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  • Why Is My Madagascar Dragon Tree Dying? (10 Solutions)
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  • Dracaena, care, diseases, varieties
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  • Dracaena Marginata (Dragon Tree)
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Why Is My Madagascar Dragon Tree Dying? (10 Solutions)

Bearded dragons, or 'beardies', are one of the most popular lizards in captivity in the UK. They have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, or even longer, so they're quite a commitment and it's important to keep them in a way that mimics the wild as much as possible.

On this page and in our video below, you'll learn more about how to care for your bearded dragon and how to keep them healthy and happy. This robust-looking lizard can grow to around 45cm including their long tail, so they need enough space to roam around. A cm long x 60cm high x 60 cm wide vivarium is the minimum size you'll need for one adult dragon. Make sure it's secure, well-ventilated and made from solid material that's easy to clean.

There are lots of different furnishings for bearded dragons. It's important to add accessories to your beardy's vivarium, such as rocks and branches to climb on. You can also help your beardy feel secure by making sure they have some good hiding areas. It's also essential to keep humidity low - use a hygrometer to measure this at the cool end. For more on heat and light, download our bearded dragon care booklet. Bearded dragons eat a diet of live insects and vegetables. They need a wide variety of safe plants and vegetables, as well as the correct supplements.

You can find out more about your beardy's feeding, supplements and water needs in our bearded dragon care sheet. Beardies shed their skin in large pieces. There's no rule as to how often it happens, but younger dragons do shed more than older dragons. Shedding problems can usually be corrected by improving their environment, but always ask the advice of a specialist reptile vet if you have any problems. During cooler seasons, it's normal for bearded dragons to slow down, sleep more and eat less.

It's a bit like hibernation, but for lizards, it's called brumation. They shouldn't lose weight or stop eating entirely, so keep a close eye on them and get in touch with your vet if they're losing weight. Read more tips on caring for your bearded dragon, download our bearded dragon care sheet or start your search for a bearded dragon to rehome. Information on keeping a non-domestic animal as a pet, plus care sheets for more common species.

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Reptiles and other exotic pets Information on keeping a non-domestic animal as a pet, plus care sheets for more common species.

Exotic pet insurance We've teamed up with ExoticDirect to offer you a 10 percent discount on your exotic pet insurance! Licences to keep wild animals Can wild animals be kept in captivity? Bearded Dragon. Corn Snake. Leopard gecko. Royal python. Our concerns. Primates kept as pets. Raccoon dogs. African pygmy hedgehogs.

Draceana Marginata Dragon Tree Tropical Plant 12cm Pot

The Madagascar Dragon Tree Dracaena marginata is one of my favorite houseplants. It offers a wonderful combination of reliability and strong architectural form. Like all houseplants, there are a few things that can go wrong but they are almost always easy to correct. So if it looks like your Madagascar Dragon tree is dying, this article will help get your plant back to perfect health. The most likely causes of a Madagascar Dragon Tree dying are overwatering and insufficient lighting. Underwatering, excess light, fertilizer problems, overpotting, low humidity, pests, or disease can also cause problems. Identifying the issue will help you restore your plant to health.

Gasteria Dragon Skin is a perennial succulent houseplant with elongated thick dark green leaves marked with streaks and spots in lighter shades.

Dracaena, care, diseases, varieties

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Green Dragon Dracena Plant

Madagascar dragon tree is a bold accent if you have the space. Its daring, upright form punctuates the decor like an exclamation point, adding excitement to any room. This beautiful tree starts out as a thick tuft of spiky leaves. As it grows, the lower leaves naturally fall, leaving a cluster of dramatic, spear-shaped leaves above a bare woody stem. Its narrow, red-edged leaves can grow about in cm long.

A popular garden and bedding plant, available in range of heights and flower types. An easy plant to grow and care for, which flowers well throughout the summer.

Watering & Care of Dracaenas

Last Updated: June 1, References Approved. This article was co-authored by Lauren Kurtz. Lauren Kurtz is a Naturalist and Horticultural Specialist. There are 20 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed , times. The Madagascar dragon tree, or Dracaena marginata, is a reliable and low-maintenance indoor plant.

Dracaena Marginata (Dragon Tree)

The common name " Madagascar Dragon Tree " is a combination of its native origin, " Madagascar " and its famous cousin Dracaena Draco meaning Dragon. A plant that's well known for its tendency to ooze red blood like resin when cut or damaged, giving it an "alive" quality. There is also an old legend that once a hundred-headed dragon was killed and where it's red blood flowed, hundreds of Trees grew which locals at the time called Dragon Trees. Before you go cutting your Dragon Tree looking for this mysterious blood, only D. Draco has the red resin whereas the common houseplant D. Marginata doesn't. How do you pronounce Dracaena Marginata correctly? Like the rest of the Dracaena varieties grown indoors, this houseplant has many advantages that make it fantastic to have around.

Over or under-watering can be an issue for this plant. In summer months, it is recommended to water two or three times per week.

Pruning A Dracaena Marginata

By Paula London, United Kingdom. How often should I water my Golden Dragon Tree? It's nearly 3ft tall and suddenly within the last 3 days all the leaves have started to turn yellow with brown curling edges.

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House plants come in all shapes and sizes, providing additional interest to any home, conservatory or greenhouse. They enrich the environment, and as living organisms produce oxygen, whilst also providing attractive displays, colours and scents. House plants also need care, as they can be vulnerable to pests and diseases. Dragonfli have set up a dedicated House Plant Care page that will help you understand, identify and control plant pests safely, and ultimately aid your plants to develop and grow in a healthy and natural way. The essential requirements for healthy house plants are: light, optimum temperatures, water, nutrition and a strong root system. To aid plant performance, see our range of specific Plant Health products.

Plants for your Business Easy care plants ready potted for any space.

Your last chance to order in time for Christmas will be Sunday the 12th December. The earliest delivery day after Christmas will be the 10th January. Wishing all our customers a Merry Christmas. The Dracaena Marginata has a bushy growth habit, throwing thin green leaves with a fine reddish stripe from the top of woody stems. The Marginata has an elegant yet architectural look. This specimen is very easy to care for and will put up with a bit of neglect. The Marginata is also known as the Dragon Tree originating from Madagascar will be an impressive display in your home or office environment.

Name — Dracaena , dragon tree Family — Agavaceae Type — indoor plant. These are the answers to the many questions that can arise when one has the luck of owning a magnificent dragon tree. There are many cultivars with different foliage but all are cared after in similar fashion. In order to enhance drainage , pour clay pebbles or small stones into the pot to form a layer at the bottom.

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