.


By Rob Sproule. Care after Christmas Spring Care Reblooming. Christmas has come and gone. There are 2 types of poinsettia owners.

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How Do I Keep Poinsettias Alive and Thriving for Next Christmas?

Read More. From Christmas cactus to Amaryllis, Paperwhites, Poinsettias, and more, our Greenhouse is quickly filling up with sure-tell signs that sleigh bells, turkey dinners, and sweets galore are in our future. Fall is finally on the way — and while the weather may be starting to cool down little by little every day, Jolly Lane Greenhouse is ready to turn up the heat at the 16 th Annual Chili Pepper Festival and Produce Market, September ! Fresh tomatoes, zucchini, herbs and more make for some great meals in the late summer and early fall months. Check out our tips below and get to harvesting!

Here's How to Have the Most Beautiful Poinsettias for the Holidays

Plants need 14 hours of complete darkness each day to restore their holiday color. Restoring a healthy green Poinsettia plant from last year back to its original red color is no problem if you follow a few simple rules. Poinsettias Euphorbia pulcherrima need total darkness, for 14 hours each day, starting about eight weeks before you want to display them. During the day, the plants need bright light, along with the other routine care. However, starting in the evening, the plants must get complete darkness. Even a nightlight can disrupt this process! Depending on where you have the plant planted outside, or in a pot indoors , will determine how you approach this process. The bracts will start to turn color in about four weeks, and continue if you carefully keep up the process.

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant:Feed the Poinsettia plant every weeks with an all-purpose fertiliser. Repotting: Repot the Poinsettia once a year to a.

Care for Poinsettia Plant

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Contact your local county Extension office through our County Office List. Print this fact sheet. The Aztecs cultivated the poinsettia Euphorbia pulcherrima in Mexico long before Europeans came to the Western Hemisphere. It was cultivated in Oaxatcpec, which is now the Mexican state Morelos. The poinsettia was prized by Kings Netzahualcyotl and Montezuma and its indigenous name was Cuetlaxochitl.

Not surprising: like the classic Christmas cactus , this plant has long been a Christmastime favorite.

How To Care For Your Poinsettia

A long-standing tradition, poinsettias always brighten up our homes and create a magical atmosphere during the Holidays. Did you know that with the right care, it is possible for your poinsettia to flower again the following year? After the Holidays, many people get rid of their poinsettia once the flowering phase is over. After the bracts have fallen, the plant turns into a more common house plant, which is a lot less exciting to look at. Poinsettias need direct light.

To keep this festive Christmas houseplant thriving for as long as possible, and even have around for next Christmas, follow the below tips for caring and extending the lifespan of your poinsettia. If direct sun can't be avoided, diffuse the light with a shade or sheer curtain. Generally speaking, if you are comfortable, so is your poinsettia. Always remove a plant from any decorative container before watering, and allow the water to drain completely.

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