Indoor terracotta color planter

Indoor terracotta color planter

The indoor terracotta color planter is a classic, sophisticated centerpiece that adds color, color, and color to your garden.

The small, sturdy planter blends in easily and will not blow over, and the natural colors complement other natural flowers and greenery. Each of the 20 pots is approximately 18″ tall, with a deep, tapered interior that narrows to a tight top.

For an additional $8, you can also add a clear top to the planter. The pots are made of porcelain, and the sides are painted with a durable, clear lacquer to prevent warping.

Each planter holds 30 gallons of plants, and comes complete with a drainage hole and a drainage channel. We recommend using only well-drained soil.

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Project Details:


Porcelain potting soil or high quality potting mix

Porcelain or ceramic planter

Cement, if necessary

Decorative flowerpots

Clear paint if desired

Peat moss or wood chips


Set your pots in a prepared bed, or use the holes and channels in the base to direct your plantings.

To fill your planter, first moisten the potting soil or potting mix. If using a mix, add it to a tray and keep your container upright.

Working your way from the bottom to the top, gently spoon in your potting soil or mix.

You want your plants to be level, and any air pockets to be filled in.

As you finish the bottom, make sure to add some water, and you’ll have a beautiful planter ready for a week or two. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your garden.

We hope this indoor planter is what you were hoping for and that it will work well in your space. Let us know how you like it on Facebook. And if you have any additional questions about indoor planters, please feel free to reach out to us!

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