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We all either have or would love to have Herbs at home. They are useful for cooking and other things. But is it actually good to have them indoors or do they attract unwanted guests? In this article, I will answer every aspect of this question and how to avoid getting bugs in your home. So does growing Herbs indoors attract bugs?

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  • Spraying raid in kitchen
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  • How to preserve pine branches for decoration
  • Spray vinegar on plants
  • Biting midges in house
  • Does Growing Herbs Indoors Attract Bugs? How To Avoid Bugs!

Top Tips for Indoor Plants

Ready to use: 0. Blister beetles are are beetles of the family Meloidae, and false blister beetles are lax beetles pictured. Most flies pose a threat to hygiene and are a nuisance to humans and animals. Blow flies, house flies, fruit fli Ladybirds are normally regarded as beneficial insects. However, the introduced harlequin ladybird is regarded as Kills and eliminates flying and crawling insects and spiders including borer beetles.

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One spray protects surfaces for up to 4 months outdoors and 6 months indoors. Sprayed surfaces are safe to children and pets. Purchase now from These images are direct links to retailer's product page. Concentrate dilution rate - Mix 20 ml per 1 litre of clean water.

How to mix and dilute spray concentrates video. Where do they live and what surfaces do they contact? These are the surfaces you want to treat. For example: Spray NO Bugs Super to keep cobwebs off outdoor furniture, fences, clothes lines and eaves. Use a ring of NO Bugs Super around your house to help keep out crawling pests such as ants, cockroaches, slaters and spiders.

To control flies, spray surfaces flies are likely to land such as window sills, ceilings and walls. How to apply NO Bugs Super : If the surfaces to be treated are dirty or greasy clean them with mild detergent and leave to dry thoroughly. For exterior spraying choose a still dry day when rain is not imminent. Using a fine spray and a steady motion spray the surfaces to give an even coverage. Do not over spray; the spray should not run down surfaces.

Two light sprays is better than one heavy spray. When spraying around windows avoid over spraying on the glass. It is easier to clean spray off windows before it has dried. Two light treatments is better than one heavy treatment. A sponge can be a useful way to applying spray solution to window frames and sills without getting product on the glass.

Do not let spray run down surfaces as runs may be visible. How To video. Join the conversation. This also helps with Blister Beetle Blister beetles are are beetles of the family Meloidae, and false blister beetles are lax beetles pictured. Flies Most flies pose a threat to hygiene and are a nuisance to humans and animals. Harlequin Ladybirds Ladybirds are normally regarded as beneficial insects. Show More. Store Locator Already know what you want?

Find your closest retailer. Find Now. Related Products. NO Bugs Super Fumigator Kills and eliminates flying and crawling insects and spiders including borer beetles.

Still not sure? Contact us for more help. Thank you so very much for your kindness in sending the courier parcel today. We are excited to do the whole house and this makes it possible.

We have since spoken to a chap who does his house with your product and he has told us it is really good and works, and that they have not had to resort to flyscreens, so that was very encouraging and good feed back for you. Just a note to say what a great product your 'No Bugs Super' is.

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Spraying raid in kitchen

When you think about indoor water plants , there are a few types… First there are water plants that you can grow indoors. These are particularly popular for fish tanks and aquariums and then there are indoor plants that you can grow in water. Another popular option for home decoration. Confused yet?

Indeed, this style is directly inspired by the curved lines of plants that on the bugs bunny & tweety show, the end theme plays over it, with no.

Container of the Month

Somehow, after researching, planting, feeding, and diligently watering your new plants you can still come home to find each and every one wilted over. It's alright, having a green thumb is a truly rare quality to possess. But, there is one trick taking over social media that you can use to help improve your plant's chances: ice cubes. As Reader's Digest reported, one of the main reasons many people fail to keep their houseplants alive is because they tend to over-care for them by watering them too often. This helicopter plant parenting can cause root rot — a fungus that grows on roots and kills your plant quickly. According to Reader's Digest, all it takes is placing two large ice cubes at the base of your plant once a week to keep them happy and hydrated. This way the plant gets to suck up all that H2O slowly, but surely. Moreover, this will also help stave off any messy watering overflow that may occur. This trick rings especially true for orchids.

How to preserve pine branches for decoration

Although water bugs are not considered true pests and usually do not pose a threat in terms of diseases, it is definitely not comfortable having them around your home. Some say that they are outdoor roaches, and consider them as a species of cockroach. If you are dealing with a water bug infestation, we have got you covered with expert insight and entomological facts…not fiction. Read on and learn how to get rid of waterbugs from your home and garden. When considering how to get rid of waterbugs, you first need to successfully identify them.

CallProtect your home or business from gnats by learning techniques for identification and control.

Spray vinegar on plants

While some people seem to have a knack for growing healthy house plants, for the rest of us keeping a cactus alive can feel like a bit of a stretch. It's a bible for anyone who wants to know how to look after their indoor plants and create unique displays that will bring year-round cheer to your home. Top tips for your new garden. Authors Fran Bailey and Zia Allaway shared their top tips with us on one of the most important aspects of indoor gardening - how to water your house plants. These days you can buy indoor plant watering systems that take the guesswork out of it, but if you still enjoy picking up a watering can and tending to your greenery, then read on. Most house plants prefer moist compost in spring and summer when they are in growth, but take care not to water too much; soggy, waterlogged compost causes disease and can be fatal, while a little drought is easily remedied.

Biting midges in house

Lavender leaves curling up These plants need to have soil that has an acidity pH range between 5. I couldn't put the book down. Why is my lavender turning GREY? Lavender can turn gray because of frost damage or as a result of a fungal disease, caused by over watering or slow draining soils. Extreme Temperatures. Next, remove the lower leaves, so the bottom half is just stem. Final Thoughts A range of care problems can result in a Lavender plant dying, so it is important to check your plant regularly and react to any problems you see. The specially coated ceramic barrel leaves minimal heat damage.

WATCH: The Hidden Health Benefits of Indoor Plants For this reason, some orchid devotees un-pot the plants to water them in the And she's not alone.

Does Growing Herbs Indoors Attract Bugs? How To Avoid Bugs!

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Container plants should be regularly re-potted into containers of fresh potting mix. Large indoor houseplants don't need repotting as regularly as smaller indoor houseplants as long as they are fertilised regularly. A plant will grow as big as the pot you put it in so if you want the plant to grow bigger, repot it every years. July-August is generally a good time. Light: The more light the plants get the better. Place on a window sill, bench or table where possible to allow light to access your plants.

Ready to use: 0.

A fungus gnat is much smaller than a fruit fly and has a tiny black body while fruit flies are commonly tan and have very visible bodies. They breed outdoors and can come into the home i. Then insect bomb the whole house. These flies are the most common small fly in houses. When the larva grows into an adult, it flies out in search of new locations to procreate and feed. Small Black Flies in Your Kitchen Identifying Flies Those small black flies in your kitchen are most likely phorid, drain or dark fruit flies. Fungus gnats are tiny flying insects often mistaken for fruit flies.

The leaves on some of my houseplants have suddenly died. Some are brown and some dried out while still green. I have noticed some very fine cobwebs around these leaves. Is it possible that spiders are killing my plants?

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